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Copper Skies (2012)
by Kerosene


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJohn Pegg

About Copper Skies

Copper Skies is a shared / unisex perfume by Kerosene. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer John Pegg

Copper Skies fragrance notes

Reviews of Copper Skies

i love a good amber fragrance, and to me , this is a great amber fragrance...aromatic woody amber...just the right touches of spice and honey sweetness to jazz things I picture an American Indian shaman smelling like , out in the dessert, working his magic...very well blended and natural smelling...very decent projection...some tobacco lounging around in the background...a more luxurious, thicker darker relative of of those ambers that feels like you can chew on it...something I , personally , would consider a bottle or large decant of...I can see myself enjoying wearing and smelling this...
09th April, 2019
Restorative boot-polish amber. It’s ‘good for you’ kind of stuff – smelling medicinal, full of big bold licorice and tobacco, sweetness reined in. It has a vigour that many ambers lack and a lung-filling quality, making it just the thing for the great outdoors – the unspoilt version, that is, as it smells so immediately ‘of nature’. By degrees, what my nose took for licorice untangles to a warm glow of cloves and an undercurrent of peppery yet green basil. What makes or breaks an amber are the resins involved and here they seem to radiate from the wearer’s skin in overlapping layers. Ultimately all other notes dissolve one by one and it’s the warm cloak of resins that remains.
It’s a forceful creation, and thus not for everyday wear. My own preference would be to keep it for those times when the urge strikes to escape the confines of home to head out in search of a wilderness.
29th September, 2018
Kerosene Copper Skies is perhaps the house's most visible entry, at least to me, as I see it as the most frequently worn Kerosene fragrance in the online circles. I was a bit surprised to see that it's received a lukewarm reception in some circles, though, given how visible a centerpiece has become for the brand.

The notes breakdown is suggestive of a winter, heavy-hitting fragrance, and in that respect, it surely comes through. At its opening, it's a bit acerbic as I get a lot of the clove and basil upfront, but it dries down into an easier-to-enjoy blend of tobacco, cedar, and amber, but like others, I get a pseudo coffee vibe out of it, perhaps still some relapse from trying the coffee-intensive new release of Follow yesterday. The metallic name is appropriate as the fragrance does seem slightly metallic, as well, but not prohibitively so.

I can certainly see this being regarded as borderline medicinal, but on my it comes off sufficiently spicier than medicinal, fortunately, partly due to the tobacco, but also giving off a semi-incense vibe without incense being a listed note, oddly. I have to assume that that's some of the clove that's lingering in the mix.

Performance is good, certainly sufficient for the pricing if you love the fragrance. At the standard Kerosene pricing of $140 for 100ml, I probably wouldn't pursue a bottle of Copper Skies at this time since it's a "like" not a "love" for me, but I'll

7 out of 10
18th October, 2016
Thick intriguing opening with sweet dark notes of tobacco, something like licorice sticks - rich, earthy, sweet, balsamic; something balsamic and minty, anise, beeswax (basically a dry, caramelized-resinous honey note), amber, something “sugary”, but overall nothing really gourmand: the sweetness here is warm, dry, mature and dusty. Nothing sweetish, just “naturally” sweet. As much sweet as dark and warm, actually. Cloves are barely perceivable, which makes them perfectly pleasant, providing just a sharp touch of pungent spiciness. The juxtaposition of the warm sweetness of the tobacco-anisic-amber-licorice side with a fresh balsamic whiff of (I guess) basil and mint, and bright woody notes, makes Copper Skies irresistibly enjoyable to wear. All the coziest notes are here – balsamic stuff, amber, tobacco... Nothing groundbreaking perhaps, but so irresistible if you’re into these notes (and how you can you not be?). It’s “easy”, friendly, cozy, mellow, rich, somehow dark yet not discomforting or off-putting; and actually, like other reviewers notes, I also get something slightly “mechanical” or industrial, but not in a (usual) “filthy” or harsh way; rather a subtle, smoky, pleasant, somehow medicinal and slightly sweet smell – something familiar and pleasant, a bit like the smell of gasoline many people seem to love. Less original and “daring” than one may think given the brand, but incredibly pleasant and nice to wear. Solid projection, perfect lasting. Remarkable!

31st January, 2015
A Wonderful Amber !

Copper Skies notes: Amber, Cedar, Sweet tobacco leaves, Honeycomb, Basil and Cloves

Did I say this was a wonderful amber? lol. This is amber in all of it's glory. No slinking around, no hinting at it, no wondering where the fleeting amber scent went off to and no having to sniff so hard that you are hyperventilating just trying to detect where the amber was.

The cedar and tobacco adds an earthy sweetness to the amber (yum!) Add to it the honeycomb (drool!) and nuance of basil and cloves- and I'm in Amber heaven! Excellent sillage, as with the entire Kerosene line.

Pros: Excellent Fall and Winter Scent

17th August, 2013
This is probably my least favorite out of Kerosene's line. I enjoy amber fragrances and this one is an amber bomb. It's a well done and quality amber, but it's a bit over the top for me. What I do like about Copper Skies is how well the other notes are done tastefully, especially the clove note which is one of my least favorite notes, but it's very nice in Copper Skies. If you enjoy amber and sweeter fragrances you'll probably enjoy this one. It's just not something that I would wear, but it's quality none the less.
30th March, 2012

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