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White Gardenia Petals (2010)
by Illuminum


White Gardenia Petals information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About White Gardenia Petals

White Gardenia Petals is a shared / unisex perfume by Illuminum. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of White Gardenia Petals

I’d completely forgotten I had this. I found it wedged in the corner of my samples box the other day (another free sample with purchase). Normally, I’m not a big fan of white florals, and based purely on the name, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this for myself. I’m glad they sent it to me though, because it’s rather lovely. The lily is there, right from the start, as are the jasmine and gardenia, but not overpoweringly so. An hour in, and it smells like a gorgeous bunch of flowers, dusted with powder, with a hint of coconut. The amber and woods are just enough stop this from being too over-the-top white-flowery sweet – they don’t take over, but simply sit quietly in the background, adding a delicious depth. We used to have star jasmine growing on the trellis out the back of our house, and when it was in full bloom, it was beautiful – a wall of tiny white flowers, with glossy dark green leaves peeking out. But at night, on a full moon, it became almost magical looking – the flowers seemed to glow in the moonlight, and that’s what this perfume makes me think of; a beautifully scented flower garden, bathed in moonlight, just begging you to wander along its paths and enjoy the delicate fragrances as you brush past the blooms.

UPDATE: I put this on mid-morning yesterday, and stayed up veeerrryy late, and could still smell it when I finally dragged myself off to bed in the wee hours of this morning. It last well, but it's more of a skin scent - it's very, very pretty though. I found myself sniffing my arm a lot throughout the night. I know this is supposed to be unisex, bit I think it might be a bit too sweet for some blokes.
20th August, 2016
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United States
I have only worn this perfume once, since purchasing a few years ago, until today. It will be put to the back of my perfume cabinet. I love the smell of the gardenia flower but have had very little success in finding a perfume that actually smells like gardenia. In my opinion, while. this perfume is not offensive it doesn't have anything memorable about it.
23rd February, 2016
Clean shniy white floral

There is a plethora of so called white gardenia scents on the market. After a while, these all meld into one little mess.

There are all trying to achieve the elusive ,hard to create beauty of the gardenia. Most fail ,some succeed to a certain extent.

White Gardenia Petales is a weird thing. It begins very clean , it stays clean and then blooms ( on my skin anyway ) into a shiny metallic white floral with lily of the valley , some clean jasmine and coconut . I hate coconut in white floral scents and I find it muddies the floral notes. Anyway, the coconut here is quite subtle- makes White Gardenia Petals rounded and creamy - ish .

It is fairly similar to Kai perfume oil - Kai is less sharp and more realistic as a gardenia.

A lot of the the popularity with this scent is the hype over Kate Middleton wearing this for her wedding. We really don't know if she ever did .Frankly, I don't care if she did or not. I am sure if she wore water behind her ears, it would make water a popular perfume choice. Do not be a follower and buy this for any other reason than if you personally like it.

Anyway, White Gardenia Petales is a safe- ish ,boring ,white floral effort. If anything, it lacks character, it lacks soul , it lacks inspiration. It is okay but you can do better for the price.

Pros: Good longevity
Cons: Rather boring"

24th August, 2013
This opens with a kind of plasticky note, sort of stale-smelling &... yes, rather like hairspray. l sense that the intention was to make it a crisp, elegant scent, but instead it comes off as terribly bland & synthetic. About 10 minutes in, there's a trace of dry, woody coconut, & it reminds me of what l disliked about Bond No.9's Saks Fifth Avenue for Her. l wait, hoping that at least a hint of a recognisable floral note will surface, but l wait in vain. l don't often say this, but this is just horrible. lt's a very light scent, the sillage is moderate, & 4 hours in it's faded to a clean, woody musk; no amber here.
Seriously, if you love gardenia, don't go anywhere near this. lt will either make you angry or make you weep! To call this gardenia is an insult to the most beautiful, intoxicating flower on earth. How DARE they?!
21st January, 2012
This starts off with a run-of-the-mill waft of white flowers and then turns into plastic. This is not a very well crafted scent at all and I really can't understand the hype.
12th September, 2011
This year I finally have a real gardenia bush blooming prolifically in my back yard. Decided to compare my gardenia scents to the real thing. After doing so I must change my review of this perfume.

Gardenias are my favorite flowers and this perfume smells nothing like the real thing but it is still a very pleasant scent. It is not the least bit offensive and has a nice white floral composition to it on the top notes and middle notes. However, the dry down is quick and after an a couple of hours it smelled like Snuggle fabric softener.

What a disappointment. There are worse things to smell like.

My search for the perfect gardenia scented perfume continues.
19th August, 2011 (last edited: 04th July, 2015)

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