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What We Do In Paris Is Secret (2012)
by A Lab on Fire


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseA Lab on Fire
PerfumerDominique Ropion
Parent CompanyShaping Room

About What We Do In Paris Is Secret

Jim and Pam, 1971 — A passionate love affair that begins in the City of Angels and ends in the City of Light. Could anything be more poetic? Or so heartbreaking. Even when love dies, the love of these cities remain. 

After the dappled shade of chestnut, a narrow lane. After opening the windows, satin sheets. A passerby exclaims his love. Sunlight bounces off the neighborhood balconies. I’m going home after this dream. Unspoken, but not unknown. You don’t need to tell anyone—we know and, after all, that’s what matters. The lingering feeling of our skins touching. A sense of myself far away and entirely present.

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Reviews of What We Do In Paris Is Secret

What We Do in Paris is Secret is a very 'thick' gourmand perfume; it is probably the 'thickest' perfume I've ever worn. The thickness almost feels palpable and I feel like I'm enveloped in a dense cloud when wearing this. It also opens insanely sweet, however the sweetness thankfully settles down after a few minutes and gives way to the heliotrope, which as others have said, has a pastry-like smell. I love heliotrope but feel this is a bit much. It feels like the perfume is wearing me. I think it's a good fragrance though so giving a thumbs up.

If you want a less sweet and gourmand version, try Messy Sexy Just Rolled out of Bed, formerly known as Mon Musc a Moi, also composed by Ropion.
16th November, 2019
I usually can’t do a fragrance justice based on one wearing. I may have a slow nose, because I’ve often amended my opinion based on a second wearing. What We Do In Paris was like that.

The first time around I got the delectable, honeyed floral-foody aspect and thought it quite personable, though nothing that was going to change the line-up of my current perfume loves. The second time I tried it, wow, the sensual-sexy aspect came out with a vengeance. It takes all that French-Guerlain old style vanilla/heliotrope/ rose/ambergris pastry vibe, and creates a delectable kittenish purr (fur, little claws and all). Foody fragrances mostly fail me - they need to have connection with more parts than alimentary.

It has a nice lingering drydown, at least seven hours, in the same vein as the rest of the fragrance, growing more subtle as it ages.

This particular subtle sexy note is also present for me in Agent Provocateur, and underneath the louder aspects, is what really drives that one for me - I feel the purr in both these. There’s a reason for the term sex kitten. Very nice.
01st October, 2019 (last edited: 02nd October, 2019)
Lian Show all reviews
United Kingdom
On paper it smells rather powdery. Not much nuance
01st May, 2019
Shycat Show all reviews
United States
I don't find this to be anything exciting really, but it's pleasant and well done. Pretty standard honey rose over vanilla amber. The heliotrope never jumps out at me, but the dry down is a bit special because I can catch that tolu balsam and it saves the base from being generic. I like the amount of powder--soft and fuzzy in the warm and cool. It's a delicate balance, there at the end, enough for me to give a thumbs up solely on the action after the two hour mark. At three hours the rose and honey have retreated and the heliotrope and vanilla nudge into the foreground. It still has a fair bit of projection at this point as well and feels pretty edible.

If this keeps up I'll have to go edit out my first sentence, because this much progression to something this nice and lasting actually is pretty exciting.
25th August, 2018
I like this one, and I can see why some people are saying it smells a bit like pastry in their reviews – we have a fabulous bakery near where we live and they make the most divine Danishes, and it’s a bit like that lovely waft I get when I open the bakery bag: warm, flaky almondy pastry and vanilla. Straight after putting this on, I get the litchi and rose, then after an hour or so the honey, vanilla and almond start to drift up. Yummy. The down side is that after barely more than three hours wear, it’s already starting to fade. For the price per bottle of this, I’d want it to last a lot longer as it’s definitely one you’d need to re-apply during the day.

UPDATE: I thought this had disappeared, but actually it's obviously one of those scents that you fail to register after a while, even when you sniff and sniff as hard as you can. All afternoon and evening I've been getting lovely wafts of this, and when I asked my husband what he thought, he really liked it - he said it was a bit sweet close up, but just sitting next to me, he said he could smell it and it was lovely. It's now 9:30pm, so it's lasted a good 10 hours, so I have to up the longevity rating to great.
07th August, 2016
This is another perfume I've sampled hearing hype that it was "sexy" but in reality is more discreetly sensual than sex bomb. It's a really beautiful fragrance but it reminded me of sweet, expensive baby powder. It has an air of mystery, but it doesn't take much time to figure out the plot. This would be great to wear in an office setting or some place that required one to wear more discreet scents. But for the price, this is pretty expensive for such minimalism (albeit well done).
23rd February, 2016

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