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Fancy Love (2009)
by Jessica Simpson


Fancy Love information

Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 19 votes)

People and companies

HouseJessica Simpson
PerfumerCeline Barel
PerfumerClement Gavarry
PerfumerPascal Gaurin
PerfumerYves Cassar
Parent CompanyPerfumania Holdings > Parlux
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Fancy Love

Fancy Love is a feminine perfume by Jessica Simpson. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Yves Cassar, Pascal Gaurin, Clement Gavarry and Celine Barel

Fancy Love fragrance notes

Reviews of Fancy Love

From my perspective, Fancy Love stands apart from other inexpensive mass market and celebrity scents for its restraint, lack of sugar, and fizzy aldehydic edge.

While it often gets compared to Burberry Women, I associate it with D&G's The One because both can ultimately be reduced to (tart) peaches and cream. But while The One has a persistent tart, green, and fresh quality that partners its potent, oily musk all the way through, I find that Fancy Love dries down softer and airier than its tart peach opening, and has a character more like an aldehydic floral than a warm floriental - I don't consider it to be a warm scent

Initially I thought that its longevity wasn't so good, though I was wrong. Its longevity is stupid (especially on clothing) but it wears pretty closely.

02nd November, 2016
I like Fancy Love , it smells lovely a soft fruity, watery musk with vanilla . Sort of like having a hot fruit pie cooling on the counter( it's probably peach or apple ) while it cools you're enjoying a cup of tea and pulling out the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream you plan on serving with it.
The bottle is pretty milky white with a gold cap and artwork lettering. My only issues with it are # 1 it is my current boss's signature scent so I'd avoid it for workwear on principle.
And #2 it is almost identical to Burberry woman. I figured I didn't need the scent redundancy,it's available if I need to replace it -either of them-(which might be when exactly? A couple decades from now? ) I passed my nearly full bottle of Fancy Love to my boss who as it happened,had run out and unknown to me was missing her favorite.
22nd September, 2015
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United States
This was the first female oriented fragrance I purchased. I kept getting the peel and sniff samples in the newspaper. I liked them quite a bit. I'd peel them and leave them sitting near the computer or on the nightstand. When the sample finally expired I was always a little disappointed. Then the light came on! What with this new-fangled internet thingy I could just order a bottle! Got checking around and, hey...what do ya's pretty inexpensive!
Received it and was very happy with the scent.
I'd describe it like this:
December afternoon, two feet of snow on the ground and more expected. It's 4:00 in the afternoon but nearly dark as another winter storm front moves in. You're in the laundry room, folding towels, hot from the dryer. The heating system is cranking and everything is toasty warm. Nearby a vanilla candle burns and in addition you can smell the cookies baking in the kitchen as your favorite mellow tunes play on the radio.

The longevity is perplexing. Sometimes it disappears as soon as it hits my skin, some times it survives the shower and lingers for days on my clothes. I've pulled week old tee shirts from the bottom of the laundry basket and immediately identified the Fancy Love. It seems to stay close to the skin and as a hetero type male I feel comfortable wearing the remaining traces of the previous night's application to work the following day.
The initial notes are my least favorite. Sometimes the first impression I get is of something intended to repel mosquitoes. That fades quickly.
17th December, 2012 (last edited: 28th December, 2012)
I was initially disappointed with Fancy, Jessica Simpson's first international fragrance release, because although it was pleasant, I found it far too similar to Britney Spears Fantasy and Aquolina's Pink Sugar. Fancy Love on the otherhand is truly delightful and different. A fragrance that I'm enjoying wearing.

Fancy Love opens with delicate notes of peach blossom and jasmine, highlighted by a rich, aromatic glass of sparkling champagne. I love this somewhat alcoholic opening, however for those not familiar with the aroma of champagne, they may find themselves a little sickened by the smell.

Towards the heart, Fancy Love is quite creamy and lush. It's like an almost edible blend of floral accords and whipped cream without the sugar. This fragrance is lovely in all kinds of weather, however it suits Spring and Autumn the best.

On cool skin, Fancy Love is mostly floral and creamy, however on warm skin, a deliciously fizzy peach and frangipani blend comes to the fore. On my skin, unfortunately Fancy Love is quite linear, however when I breathe hot air onto my wrist, the scent shows signs of complexity.

The longevity is fantastic, really surprising when you consider how inexpensive this fragrance is. I'm really liking Fancy Love, and while I will use up the rest of the sample, it will take time to decide whether it's full bottle worthy.
20th April, 2012

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