Twilight (2011)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
Parent CompanyLush

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Twilight is a shared / unisex perfume by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Twilight

Oh, this is truly aromatherapeuthic to me! Very calming, very cozy lavender-tonka scent. Tonka here is sweet and cacao like. It's called a body spray, but it is much more stronger than that. This feels both as a dessert and a calming drink before bed, an epitome of loveliness and coziness. Great for days and nights when you just need a scented hug and a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
06th April, 2020
I donít think I could do a better job at reviewing this than the person before me, that was incredibly thorough and a nice history lesson to put it all into context.

The only association my unsophisticated self could make was this reminded me of Johnsonís lavender baby lotion which I put on my baby so it is not only familiar itís a comforting scent. Lavender with a sweet buttery tonka bean note envelops me in a fresh yet cozy blanket of scent, nothing more and nothing less. I own the body spray and it is impressively potent.

Iím wearing this on a chilly rainy day after a long morning at work and itís doing wonders for my stress levels!
02nd March, 2019
I will start by saying that yet again, Lush proves it's penchant for DIY simplicity with this scent. Perfumistas that love to boast about their Serge Lutens or Frťdťric Malle collections and flaunt $1000 bottles of Roja Dove are more than likely to hate Lush. This is because while they are niche by definition due to their ingredients and small batch/hand composed/zero market-relevance stance like most other niche perfume houses, they have a streetwise punk rock anti-establishment attitude and sell their own stuff direct from shops they'll put in middle-class indoor shopping malls and downtown street corners. They don't care who -you- are as long as you let their overly-zealous employees sing the "lush love" to you, and everything they make is created by the house's founders, who themselves are not really classically-studied perfumers who apprenticed somewhere like in Grasse, France. This total lack of reverence shows in many of their compositions, right down to the little black pots and "liberal arts degree" look of their older bottle graphics, and while they are far from my favorite house, they represent my "spirit animal" by having an unparalleled love for the art of perfume without all the decorum which serves to push away the uninitiated. Twilight fits into this mold by being more or less a unisex re-skinning and simplification of the lavender tonka accord, which was most famous in the beginning of the 20th century.

The idea was best put forth years and years ago by Ernest Daltroff and his Pour Un Homme de Caron (1934). That scent was a landmark combination of lavender and tonka with a vanilla underbelly which was dandy/manly in equal turns, but later became the universal accord of "pleasant" and "relaxing" thanks to aromatherapy making use of it. Twlight pares down the old Pour Un Homme's formula to just the lavender and tonka, adding in ylang ylang in the heart. Naturally, there is some citrus -something- in the opening, which is probably just to push out the lavender. My guess is this note consists of bergamot, which is the least-fruity citrus around, hence it's rampant use in perfumery, and just adds enough sharpness for the rich lavender to take over. From there, ylang-ylang adds the floral unisex twist needed to keep this from being too much of a retread into Pour Un Homme territory, especially after the tonka kicks in. Twilight also has some benzoin and white musk in the base for anchors, but else-wise it would dissipate from skin, so these play very little role in what is smelled. That's pretty much it people: lavender, tonka, boom! Lush note pyramids are known for being small, but this is perhaps the smallest I've seen, and the pure perfume EDP of this only surfaces on holidays, so be satisfied with the Windex-bottle body mist if you happen to like it enough, since it's rare and can be expensive on the second-hand market. I find this every bit as tranquil as it's advertising states, and it makes a great bedtime smell, almost aromatherapy in itse'f, but does have some casual day wear potential on colder days. Pour Un Homme is ultimately the more sophisticated and versatile scent, but it's also not as bright or cheery as this, recalling stiff upper-lips of pre-war dandies silently judging you for not matching your belt color to your shoes.

Twilight is like the kid sister of Caron's debut masculine, and she wants EVERYONE to take a sniff, then maybe take some home. It's almost as if Twilight were the embodiment of the Lush employee itself: uncomplicated, honest, and wanting you to enjoy what it does for a living. I'm not going to lie to you and say this is high perfume art, as it's realistically a step above head shop body oils, but it's attractive to me because of how quaint it is, rather than being repulsive for it. Lavender lovers would do well with some of this on hand, and already-brainwashed fans of Lush like myself need less convincing than this review gives. Lush has a few gems in the rough, and this isn't really one of them, but in it's own right, Twilight reintroduces a simple one-two lavender/tonka punch made popular generations ago to a new group of people who would never think to look in the past, so for that it gets a lot of merit. Like most Lush fragrances, a little goes a long way, so be careful with this one, and keep it mostly for evening use if not casual weekends or off-days. It's Kindergarten-simple so no romance or office use unless you want people thinking you let your kids design your signature scent, but by the by, this is every bit as niche as anything claiming the title, which is what really counts, right?
02nd April, 2018 (last edited: 26th July, 2018)

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