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Sballo (1977)
by Bruno Acampora


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Year of Launch1977
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBruno Acampora

About Sballo

Sballo is a shared / unisex perfume by Bruno Acampora. The scent was launched in 1977

Reviews of Sballo

This is another gorgeous and dense fragrance from the Acampora line, and by dense, I mean DENSE. The hay and tobacco here are rich and thick and massively resinous, and I would love to smell it on someone else standing a few feet away. This dark chypre smells wondrously vintage, like something a glamorous brunette from the '30s or '40s would wear, and I would love to wear it myself if it didn't wear me. It goes on forever and its woodsy oak moss is stunning. It's simply too redolent and potent for me to wear without being overly conscious of it every second. If you love vintage scents that smell like you're standing in the middle of a hay field while wearing a deeply warm chypre with massive projection and duration, this is your baby.
24th September, 2017 (last edited: 30th April, 2018)
Sballo is really perfumy, and I like it very much on first meeting. It manages to have that old-style chypre opening without getting shrieky. It's got quite a lot of rose, and something like a dried fruit (raisin or sultana) and some spiciness. It feels like the 1940s in my imagination for some reason - tailored suits and glamour. Now a couple of hours later, there's a softly spicy patchouli base (rather than the usual musk).
10th August, 2017
I have to admit it is a little bit old, from the first sniff to the dry down. But it is incredibly warm and enveloping. Longevity more than 8 hours. Finally the longevity I was looking for!
21st November, 2015
How is it possible to make Sballo in this day of oakmoss restrictions? Though it isn't listed as an ingredient, this fragrance has such an immediate dense, dark, rough oakmossy note, it took my breath away. True to the real deal, Sballo turned darker as it aged, lasting a good long while, that glorious ashy dark dry down of oakmoss. It was heaven to smell. All chypreholics still mourning the loss of the great vintage chypres will enjoy sampling Sballo. It may fill a hole for you as it has done for me.
I loved the original Fendi and Sballo has reminiscences of it though I don't have Fendi now for comparison. It brings to mind many other dark classic chypres, though the comparison matters little, except that it compares well to the memory of several I loved. What comes to mind are classic florals - rose, violet, orange blossom, geranium - embedded and glowing from a leathery oakmoss matrix; that feral roughness so different from animalics - oakmoss has a mind and is not driven by its hormones. That to me always made oakmoss in a fragrance more edgy. Oakmoss is never driven, it drives. If you've gone through the long slow chypre withdrawal, years in duration, as I have, this will be a pleasure to wear.
It has a restrained smoulder, the thing which beguiles me about classic chypres - the way these ashy, kind of rough, dark fragrances with submerged florals seem more compellingly sexy than their flirtier floral counterparts, the difference between a cashmere dress and red rayon ruffles. Sballo is refined, luxurious, cerebral, rich in notes, but tactful - a large component of tastefulness. I love the way classic chypres dress up and down so well and Sballo is no exception. Go for a walk on a raw October day in the forest, to a conference, on a date - it will do all of them well. It really is an admirable fragrance, chypre or not, but I especially recommend it for lovers of the classic chypres. I tried the oil - I heard the spray may be a little smoother.
07th February, 2015 (last edited: 21st April, 2015)
this is fantastic. i immediately thought of bernard chant's classic aramis 900. sballo is more complex and deeper than just another rose chypre and as darvant hints, sballo steers towards the oriental with spices and later woods & very dry patchouli. i recently discovered acampora (sballo, jasmin, iranzol) and must say there is an impressive classicism in his work that i really appreciate.
31st August, 2014
I did not know Sballo was from 1977, so the opening was quite a surprise to me, as I wondered how did they manage to recreate that mood and that "old" quality. Sballo opens in fact with a beautiful, nostalgic, dusty, chypre, deeply Italian accord of oak moss, robust woods, hay, so dry and dirty it almost smells like a tobacco-leather accord, with austere shady green notes and some spices, among which perhaps cloves, cumin and juniper, a subtle geranium note which may be the cause of a medicinal/menthol thin balsamic breeze, a floral side accord, discreet enough to give just the right amount of airy silkiness. The harmony is great, a dense, aromatic, cozy, gloomy texture with a slight salty touch and a base accord tight a slightly animalic/indolic, perhaps due to labdanum. The ambiance is again, as for other Acampora scents, deeply and genuinely Mediterranean, a forgotten room in an old mansion above the sea, stuffed with accessories, scents, memories, in a sleepy afternoon of a windy, slightly cloudy day. What I love the most is an elusive, yet compelling and bold "Italianity", which I can get perhaps because I am Italian myself and therefore I share a common cultural and traditional ground... an aftertaste of souvenirs I also have which tell me stories of a dusty, relaxed, forgotten elegance. The notes are all great and the quality is perfect, all sounds deep, rich, wide, evocative. A velvety, refined, shady chypre/fougère scent, hieratic but cozy and friendly, a severe, distinguished but gentle and thoughtful grandfather. As many "bold" vintage scents, not for everybody (no fancy notes, no glossy roundness, just uncompromising old-school beauty).

24th May, 2014

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