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Full Incense (2010)
by Montale


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Full Incense

Full Incense is a masculine fragrance by Montale. The scent was launched in 2010

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I bought this in the hope of finding a more affordable alternative to the wonderful CDG Avignon and I was not disappointed. This is so close to Avignon, arguably slightly less dry and woody and a little more sweet, but incredibly close. It performs really well, stays on my skin for about 5/6 hours and on clothing for days and smells wonderful, holy, soothing and resinous, eventually drys down to a linear lemony cola bottle smell. If you love Avignon I can’t recommend this enough, and is currently available 100ml for the price if 50ml of the former.
15th January, 2021 (last edited: 25th January, 2021)
First rating on BN. On my quest to find the “perfect “ incense fragrance, Full incense by Montale comes up short by a good margin. Essentially a Cardinal and even slightly Eau Sacree by Heeley, with similarities to Olibanum by Profumum Roma, it does not distance itself at all for such a title. Projection is quite good as is longevity. No better than sample worthy, though it is that. Very linear and little development to the noted accords. Meh. 3/5
01st November, 2018
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United States
Was expecting this to be full on smoky church, Epic Man style that probably wouldn't be wearable. Not so. To me it's like a soapy incense rather than a smoky incense. This is a "wrist sniffer" were you keep going back to smell again. Up there with Patchouli leaves for my favorite Montale, if slightly less wearable.
08th August, 2018
I don't like the classical ecclesiastical incense fragrances. Most whatever their opening end up transporting their wearer to the bishops enclave at the Vatican during voting time for pope. I would love to find a bright citrus incense but the closest I have come is Heeley's eau du Tigre which nails it for the first half hour before dumping you back amongst the bishops. Now , however , Montale have given us this . Instead of bright citrus we get a subtle baked bergamot which has been given time to cool down and which remains a faithful companion to the incense. Marvellously wearable as the incense by nature of having to co star is slightly more subtle, soothing, reflective and enriching. You can see my reviews. I am usually a heckling skeptic. If you like incense this is a no brainer. I am still looking for a more playful one that has staying power. Any suggestions anyone?
26th February, 2018
This is very close to Avignon, and that's a GOOD thing. This is what one buys an incense fragrance for. Long lasting, moderate sillage plus a pleasing fragrance to the wearer and those around him.-
01st November, 2017
Full spectrum incense with plenty of terpenic lift evoking the great piny outdoors in the opening stages. Curiously this benefits from overdosing – wear a spray too many and you are immersed in its sacramental cloud, be stingy with it and it seems thin, whiny and synthetic. The balance of citrusy treble notes (the elemi) with powdery, dusty woody sonorities rounds out the resinous and lightly smoky incense at its centre. If its churchy appeal makes me feel like sashaying in brocaded robes and chanting for the first hour or two, I must admit it becomes much of a muchness beyond that and I’m inclined to cover it up with something a bit more varied.
Needless to say, only go there if a single-minded incense perfume is what you are after. All other expectations will be dashed.
20th May, 2017

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