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I (2008)
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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAnnie Buzantian

About I

I is a feminine perfume by Puredistance. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Annie Buzantian

Reviews of I

Probably the most decent offering from Puredistance I’ve ever tried. Not because of the smell per se, since actually others smell better; but because for God’s sake, at least this is not something ripping off cheaper fragrances, and it’s not something annoyingly trendy. It’s different, it’s imperfect, and this is a win with this fashionisto brand and its mute, pedantic “luxury” conformism. This “I” is a not-that-groundbreaking yet quite fascinating sort of green-floral scent with a very peculiar composition; it smells at once metallic and earthy, “baroque” and futuristic, oily and greenish-crunchy, with a really admirable and enigmatic interplay of nuances and notes. I get damp flowers reminding of classic floral chypres mixed with something like coriander, light spices, crisp woods and something herbal-fruity. It feels a bit like a hybrid between a really classic, pleasantly outdated floral fragrance and a more recent mainstream woody-spicy scent for men, both connected together by a fruity-herbal bridge smelling almost rotting but “sunny” at the same time (and ok, depressingly synthetic like the cheapest cassis base on the market). All refreshed by a whiff of something aquatic. Pretty linear, it just becomes a bit more resinous-balsamic before vanishing off - incredibly quickly. Complex but playful, a bit screechy perhaps and not entirely compelling for me, but nice enough and creative. It has a sort of “hippie” vibe: I hate hippies really bad, but it’s nice within the context of this brand. Obviously this isn’t remotely enough to justify its demented price, but Puredistance prices are so surreal they can’t really be considered as a judgement factor, so...

25th May, 2015
She opens the door and steps on to the thick, soft rug. Her skin is warmed up by the lazy sun and her hair selfishly took a drop from the scarlet glow of the sunset sky. Outside, the rays of light tell their story, through the half-closed magnolias.

Slowly, she takes off her cameo earrings and place them on to the commode. Her tenuous shirt finds it's place in the wardrobe. While she takes off her clothes, she also takes off her "powerful woman" mask that she used to display in front of the world. Finally, it remains just her perfume, hidden in the hollow of her white neck and on her delicate wrists. She catches sight of a glimpse of her face reverberated in the window, the same from wich you can see the roses from the garden. Now it's just HER, the gentle, loving woman. The one that knows how to be a mother and also a lady, the one who knows how to give strenght to the ones she loves. She is the women with gentle moves and smooth forehead, released from the map of everyday worries.

Her delicate body is crossed by a chill while her thoughts fly to the one she waits for. She anticipates his warm embrace, whispered voice and his ambery eyes piercing her soul while she will answer him back wit a warm, velvet smile.

Puredistance I represents emotion, love wrapped up in tenderness. The perfume is as light as a flutter of eyelashes, smooth and creamy, without any trace of roughness. You wear it for yourself, and maybe for the one you love, otherwise, the whole world can wait...because this moment must be enjoyed right NOW.
06th May, 2015
Like this one. Unisex and soapy fragrance that contains a nice dose of neroli. I always smell fragrances first to see what notes can be detected. The first notes I detected were neroli, jasmine and vetiver. One or two sprays are all you need. This one is potent. 7.5/10
13th April, 2014
Lucky to try this light (but tenacious) ambery juice. An average (but cleverly crafted and balanced) musky floral to me which  finally smells soapy and slightly cosmetics type despite a sort of  almost fresh, orangy, airy, a bit chemical and lymphatic beginning. The juice for a while  is "opened", floral and radiant in a musky way  (but almost rooms refreshing deodorant kind) with an heady mimosa and a sort of "victorian" soapy rose that slides more and more towards the cream ( a delicate ambery one). The latter is never dense but even fresh by a light musk and watered by an aqueous kind of vetiver . This scent could smell like a sort of rapture for the lovers of the genre but objectively is poor in real refinement and structure. Great projection.
31st August, 2012 (last edited: 01st September, 2012)
Opens with a certain brandied sophistication, but is ultimately a lacklustre overblended sweetish floral upon a foundation of synthetics of room freshener quality. Looks like they blew the budget on the top notes, leaving nothing for the base. The pure parfum shtick of Puredistance is a bit of a con in this instance – longevity for this is pretty average and it shrinks to a skin scent within minutes.
29th June, 2012
Puredistance I is an olfactory creation extremely potent and with great projection ... that is if one likes it. I happened to like puredistance I for it's smooth creamy accord that I find that a touch too soon turns into a well made amber composition. The liquid in the vial is evidently oily therefore the 30 something % concentration is probably true and the reason why this concoction is so powerful. It is understandably considered a women's perfume although men could carry this quite successfully if one uses it moderately. I have tried a couple of great amber perfumes and I think that this is one of the best because it is well balanced, sensual but surprisingly wearable. I probably repeat myself by saying that anyone who wears this should do so with caution and moderation in order to avoid sour looks. I would consider this a perfume I would, and will, wear for a special evening.

Ingredients: Fresh Tangerine Blossom, Cassis, Neroli Bigarade, Magnolia, Rose Wardia, Jasmine, Natural Mimosa, Sweet Amber, Vetiver, White Musk.

I wish I could say that I can detect the ingredients listed above on the website of puredistance, but I cannot; this, however, doesn't make this creation any less enjoyable. I think that this one would be, if it is not already, a very big success in the more affluent Arab countries, where the so called "heavy" perfumes are more in demand. Puredistance I is definitely not a eau, but a powerhouse of delight for those who like this sort of perfumery.

Finally, I totally sympathize with alfarom. For one thing he seems to dislike the perfume, and in addition finds the price tag irrational. I, on the other hand, found an almost full tester of puredistance I at the Epicurista in Lisbon and tried it. I loved it and asked if they would sell the tester to me. I bought it for 25€ just a few days ago. I know ... good for me! But I think that's what perfume lovers do best ... get advantage of bargains even where there seem not to be any. But this has been a bargain only because I liked the perfume ... otherwise it would have been just a waste of 25€. Would I have payed the 165€ puredistance asks for? Simply, no.
23rd June, 2012

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