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Yuzu Man (2011)
by Caron


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerRichard Fraysse
Parent CompanyAles Group

About Yuzu Man

Yuzu Man is a masculine fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Richard Fraysse

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Reviews of Yuzu Man

Powdery sweet citrus with a bitter green balsamic-woody support. OK as far as that goes (which isn't far), but the chemical and lime note of dihydromyrcenol simply ruins it.

Man deserves better than this type of strangulated minimalism.

26th May, 2017
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
I have to admit it--I LOVE yuzu. I love it floating in my bath, I love it in jam, candy and most of all, I love it in ponzu. My guilty pleasure is to drink the remaining ponzu in the dish after shabu shabu. I once stayed in a ryokan in Japan that had a yuzu theme and I wired home to my local nursery to buy a yuzu tree. You get the idea...

Yuzu Man is a great Yuzu fragrance, light and fresh with cedar and sandalwood in a supporting role. It is a better, truer yuzu note than the Issey Miyake yuzu fragrance, which plays up the bitter aspect of the yuzu fruit. Yuzu Man sits nicely alongside my other favorite yuzu scent, Azzaro Pour Hommel'Eau. Richard Fraysse has had a very mixed reputation as a perfumer and custodian of a great house, but in this he has done something quite good--not groundbreaking or great the way that all of the other Caron masculines are, but good nonetheless.
08th January, 2016
Yuzu by Caron is a simple but very cheerful scent for me.
It's not something different, but every time that I smell it, it makes me happy and completely refreshed.

The opening is a very pleasing and fresh fruity fig note along with yuzu.
At the start fig is bolder and it has a fresh, green, fruity and slightly sweet aroma. very tasty smell.
Yuzu note is not that strong at the start. it's just a few steps back behind the fig and adds more fresh and kind of tart citrusy feeling to the scent.

As time passes unfortunately fig note disappears (after about half an hour) and only simple tart, fresh, slightly bitter yuzu note remains along with very transparent woods that joins in the base.
The yuzu note smells different from other citruses that I've smelled in many fragrances before. it's something almost like lemon but with a unique twist that makes it something different at the same time.

Projection and longevity it's not good. average and below average projection and around 3-4 hours longevity but as long as I do love the smell and it's a quality scent who cares?! :D
26th April, 2015
Genre: Citrus

Yuzu Man’ssweet citrus and basil opening recalls Annick Goutal’s Eau du Sud, and while the notes are less full and natural, they’re still refreshingly pleasant. Unfortunately, with a few minutes’ wear the basil retreats, and the citrus reveals a shrill and unpleasantly chemical powdered Kool Aid or hard candy aspect that grates on the nose. The intent may be “modern” and “refreshing,” but the effect is irritating, and far more in keeping with liquid hand soap than a fine fragrance. The underpinnings for the citrus are a dry, thin wood accord and a touch of clean musk, neither of which do anything to elevate the wearing experience. It pains me to say it, but Yuzu Man emphatically terminates the remarkable winning streak that had run unbroken through Caron’s masculine releases, all the way from Pour un Homme in 1934 to L’Anarchiste in 2000. I suppose nothing lasts forever…
09th July, 2014

I was looking forward to this opening because I really enjoy yuzu and I love anything that opens with verbena… so I was sure I was going to love this…

A Touch of yuzu, even less verbena, and a domination of basil is what I got from the opening… basil I got in my kitchen! … So much for my expectations. The opening is nice, especially if you like basil / citrus. It’s not very strong, nor is it very long lasting, and it doesn’t sparkle as a yuzu with verbena accord should.

The fig / fruity / pistachio accord of the heart, doesn’t come across very strongly to me. …Too bad, an accord like that could have been very interesting. As it is, it seems almost dead space to me.

The cedar / spices of the base come through more strongly than the heart, but the base accord is a bit less inspired. I like the fact that the base doesn’t list any sweet notes, and I don’t really smell any sweet notes, either. This makes the base rather unusual because the usual vanilla, musk, amber, or tonka are not there. I enjoy the base, even though it is a bit too reticent. Weak projector and below average longevity.
24th March, 2014
chorando Show all reviews
United Kingdom
What a shame. Yuzu man has potential and the hesperidic fig note is a lovely one but the longevity and projection are so poor. When compared to the other offerings in Carons roster of mens fragrances Yuzu Man is left wanting. I feel a litte miffed because I had expectations and they've just not been met. I refused to accept that Caron could come up with a dud believing all those naysayers were missing the point, but I have to concur this is a below par offering. With a little tweaking this could have been a lovely offering and though the likes of Philosykos don't fit Carons profile Fraysse could have taken a page from the diptyque book and produced a stunning Mens cologne to sit proudly next to pour un homme. Citrus, fig and woods, a great trio to explore but as it is Yuzu Man is a bit of a crappy haiku.
23rd December, 2012

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