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New York Yankees (2012)
by New York Yankees


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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About New York Yankees

New York Yankees is a masculine fragrance by New York Yankees. The scent was launched in 2012

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Got a sample of this for free. It's pleasant, and not as generic as I was expecting, but still common. It falls into the same category with Exceptional for Men, Usher UR, Jovan Satisfaction, Chanel Edition Blanche, Eternity Summer 2015, etc., you get the idea. The opening is a creamy citrus with an underlining vanilla, possibly tonka bean. It does smell pleasant, but it's all over in about 30 minutes. The base is faint, and smells chemical. Not so much a chemical smell, but the feel it. It smells like no note in the base, just some fake accord, mish mash of I don't know what.

I guess at 10 bucks a bottle, it's not bad.
31st August, 2016
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United States
This edt that comes inside of a Yankeeified bottle similar to the Ralph Lauren Polos is a cheap but soapy version of Ed Hardy's Love & Luck for men or Ed Harry's Love Is... for men on the front end but settles siren on the back end in my opinion. I honestly cannot tell which of the two it is but it is an Ed Hardy smell. For me, this is a good thing as I do like those scents and I am a Yankee fan. If you are a Yankees fan and like or love the smell of Ed Hardy cologne but hate the bottle design, this is for you.
02nd June, 2016

Celebrities, cars, now baseball teams. Well, I guess it had to happen, but it didn’t have to be so predictable… this category of fragrance is usually not known for its excellence, and New York Yankees does nothing to change that. Mediocre at best, the synthetics are in full bloom, which usually can be assumed when you see names of notes like “blue sage,” and “orange flower.” But the names of most of the notes are meaningless – I really don’t smell bergamot, coriander, ivy, geranium, patchouli, sandalwood, and suede – I can’t identify any of those because of the abundantly synthetic emanations. This is a scent for people who are used to synthetics, and that’s okay because there are some several synthetic fragrances that smell fine… they can be very interesting if done right. But this one doesn’t fit that description. This one is just cheaply made and poor quality. Sorry, Yankees…
17th February, 2016
Disclaimer: the Thumbs Up rating is within the context of that I picked up this fragrance for $15. $15! Adding my usual disclaimer that I'm not the experienced, educated nose that many of the members here are, I'll say that at least to my nose, this fragrance holds a definite resemblance to Armani Code Black, differing in that it doesn't have the presence and yet at the same time it's not so overwhelmingly powdery. Within there is also a fresh scent that at very brief moments seems to throw a very slight, subtle glance at Acqua Di Gio or Bleu De Chanel (I'm sure I'm just whiffing a common fragrance note that I can't pick out and name yet) but at times instead takes on a soap-like characteristic (not overwhelmingly so - I'm not interested in smelling like soap and tend to shy away from such fragrances, but this doesn't bother me).

If I could give this one a thumb halfway up, I would go with that. It's really not a bad fragrance, even enjoyable especially at such a low price (apparently either I stumbled upon a sale, or they took sjg's advice - either way, I was happy!), but I have to agree with sjg's review that it is pretty generic. Still, enjoyable, and a safe wear. I really can't see how anyone could possibly offend anyone wearing this (save maybe Boston fans familiar with the fragrance?). It's pleasant, it isn't bold in any way and yet it's masculine, not one of those all too common fragrances that regardless of their label are quite gender-ambiguous at best. I tend to lean heavily towards powerhouses, but I would call this an enjoyable, unimposing scent that also does not in any way risk your smelling like a girl. If you too can find this for $15, why the heck not?
31st October, 2014
This frag should have been much better while using the name of the New York Yankees. Too generic for me. Slightly sweet. I smell the bergamot in the initial spray and the Patchouli in the base. Not much else with this one. The price is too high for the quality of this scent. Drop it down to about $20.00, and I might purchase one for collection purposes.
06th November, 2012

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