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Lolita Lempicka Eau Au Masculin (2010)
by Lolita Lempicka


Lolita Lempicka Eau Au Masculin information

Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLolita Lempicka
Parent CompanyAmore Pacific

About Lolita Lempicka Eau Au Masculin

Lolita Lempicka Eau Au Masculin is a masculine fragrance by Lolita Lempicka. The scent was launched in 2010

Lolita Lempicka Eau Au Masculin fragrance notes

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Reviews of Lolita Lempicka Eau Au Masculin

L'Eau is unmistakingly a flanker to LL Au Masculin. I was expecting L'Eau to be an entirely different scent based on some of the reviews, but the first thing I picked up after spraying this was the same black licorice/anise note in Au Masculin. It's much lighter than the original, but it's there, and prominently so. The vanilla and the sweetness are gone, and instead you get a light lemon verbena, a dab of citrus, and a tad bit of woods over a black licorice/anise base.

This is an excellent springtime fragrance. If you enjoy Au Masculin and want to be able to wear it in warmer weather, this fits the bill perfectly. A very safe blind buy in that regard.

I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in this grab a bottle before they are all gone. Lolita Lempicka lost their license/distributor and is no longer producing their men's fragrance line. Once these are gone, they may be gone forever.
03rd May, 2018
Wowwwww, OMG the dry down. The dry down is worth this one alone. A beautiful perfected dry down. This version takes the original, makes it more wearable, and makes the dry down more masculine, with notes of pink pepper and vetiver. I didn't care for this much at first, but it really grew on me.

If you wanna experience an amazing long lasting dry down, then look no further! Not many fragrance's base notes captivate me, this one did. Top 5 dry downs ever, for sure!
30th August, 2016
L’Eau Au Masculin hits with the impact of a Nerf ball. Mild opening of pink pepper and verbena… very nice. The pepper is more “pink” than “pepper,” and the verbena is a bit neutralized in its impact. As a result, the opening presents more of a pleasant shampoo or lotion scent than the scent of its dramatic and aggressive progenitor, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin. The remainder of the notes and of the fragrance are vibrationally equal to the opening accord… pleasant, non-challenging, and lotion-like; for a time the violet wood makes its presence as an individual known, but it soon softens and dissolves back into composite, leaving a nice drydown of vetiver and olive wood, which is just as non-exciting as it sounds.

Actually this is a very nice scent, and I would certainly buy it if I were looking for another soft, understated fragrance – I’m not... got plenty. L’Eau Au Masculin is exactly that: a milder, subtler, calmer cologne-like version of the original Au Masculine, and thank heaven L’Eau doesn’t include the anise... excellent decision! L’Eau boasts an attractive composition, a soothing neutrality, and a quite nice performance.
03rd May, 2015
Vegetal top notes, smoothing out into a sweet anise earthiness on a bed of violets and fair woods. Light and fleeting, but has a personality and some depth. Delightful. Unisex if not feminine.
01st May, 2015
Lemon Drops hard candy in a business suit of wood, attending an interview for the position of This Month's Favorite and acing all the questions.
The scent of Licorice has a weaker footing in the USA than in most places because it's not used in much of our cuisine and the candies flavored with anise fell out of favor ages ago. I flipping love the taste and smell, but it gets an overwhelmingly bad reaction from my peers.
The makers of the LL line must have picked up on this aversion, because it's like all the '...but...' comments about my beloved Au Masculin were applied in the lab for this release. There's far less booze and licorice, so it's less like spilling Sambuca down one's shirt. The woods in the background are sturdier and less blurry. The verbena actually takes the limelight, creating a creamy, almost key lime-like effect. And the whole is far more reserved than the original without being wispy. It's delicious without being too foody, it's wearable, and performs as well as one would expect from the line. This is just an all-around treat of a fragrance.
13th January, 2014
Great flanker of LLAM

Today i got this version of Lolita's masculine fairytale and im so happy with it.
I will tell you why:

In my country the masculine Lolita's are not that popular.
So i had totally no references of sniff testing.. did some research about the notes of the 3 masculines and read several reviews it drawed my attraction.

Now today at a local pharmacy i saw a fairly bargain priced L'eau on the table.. Yeah finally ! GOT-IT
I expected a watered down little brother of LLAM so i did not expected anything deep,strange mix of different notes in this one.

The first sniff after a spray on the wrist was fresh,spicy and peppery but in a menthol citrus way but very subtile and lite..(not as toothpaste as someone says here) The smell is very , very light!
Dont expect a spicy bomb in the beginning.

I smell the lemon verbena right away but it fades away in 5 minutes to 10 mins.
I was almost very dissapointed because i actually thought it really was a watered down version of the original LLAM.

Then the scent almost vanishes?? ehhh...Huh???
it has an interval of very light smell of 1 minute and then..BOOOM!
Whoaa a smooth warm , sensual scent kicks
in and evolves with more sillage and projection!
quiet interesting because in the next 30-60
minutes this scent becomes stronger and stronger! (it grows on you)
Its get more sensual and minty lemony but
in a sweet lemony kinda way.
Its more spicy oriental floral then green,
as the green comes in later with the vetiver
This scent goes on and on and will provide
a good sillage and longevity...
Its magic, and it gots me under his spell.
Then after an hour or so the deep woody vetiver makes his appearance and my my... it becomes even better! making it more and more masculine.

Interesting fact to know L'eau de masculine is the only scent where Violet woodsorrel is used in!. (getting curious where i can find this flower/plant)

I think this note helps making this scent so special! its truly unique.

This is a masterpiece right away! its magic..
Beginning is unisex,middle part tends more to feminine but in a seductive indian pasha way and ends truly masculine!
Very underrated here.
Im so curious to test the other 2 masculines now (as one of the nose of A.Mennardo)

Im glad i got the chance of having it and thank you Lolita please go on with your magic.
---> thumbs n noses up!

Pros: Fresh,warm,woody and not linear

25th August, 2013

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