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Hugo Just Different (2011)
by Hugo Boss


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseHugo Boss
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Hugo Just Different

Hugo Just Different is a masculine fragrance by Hugo Boss. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Hugo Just Different

This is fine. The "neutral" rating covers it perfectly.
Not saying that I don't like it: its a masculine, yet fresh & minty businesslike scent.
Would be perfect as a daily work scent to splash it on without giving it much attention I guess.
13th March, 2020
Classy, friendly, vibrant....just some of the words that come to mine when I wear Hugo Just Different.

The mint and basil are quite dominant in this scent; it does seem to change character from informal to more formal, with the spicy drydown. But it definitely has the dna of the original Hugo by Hugo Boss, though it takes a more refined and subtler turn.

This strikes me as a semi-formal, even formal, cologne for most seasons of the year. Hugo Just Different is, as some other reviewers have said, a safe scent to wear, but IMO it is one of the better of the Hugo flankers.
07th May, 2017
To me, this smells like a stronger mintier version of Beckham Signature. Gets me compliments the few times I've worn it. I won't buy it again though.. too safe, and I already have many safe fragrances that I reach for before this.
18th June, 2016
Surprisingly good, if a solid middle of the road office scent for the fume-head who wants not to overwhelm the office or guests at dinner.

It is not interesting or groundbreaking. Rather, it does what a good fragrance does: pays homage to the past, continues to evolve through the notes until dry down, and performs well enough to be modern/relevant.

Opens detergent (freesia/mint), then old school barber shop then patchouli. Dries sweet.
19th September, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The mint opening - feature of some of HB's scents is nice, developing into a strong drydown with coriander providing a nice contrast. Later herbal-floral notes dominate, with fresia, gardenia and green notes clamouring for attention. The base is constructed on a labdanum skeleton that is fleshed out with a soft patchouli with mildly musky-spicy undertones. Very good silage with excellent projection are combined with four hours of longevity. Strong, confident and powerful, it is not too original but is substantial enough to -just - warrant a positive score. Good for autumn.
10th July, 2014
A "Different" Boss is worth trying...!!

I first spotted Hugo Boss Just Different at the Duty Free Shop leaving the US Virgin Islands - put it on the Christmas List - and received it last year as a present. I love it when a plan comes together... Thanks Sis for the present...

Hugo Boss Just Different has leapt into my Top 10..!! (the marvel of that is that I have over 300 bottles in my collection - and growing..!!). Just Different comes out of the bottle with notes of aquatic, citrus, and floral - but not a sweet floral. It then settles into a scent that I can not place - similar to something, yet unique for Hugo Boss. It truly is unique and easy on the nose. If I had to compare, it is very similar to Dior Fahrenheit and Dior Aqua Fahrenheit.

Just Different has the potential for compliments, i.e. the Wow Factor. The projection/sillage is average to above average. The longevity is above average, lasting about 5-6 hours on the skin and all day on clothing. I would suggest that Just Different is appropriate for any season and any occasion. I love the original Hugo bottle and Just Different is similar, yet solid black with a cool texture surface. The packaging is above average.

The real beauty, in addition to the scent, is that now Just Different can be purchased for around $30.00 with free shipping.

My final rating of Just Different is 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. Great scent that is a great value - I definitely recommend you add this one to your collection. It is a long way to the top if you want to rock-n-roll...
07th December, 2012

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