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Yellow Diamond (2011)
by Versace


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyEuroitalia

About Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond is a feminine perfume by Versace. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Yellow Diamond

At best a meh aquatic fruity floral, kind of body spray like rather than perfume. At worst, headache inducing. Hard pass.
29th February, 2020
Yellow Diamond is so fresh and pretty. It opens with a sweet lemon followed by pear, water lily, freesia, and mimosa. The dry down is really soft, just a whisper of musk with a touch of wood. Yellow Diamond has the right balance of sweetness. It's not cloying or shrill. Longevity is moderate. Sillage is intimate. Inoffensive and cheerful, this would be perfect for any event.
31st January, 2017
Opening with bergamot ONLY, no detection of other top notes. It is very citrus almost fresh lemon like. 10 minutes later is freesia and expired lemon peel, unpleasant way. Another 10 minutes, mimosa is more dominant, freesia and expired lemon peel disappeared, Base notes consist of musk rather than woods.

Overall impression: very refreshing, but need to wait 10 minutes later for the expired lemon peel to disappear.

Color I think of: bright yellow, orange, white.
Words I think of: lemon, orange, fruity cocktail.
Suitable age (objective): Teen to 40's.

24th December, 2016
I've noticed that a number of fellow basenoters seem to dislike women's perfumes that have a dominant "citron" note, so I suspect that most of them probably aren't crazy about this one!

Honestly, though, "Yellow Diamond" is a fragrance that I spray from the bottle and immediately love! It has a scent that immediately lifts my spirits, no matter what mood I'm in! It actually reminds me of white wine spritzers with fruit, which is something that always puts a smile on my face! :D
It's a bright, sparkling, light, upbeat, fruity Eau de Toilette, and I would say that if you're a fan of Marc Jacob's "Daisy" EDT, you would probably like this too. I find that "Yellow Diamond" EDT and the "Daisy" EDT have very similar qualities. So, if you enjoy that one I recommend you try a sample of "Yellow Diamond" as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :)
23rd December, 2015
There are different things that I really like about this fragrance. first of all is the complexity of it.
It may look a simple fragrance but at the same time during the performance of it on the skin changes many times and will keep you entertain and during each level shows different notes to you.

The opening is a tart and juicy lemon scent along with very adorable creamy sweetness and a mellow floral aura in the background. this tart and at the same time creamy sweet lemon scent remind me of a big and lovely lemon pie. when I smell the opening I can't stop thinking about lemon pie and that's the best part of this fragrance for me! fresh, tart, creamy, yummy and very pleasant.

In the mid that tart fresh lemony scent settles down and I can smell fruity pear right beside the lemon and a little stronger floral notes. I can also feel some sort of green feeling which I believe is because of patchouli. it's not in the note break down but I will ensure you it's there and I will tell you why! also in this part scent gets slightly, I'm saying it again slightly clean and kind of soapy because of orange flower but this feeling goes away after around 10 minutes or so. the mid is still fresh and lovely but it has more layers and characters against the opening.

The changes of this fragrance will not end and it will continue during the base.
In the base fresh lemon scent goes completely in the background and pear disappears completely from the scent. in this part scent gets sweeter plus stronger floral notes. this is where patchouli gets stronger and shows it's face completely. the patchouli note gives this sweet floral and fresh scent a damp and almost peppery aroma which is very nice.
The base is OK but it feels very generic to the nose. the opening and the mid were more interesting in my opinion.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4 hours on my skin. very good scent. worth at least checking out!
15th March, 2015 (last edited: 17th March, 2015)
We are surely dealing with a "shampooing pour le corps" sort of aromachemicals based concoction but (despite this element is simply undeniable) I find Yellow Diamond incredibly optimistic, "deliberately cosmetical" and summery. Take it or leave. The note of sharp-watery freesia (supported in its tartness by grapefruit and may be lily and peony) is the central floral theme as flanked effectively by a sort of "inexplicably yellow" accord of citrus and mimosa, all these elements "flying" over a soapy musky base veined by synthetic cedarwood and ambery soap. Yes I detect something fruity (citronellol/melonal) and "fleshy" (a tad figgy, melon veined but basically pear flavoured) provided by a "pear sorbet" synthetic accord. Absolutely fruity musky the dry down but with a surprising twist of floral sophistication (intense neroli/orange blossoms presence) and "sweaty" sensuality (a warm skin-like sort of intensity). The general tartness and an aromatic musky presence (galaxolide) nail down points of connection with the classic Cerruti Pour Homme 1881 (seeming Yellow Diamond ideally like a sort of feminine fruity 1881's version). A joyful unpretentious summery fluid.
10th March, 2015 (last edited: 11th March, 2015)

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