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Royal Oud (2011)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Royal Oud

Royal Oud is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Royal Oud

When I first encountered Royal Oud I felt completely underwhelmed, I expected some extravaganza of royalty, elephants bursting out of the bottle, drums being banged and a banquet of delicious flavour....ok so that was completely far fetched but the hype this fragrance seems to carry is incredible. What I got was something very muted and muffled, a woody muffled peppery thing I thought. 15mls into my bottle and five or six wearings later I completely get it, this is understated class ..the sort of fragrance that is a silent killer..those close quarter meet and greet ones that leave a lasting impression of class. I get a velvety cedar over pepper with a genius twist of angelica ..almost creating a slight liquorice vibe , the small amount of oud creates a chalky feel yet earthy at the same time, it's such a tiny amount but that small amount makes the fragrance, it's so clever really and these sort of creations are not developed under pressure from executives breathing sales pressure down the perfumers throats , they are artistic and almost poetic, Royal Oud has been allowed time to be perfected and this will show in its development and journey on the skin, excellent fragrance with very good performance (my bottle became a bit stronger over time).
07th October, 2020
Cedar water

It is a dry composition, but has a fresh water feel. Its zesty. The overarching feel is cedar. The pink berries are a background player. This is not a contemporary sweet thing that you find oversold. I find it of tangible density, but has a lightweight feel. Its nice, and the effect is a good one for wear. It doesn't clobber people, but sits very appropriately. So, cedar over pink berries and galbanum gives it a herbal feel. The musk that runs underneath is clean, but not laundered. It seems to be the usual Creed musk, for anyone who knows what that smells like. Each piece of this is cleverly proportioned I find myself thinking. I don't see any limitations on this fragrance day/night summer/winter casual/formal. Seems like it could be fine for it all. Extremely versatile without being boring. I like it, its a thumbs up.
22nd June, 2020
I remember quickly dismissing this when first released. The Creed rep gave me a sample vile which I tried and thought "pass."

Over time, I noted a lot of positive reviews- some from people who usually eschew Creed.

Got it into my head I needed this and decided to make a risky blind buy (as happens to me from time to time since joining Basenotes). The night before a long out of town trip, made a late night "store-is-about-to-close" run to pick it up. They only had the large bottle which ticked me off.

Now so glad I got the large bottle. Became a fast favorite. Lots of compliments.

I can't add much to the many great reviews here except to say this is really worthy of the praise you mostly see here. Yeah, it's pricey. Hate that too. But it's damn good.

It is a warm, sexy, spicey, woodsy, inviting and comfortable scent. Very rich and versatile. As noted- little oud but Royal indeed!

I think it can easily be worn by young or mature, male or female.

Just a well made scent.

09th April, 2020
Very nice oud scent. On my skin it doesn't last more than 4 hours and definitely suited for fall/winter. For the price point, it leaves me in the good but not great view.
31st December, 2019
This is my favorite Creed thus far. I started a couple of year ago with Silver Mountain Water, but that was too flowery to me, and not at all Silvery or Mountain Watery.

I found this when trying out GIT on my one wrist and Aventus on the other, neither of which I really liked. I then managed to spray some Royal Oud on my startled boyfriend's wrist and bothered him for whiffs of it all the way back to the car, which may or may not have annoyed the heck out of him. But this turned out to be a winner for me.

To me, none of the ingredients come out stronger than the other. It has a very fresh and clear opening, and after the initial dry down the composition reminds me of a vague incense-like scent which I enjoy very much in combination with the light freshness.

This will be in the permanent collection for a good number of years.
15th October, 2019
I really like this however i have yet to receive a compliment and find this is a very situational fragrance ie. Formal events, weddings etc

But i will still wear this whenever i please as i find it very refined, regal and smooth.

Performance is decent and definitely excells in the cooler months.


22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 23rd April, 2019)

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