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Mon Numéro 10 (2011)
by L'Artisan Parfumeur


Mon Numéro 10 information

Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseL'Artisan Parfumeur
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group
Parent Company at launchFox Paine & Company > Cradle Holdings

About Mon Numéro 10

Mon Numéro 10 is a masculine fragrance by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Mon Numéro 10 fragrance notes

Reviews of Mon Numéro 10

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United Kingdom
The opening is a rather unique mix of bergamot, cognac and pink pepper. Whilst the pink pepper is convincing all right, the Cognac, whilst displaying sone booziness, is less impressive, like a thin Bois Ordinaires.

In the drydown the thrust of the spiciness shifts a bit from the peppery to the incense side, with cardamom giving it more depth. Additionally, a floral potpourri of jasmine, geranium and rose is present, but apart from the jasmine they are fairly weak on me. I get, however, sone violet here too that fits in very well.

Towards the base it turns on the sweetness button. Cinnamon for a starter, but mainly a tonka and vanilla form one of the two pillars of the base; the other one in an ambery leather aroma. The leather is fairly smooth, and is given some edge by white musks and an undertone of benzoin. Whilst I get a bit of cedar too, it is paired with a synthetic ambergris that is rather bland. The base seems composed of rather disparate components, but it holds together in the end, resulting in a leather-vanilla effect, which is like a attenuated and more basicp version of Creed’s Royal Delight, which is better in quality though.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

The onslaught of the, at times a bit generic, notes in this autumnal creation seems a bit chaotic at times, the whole mixture works out quite well in the end. With the top notes delivering the more unusual and interesting result, with the rest being a bit less creative, it overall gems together nonetheless. Incense and vanilla go well together here, although less intensely so than in, for instance, L’Occitane’s Eau de Baux. Overall 3.25/5.
14th June, 2020
I really tried to love this but it is a firm like for me. Incense, sweet, slightly animalic and gourmandish. There is a lot going on in this juice for sure. This is not your typical unisex scent. Strong open that lasts a long time on skin. A try before you buy. On my skin I get citrus, cardamom and a strong cinnamon start. It is very strong. I over did it with 2 sprays. The mid is floral and slightly animalic. The dry down tames down the overall assault with musk, ambergris and leather. It is a great deal price wise if you like the juice. Otherwise, try before you buy.
10th March, 2020
A very nice and different fragrance for one which is targeted to the masculine market. It’s got incense, spices and vanilla which make me think of Eau des Beaux. Not overly powerful; it’s like spraying a 2-hour-on fragrance directly. Beautiful.
16th January, 2020
Heavy cinnamon opening, deep and boozy - a bit like the inside of a whiskey or cognac cask. Rounds out to an insanely good leather/rose. Many different layers with overlaps, almost like riding a wave with a surprisingly pleasant mellow ending.
14th August, 2019
On my skin this fragrance starts with a cinnamon bomb, balanced by bergamot and a hint of pink peppercorns.
The drydown is quite linear (and similar to the opening), with the cinnamon still leading the show, with the support of a shy vanillic leather. The pyramid is very promising by listing notes rarely used in perfumery (heliotrope, hyrax, cabreuva wood, fennel, ambergris...). Unfortunatly, I do not get any of these, nor any incense, nor all the funkiness others reviewers may smell. Overall, to my nose it's a sibling of Histoires de Parfums 1899, that I'd recommend over Mon Numero 10, should you look for a sweet spices frag.

L'Artisan clearly has 2 departments: the party-funky-innovative agitated kids that made the brand famous (Dzing!, Dzongkha, Timbuktu, Al Oudh...) and the well behaved parents who try (and fail) to stay young, pretty mainstream and boring, that capture the value from mainstream crowds (the larger amount), but largely needed for the brand to survive. This one, is clearly part of the 2nd category. A "nice" fragrance for the holidays, but nothing groundbreaking here. Furthermore, aside of the early opening when the projection is decent - at best -, overall both projection and longevity are below average.
07th May, 2019
Almost immediately after application, there is something very familiar and friendly that I get from Mon Numéro 10 by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

Full of spicy brightness warmed down by wood, spice, resin and amber, Mon Numéro 10 comes across as classy and reserved. The initial brightness tones down quickly to a near skinscent level, where it takes patience to examine and experience this EdP. There's a Histoires de Parfum sensibility here, where a story is being told to those who would "listen." Aromatic whiffs of the boozy cognac - sharpened by pink pepper and livened up by the elegant bergamot - dance on the skin and brought even more alive by cardamom and cinnamon spice notes. As with several bespoke scents that I have tried out, Mon Numéro 10 is like a carousel of accords that somehow merge into a fragrant mass that - IMO - is enjoyable. (At points, I would describe this "mass" as resembling a stick of very fine artist's clay.)

Balanced, multi-faceted goodness that's worth a test / decant, possibly even a full bottle!

13th February, 2019

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