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Aoud Moon /Moon Aoud (2011)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Aoud Moon /Moon Aoud

Aoud Moon /Moon Aoud is a feminine perfume by Montale. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Aoud Moon /Moon Aoud

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United Kingdom
Saffron rose oud, saffron rose oud, saffron rose oud a-rose again - a very familiar combination, not only from Montale, that greets me again. A synthetic oud that is somewhat domesticated and not too wildly harsh and intrusive, a standard-edition plastic-laboratory rose, and a pleasant saffron that is playing its part well. It is neither a very intense or vivid saffron - this is no saffron from the Sultan Safran from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, but it makes its mark.

The drydown adds a bright and sanft vetiver that has been thoroughly rinsed such as to remove and hint of earthiness or darkness. And equally bright, smooth and soft patchouli is added in, as is a very restrained smooth and weak leather note; the latter is so weak that it hardly registers in me.

The base is dominated by an ambery sandalwood that I am struggling to find any sandal in - it is more a nonspecific woodsiness that I am detecting here.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and an excellent ten hours of longevity on my skin.

In this scent for cooler spring days I can find a pleasant opening that has been created before and that bears the hallmark of a well-trodden path being walked again one more. Still, the start is the best part, the rest is rather generic. Overall 2.75/5.
16th November, 2020
Deep notes on top. All three notes are strong. It has a very earthy accord. Deep woods. Vetiver is very green as it hovers in the air. Patchouli is dark, somewhat smoked. New, thick leather smell. Hints of suede leather as well, add a layer of softness... As usual with most Montale frags, the "oud" dominates.

Sandalwood and a burnt amber move in. This is all about the rose, leather, and dark woodiness. Everything mellows and merges later, becoming even earthier. Nice. Not mind-blowing though.
28th April, 2019
there's some awesome Montales...there's some awful Montales...there's the middle of the road Montales...this is middle of the road for me...immediately recognizable as a Montale fragrance...has a bunch of those signature notes...the oud is the milder, slightly cheesy one...the Montale rose note is there, but not in your face...i get glimpses of saffron, sandalwod, vetiver and amber...trouble is, it's kind of jumbled...doesn't really give the impression of something that is smooth and well blended...not a bad smell...actually kind of pleasant and wearable...but it's middle of the road...
13th January, 2019
I’ve been known to defend the slight variations of significant chunks of Montale’s oud range amid a chorus of ‘yawn, same old same old’. Why? Because of the power and the glory. I love the brash confidence, the unashamed volume and pleasure in vulgarity, their bling-bedecked sprint to the finish line. All of this, usually achieved with a panache that doesn’t quite fit with the often blatantly synthetic materials used.
But even I have to confess that Moon Aoud is a mishmash and rehash. The discordant opening feels like a mix of some of Montale’s greatest hits, the cheesy oud and leather from Aoud Cuir d’Arabie, rose and oud from half a dozen other offerings, and the vapours and misty musks of Black Musk. It feels thrown together. The oud is fortunately not of the piercing, ultra-spicy Dark Aoud variety, but is more sweetly woody and rubbery (once the cheese has dampened down).
And it is what saves the day, when in the heart phase the leather (a just out of the tannery note) merges successfully with it and is joined by a vanilla-almond note providing roundness.
The woodiness amplifies in the later stages and it becomes a decent enough dired rose-inflected woody perfume with a sandalwood sawdust haze about it, but nothing out of the ordinary – and too similar to other middle ranking Montales. There’s also something stale about the odour profile that I can’t quite put my finger on which detracts.

22nd January, 2016
Moon Aoud opens with an averagely decent synthetic oud note this time accompanied by a soapy-sweet-spicy variation. A floral breeze and a hint of vanilla clumsily juxtaposed to the dry, indolic and rubbery personality of oud. Plus, it soon comes in prominently also an odd, and frankly almost disturbing spicy-gourmand note of saffron with sweet, slightly almondy nuances – now place this next to the fecal-rubbery-industrial feel of oud and the totally unrelated soapy-clean accord and you get the psychedelic and fairly stinky nonsense which is Moon Aoud for its first hour. Soon after (another of Montale's signature features), half of the notes vanish and you get the exact same drydown of basically any Montale's oud – a synthetic, dark, rubbery-woody note which lasts for hours. Not a complete disaster but in my opinion dull and useless.

15th August, 2014
Review by ChandlerDeOare

In my recent search for dark brooding scents, Montale's Moon Aoud was mentioned repeatedly, and it did not disappoint. On first application, the saffron steals the show, in fact I've never smelled saffron so bold as encountered here. Mixed with the rose and oud in the top notes, Moon Aoud has a very distinct bitter, almost powdery dark energy for several hours after the the first spray. There is not even a hint of sweetness in these flowers. As time goes on the saffron fades, showcasing a very rosy oud and patchouli mixture that is undoubtedly my favorite phase, which has excellent longevity on my slightly oily skin. I get just a hint of the sandalwood, and even less vetiver coming through in my bottle, with the leathery amber base only showing itself when the scent has nearly played out ten to fourteen hours later, but the rose is always present to varying degrees. Obviously longevity isn't an issue with this one, and the sillage is monstrous to say the least. I normally use only half a spray, well before I venture out for the night for the sake of anyone that has to share my bubble. Definitely a night scent and probably not for everyone since it has feminine aspects, but to me this is still very much a masculine foray into moody, woody, dark floral goodness.

Pros: Dark masculine floral/wood scent
Cons: Very intense initially, shouldn't be applied liberally "

28th October, 2013

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