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Halston Man Amber (2010)
by Halston


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchElizabeth Arden Inc

About Halston Man Amber

Halston Man Amber is a masculine fragrance by Halston. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Halston Man Amber

I discovered I don't really like amber. This is also a total powder bomb. If you like amber and powder bombs this one is for you.
28th June, 2018
Stardate 20180105:

Ambery, Synth Oud , Myrrh, spices. Not bad. Would have been better without the synth Oud and Myrrh. A bit too synthetic smelling for my taste.
As others have mentioned already, linear and ok performance.
Not bad for the price.
06th January, 2018
What jumps out is the spicy-amber and oud-cedar, making this a warming scent that has some sharpness to cut through colder air. However, there is also a smoothness from the golden-amber which is always there and probably why the theme is gold.

I find Amber Man to be pretty linear from beginning to end. Projection is good and longevity is slightly below average on me.
03rd December, 2017
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This semisweet amber fragrance has a lot going for it—the herbal bite of geranium leaf and thyme, a rich ambered incense heart and the skank of musk and oud in the drydown. The sweetness is held in check by the same metallic note found in Halston Man; it is like licking buttercream frosting off of the steel blade of a Sabatier knife. Its lack of floral notes along with the woods in the base notes make this a very masculine scent, the driest of gourmands. The dry nature of this scent—rare among ambers—makes this a very discreet fragrance, suitable for the boardroom, the bedroom and all places in between.
12th September, 2017
I picked this one up for a scant thirteen dollars so I could get a feel of where Halston's line now stands in terms of quality. I was not expecting much, to be honest. However, the juice in C-3PO's flask here is surprisingly pleasant. It is a cross between two camps of fragrance I already own, so it is nothing new to me, but I do enjoy it for straddling this line and not teetering to far in either direction. The first camp is the spicy cedar and labdanums: Fever by Celine, Zirh by Ikon, etc. The second is myrrh-centric frags like CK Intense Euphoria and Prada Amber Intense. Halston Man Amber is neither as dark and inky as the first group nor as sweet as the latter; It is warm, spicy simplicity which dwindles in volume in lieu of changing over its lifespan. I think what I like most about it is that the initial blast smells of black pepper. Well, little flask, time to meet your new Halston family.
12th September, 2017
I was on Fragrantica looking around for high-rated Oud and Amber colognes to build out my budding collection, and stumbled onto this one. I saw it had a 4.6 and decided to searched around for it. First thing I learned is that at some point in the past it went for $100 or something. I found a NIB 100 ml bottle for ... $13. Considering that I've paid more than that for 5 ml samples of other ouds, I thought, "Why not?" I did think there was a 50+ percent chance I'd just throw it out after I got it. I've done that before.

It's really good! No, it isn't Tom Ford Oud Wood, and it doesn't have the personality of Royal Oud, not even remotely close. What it does do is provide a simple, rather linear Amber-mild Oud scent that lasts a middling amount of time and has middling silage. The scent is mild and inoffensive, and I cannot imagine a situation that it couldn't be worn in, or that someone would find it objectionable. The scent is pretty good quality, not synthetic smelling, not sharp or with any odd notes. I could go through the whole pyramid but why bother? Halston Man Amber is what it is: a simple and simply good, pleasant Amber-Oud cologne that fits any situation and offends no one, ever.

I put this on a section of the shelf where I keep colognes I use when I don't have any particularly good ideas about what to wear and just want a nice scent for a few hours.

Silage is OK. Longevity is OK. I don't do the whole "lasts for 4.75 hours" thing. Seems to me it provides a few hours of decent projection, after which it becomes a skin scent and then fades off into nothingness. Which for $13 is completely acceptable.

It hardly needs to be said that an Amber-Oud cologne is not a clubbing cologne. Perfectly fine for work or casual, and leans toward winter/fall like all other Ouds and Ambers. That said, it is mild enough to use on a warm day if desired.

I can't think of an exact comparison, but in my collection, one cologne that seems to share a bit of the DNA of this one is Mancera Aoud Vanille, of which I own a 4 oz bottle and use frequently. The Mancera is more refined and subtler, and I don't think too many people would have a problem identifying which one was the "higher quality" fragrance. I do like the Mancera more but I also think the slightly rougher Halston Man Amber has a place in the rotation, especially given the cost-effectivness.

At $40 or $50 I would still think this was a good cologne, though at that price point I'd be asking myself how and how well it competes with some alternatives. At $13 it's a ridiculous no brainer.
25th April, 2017

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