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Commando (2009)
by Smell Bent


Commando information

Year of Launch2009
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSmell Bent
PerfumerBrent Leonesio

About Commando

Commando is a shared / unisex perfume by Smell Bent. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Brent Leonesio

Commando fragrance notes

Reviews of Commando

I use this as a layering scent to make pretty florals less so. It opens dirty, lightly fecal, but then quickly becomes soapy. This is especially so with rose which I find soapy anyways. It has good longevity. I don't like sillage bombs, so this is good for me . I can smell it for a good few hours on my clothes. End of the evening when I'm back in the Florida heat, it wafts back in like an annoying dirty neighborhood child. It's more wearable than Werewolf Lumberjack. I haven't tried MKK, but the price puts this firmly in my 'always keep on hand'.
06th August, 2015
A nasty synthetic mess. It opens with a hint of honey/urine which may be due to Phenylacetic Acid (or even Butyric acid) which could be intentional or a result of the poor quality of the ingredients. It quickly develops into a stodgy sweet chemical mix of musks and coumarin. I wanted a dirty, animalic musk (like MKK), and didn't get it.

This has taught me to NEVER blind buy.
13th February, 2013
Note: This review is on the perfume oil. Commando is also available in EDT spray.

This scent is rather spare in terms of notes -- musk and tonka -- but definitely does what it says it's going to do, and does it with simplicity and intelligence. "Going commando" titillates with the unseen, but implied; Commando implies plenty, without being explicit.

The opening is a pretty feral musk, definitely on the synthetic side (which I don't use in the pejorative sense). A sharper, cleaner, soapy musk follows right behind, marrying the barnyard with the barbershop. The tonka in the base both grounds and sweetens the musks, ultimately providing wearability and a finished feel.

The perfume oil stays close to the skin and projects little. However, I do notice that I catch comforting whiffs here and there for about four hours or so.
16th January, 2013
Has a bit of skank, but it's a chemical fecal smell. Not something I would ever wear and after smelling it once that was all I needed. Might appeal to those that enjoy daring and odd smelling fragrances. Otherwise, it'll be a scrubber for most.
02nd December, 2012
l get a momentary whiff of aldehyde in the opening, followed by a leathery, dirty musk with just a touch of sweetness. Over the first half-hour, l get an impression of something cool & minty, before the tonka bean note comes to the fore. ln the drydown it becomes a warm, sweet, animalic skin scent with a powdery base. The projection is low-moderate, & it lasts around six hours before fading.
Apparently this smells "like crotch" to some folks, but l didn't find it all offensive, just "direct, animalic & sweet", as freddie put it. ln fact, l would love it more if it projected more!
23rd November, 2012
Hi. I JUST got a bottle of COMMANDO in the mail. Upon first spray, it was attractive enough to me but it is so complex that I didn't know what to make of it. I don't wait for the drydown or for the heart notes to relieve the top ones; if I don't like it initially I am not keeping it. This fragrance, however, broke ALL my rules...

It quickly transforms itself, and like the changing colors of a moodring, it evokes seriouness yet sexiness. I am very impressed and totally shocked.

Basenoters: If you see a bottle of this you must at least give it a try. For $15 I got a diamond in the rough...
24th May, 2012

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