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One Man Show Gold Edition (2011)
by Jacques Bogart


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJacques Bogart
Parent CompanyBogart Group

About One Man Show Gold Edition

One Man Show Gold Edition is a masculine fragrance by Jacques Bogart. The scent was launched in 2011

One Man Show Gold Edition fragrance notes

Reviews of One Man Show Gold Edition

I have to agree with everything Steve and DuNez feel about this.

Yes, it's cheap and inexpensive, but also loud, brash, overly sweet, cheap and synthetic smelling, and cloying.

Even at this amazing price, I don't want it.
But I might recommend it for someone in high school due to it's affordability and longevity.
Actually, I think I'd recommend the candy-ish Ruby Red version, which is slightly nicer, but still garish.

Great for any frugal high schooler looking for a big bang for their scarce bucks.
30th April, 2020
Exceptional perfume, stunning smell! Can't understand why it's so underrated...
My review on Fragrantica, just copy-paste:
As a lover of vintage and powerfull fragrances, I read absolutely all reviews about this beautiful scent, then I blind bought it. :) Bogart OMS Gold Edition is a modern perfume, but clearly inspired by classics. Some people say that Bogart OMS Gold is like a mixture of Kouros, Lapidus pour homme and Dali pour homme (?). In my oppinion, the opening of Bogart OMS Gold is very, very similar to current formulation of Puig Quorum (soapy like it), but nothing in comun with Kouros. Not at all. It can be compared with Kouros, but only by analogy of perceptions, not by similitude of smell.
The dry down has vague similarities with Lapidus, but only marginal and not so strong like Lapidus. Not so animalic like Kouros, but nor so fresh like Quorum. It's rough, strong and persistent. Poisonous maybe (it reminds me the DDT). But I love it! It's not for all noses. Only for connaisseurs. :) Concerning the comparison with Dali pour homme, only in final it will remind finely and discreetly the smell of Dali.
Exceptional longevity and projection. On my skin lasts more than 8-9 hours. 1-2 max. 3 hours of projection, then slowly it calms and cuddle up at skin level. I would put it among the most sophisticated harsh perfumes for men.
A must have for people of category that I belong (as said above)! Loved and detestable in same time! Controversial, but adorable!

Addendum: I reviewed and completed my opinion above mentioned, it smells marginally similar to Kouros on my clothes, but just after 3-4 hours after application. Anyway, I like more the smell of Bogart than Kouros's. The dry down is litteraly out of this world. Kouros seems to me a little bit "sweeter" and dirtier than Bogart OMS GE, if I can say so... about these macho perfumes.
And it's by far the strongest perfume I own!
23rd February, 2018 (last edited: 01st March, 2018)
At first - gruesome. A study in bad scent. Sillage - remains brash and intrusive for hours, finally drying down to a more modest apple, if you can wait through the Awfuls. After a day, the chemicals are gone, and it's so-so. I call it "One Man Shower." Another scent seriously harmed by Iso E Super.
16th April, 2017 (last edited: 29th July, 2017)
Stunning. Perfect.

This is one of the very top scents I have ever tried and owned.

I was first alerted to OMS Gold by the esteemed uTube Fragrance reviewer Lex Ellis. He gave it a resounding thumbs up, as have the vast majority of reviewers here on Basenotes.

Another Fragrance Reviewer Gavo describes this as a classic fragrance for real men, a macho fragrance for age 35 and over. He makes the point that if this juice had been packaged in a different bottle - ie Tom Ford or a Creed it would easily suit any prestigious label .... with a much higher price tag than is currently charged.

I love the amber honey musk combination which is brilliant, but does not smell overly sweet due to the spicy tones of cloves and cinnamon.

Interestingly, I have read about favorable comparisons with 1 Million, which I own, and which is one of the biggest sellers of all time - ie most popular & most liked. I actually think OMS Gold is a better fragrance, just my view.

Unfortunately, OMS Gold Edition should be much more widely available. The original One Man Show is a terrific scent and is available everywhere, but OMS Gold Edition is an even better scent but much more difficult to buy. I ended up purchasing a few bottles from overseas, via eBay.

In summary, OMS Gold Edition is a complex, classy, masculine, powerful & gorgeous trademark Bogart scent.
04th January, 2017 (last edited: 29th January, 2017)
A true Jackovasaurus of a fragrance. Loud and annoying. Not to be confused with OMS, Quorum, Bogart Signature or others of that ilk.

True, this statement is more about this reviewer's perspective than on the juice. So... sorry, not sorry.

For anyone out there that appreciates One Man Show for the undeniable masculine it is and enough so to pursue all things with OMS in the name, don't bother. There are no similarities. Gold Edition is sweet. Before getting rid of it, I grouped it along with others I deemed 'those not to be taken seriously', like Joop. Now, obviously, given the dozen or so positive reviews here, there's a following for this type man's fragrance. I just can't imagine a situation or environment where I'd want to smell it on me or other guys. An attention-getter with all the subtlety of a strobe light.
27th August, 2016
You've found this page on BN. . . you most likely own and love One Man Show. . . and you don't own Gold Edition? What in the world are you waiting for? Incredibly rich, strong, and inexpensive. Seriously, stop reading right now and buy it already. If you like One Man Show, and other legendary powerhouses, you've come to the right place. Don't think, just buy.

Get OMS Ruby Edition while you're at it - a tad sweeter and spicier than Gold Edition, also worth your hard-earned chump change.

So pleased to find wildly outrageous and inexpensive scents like this on the market these days, when stores are flooded with bad, boring "safe" scents. Viva la outrage!
01st February, 2016

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