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Potion (2011)
by Dsquared2


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Year of Launch2011
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PerfumerAnnick Menardo
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchICR > ITF Cosmetics

About Potion

Potion is a masculine fragrance by Dsquared2. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Annick Menardo

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Reviews of Potion

Wow! Just blind-bought a very reasonably-priced bottle of Potion EdP by dsquared. After a positive experience with dsquared's He Rocky Mountain Wood, trying Potion EdP didn't seem too risky for me.

Upon initial spritz, I get an intoxicatingly sweet cola-like quality that reminds me of Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein. Within is a flurry of wonderfully blended notes that bring up other favorite scents to mind, as mentioned by other reviewers: Body Kouros by YSL, KenzoAir, Lolita Lempicka pour Homme, and just a bit like the discontinued and legendary Gucci pour Homme (not in the woodiness, but in the aromatic spicy aspects). The cinnamon is tempered well by the patchouli and subtly by the cashmere woods, so it isn't cloyingly sharp as, say, Diesel Zero Plus (that Big Red chewing gum quality!). Dare I say, the pleasant, welcoming nature of the scent reminds me of two other niche scents: 1) L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer - also a really addictive scent that I swear by; 2) Enigma pour Homme EdP by Roja Dove - similarly soda-like and encouraging repeated sniffs of delight from me, LOL. :-)

So glad that I discovered this scent. Will see how it does in everyday usage.
04th March, 2018 (last edited: 26th January, 2019)
Review for Potion EDT:

I got this as a blind buy for a fair price after reading reviews pointing to Gucci PH, pencil shavings etc. I was expecting a woody-spicy masculine scent - maybe a bit softer, cinnamonized version of Comme des Garcons 2 Man. Boy I was wrong.

It opens very medicinal, sharp, and sweet. I don't like minty and sweet notes at the same time but luckily this goes away in seconds. Then all I get is some nauseous licorice smell with some honey warmth and cinnamon. Licorice is the strong note, and it's even resembling sweetened anise. For those who are familiar with Mediterranean, this smells like spiced Rakı, Ouzo. Medicinal vibe is still prominent.

Dry down (thanks to poor longevity) comes to rescue. From close distance it is still disturbing but at this point it is more subtle and probably people will get a nicer smell out of it with light cinnamon, amber and woods. Dry down is the only reason saving this from being a toilet refresher.

p.s. After smelling it a bit more I just remembered sampling this in the mall and hating it...This wasn't a blind buy after all, just a bad consequence of a bad memory.
15th September, 2017
Review for EDP version:

To my nose this definitely has the "pencil shavings" smell that most other reviewers describe in Potion. However, the pencil shavings take a back seat to the amber and musk.

The opening of potion is a bit spicy and admittedly, this is my least favorite part of Potion but I don't hate it. Within minutes, the opening starts to calm down, pencil shavings make an appearance and the amber and musk take over. Potion is a very pleasant and sweet (but not overly nor sickening) scent. The price is unbeatable for the quality of juice in the bottle.

As far as comparison to Gucci Pour Homme, I can see the similarities. I find Potion to be much more pleasant, while GPH1 is more distinguished. Both are great in their own way. In the end, I prefer the bottle of Potion.
07th June, 2016
This review is based on the EDP.

An olfactory treat of piquant, aromatic cinnamon over smoky cashmere wood and a plush, pillowy base of amber and warm musk. For those unfamiliar with cashmere wood, think of it as a rounder, hazier type of cedar wood, with something of a lower frequency. An element of mint cools the cinnamon--it's subtle--lending more to the effect of texture and temperature than outright smell. The floral notes are blended extremely well with the darker, stronger aspects, accenting the woody browns,incense grays and spicy reds with softer pastel hues, just light traces of florals hardly noticeable at first but vital to the overall composition. I love how they're treated here. Their absence would surely be noted and change the fragrance entirely, yet while they're present they never distract from the overall effect. For me, this is an example of the perfect use of rose in a masculine composition, as it adds a pretty, perfumed dimension to the woods without sacrificing masculinity. Underneath it all, there is the whisper of cola or sassafras, a sweet, familiar spiciness supplied by an angelica note. It lies within the bed of amber and musk, and serves as a bridge to the cinnamon that started things off.

The EDP is a rich but gentle cloud that sits softly on the skin, projecting about half a foot for several hours before receding even closer. Potion possesses the rare quality of feeling both mellow and complete, its relaxed touch created by both its carefully chosen notes and the volume level to which they've been adjusted. This is a full-bodied fragrance, but it never raises its voice. It has the calm, commanding presence of one who possesses wisdom rather than aggression, and a steady, immovable inner confidence.

A versatile fragrance best suited for fall and winter, Potion is a superb choice for an intimate dinner out or a small gathering around the fire place enjoying good food and good company. Thumbs up.

Think Gucci Pour Homme, Noble Cedar, Carbone de Balmain, and to a certain extent, Bentley Intense for Men.
23rd September, 2015
Another fairly-priced mainstream fragrance I’ve ignored for years until reading some positive reviews by a few contributors I trust. And again, they were right: Potion is a true little gem, quite unrelated to the averagely mediocre quality of other Dsquared scents, not to mention their hideous fashion side. First of all, many mention Gucci pour Homme from 2003 as a reference for this, and if you want my opinion, they are quite similar indeed. And in some way, even if there is some substantial differences notes-wise, Potion may work as a good replacement if you miss Gucci. The two fragrances may not be identical, but the quality is definitely (and surprisingly) on the same level – which is a quite top-notch level. And they definitely share a really similar vibe in my opinion. Potion has the same smooth, sheer and sophisticated woody-amber-incense structure of Gucci, adding to that a consistent dose of crisp, minty and delightfully pungent aromatic herbs, a fantastic musk note (“fantastic” because it’s musk, but a quality one - way different from the usual, sticky, everlasting musky base you get in many cheap mainstreams) and some spices, mostly a peppery cinnamon note.

So it’s basically a sort of spicier, sweeter and muskier version of Gucci pour Homme (with a far echo of another giant of designer perfumery – the herbs-amber accord of YSL M7); less “mature” than Gucci, but quite close to it nonetheless. More “tasty” and aromatic, slightly sweeter (I guess thanks to the subtle floral notes), less austere and less smoky than Gucci, overall more easy-going, but totally refined as well, showing Annick Menardo’s talent with spices and sheer, subtly elegant harmonies. I think I also get something reminding me of Body Kouros, but I don’t know what precisely. Anyway as I (and many others) said, Gucci pour Homme is the more evident close sibling to Potion. And the key similarity for me is their level of quality, which makes stand both quite above the rest of the “woody-amber” class of masculine designers. The quality of Potion is truly elevate on every level – materials and composition. A bit close to skin (maybe too much, at least for the EDT), but it works. A true must for the price.

25th August, 2015

a interesting fragrance that is deliciously warm and fresh at the same time.lovely fresh opening and then spicy notes by pepper gives you a charming feeling while the rose is not balanced with the rest of the notes.a base of amber,musk and patchouli brings an air of sensuality but not in a decadent way.

It scents doesent have an undeniable masculinity.It is ideal for most occasions especially an intimate me it doesent have a great personaity as it has many similarities with some other perfumes. totally i m not impressed with it and i expected something more heavy,sophisticated and deep.

09th June, 2015

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