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Norne (2012)
by Slumberhouse


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJosh Lobb

About Norne

Norne is a masculine fragrance by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Lobb

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The most recent neg review nails it: thick pine sap molasses with big clove sitting somewhere in the pine barrens and on fire. Great description, although I'm not real sure it's on fire. Nevertheless, the good doctor didn't care for that smell at all. It's quirky, yes, but when the time is right... Vive le Slumberhouse!
19th February, 2019
Sticky smokey pine resin. The sauce is this and stained my skin green. After it dried for a few hours the pine burned off a bit faster than the smokey incense. High quality, natural smelling. Strong strong. Not full bottle worthy full me because it is price prohibitive.
07th February, 2019
Love/Hate. Love how it smells, and the paroxysms of Tolkienesque fanfic-grade prose it has inspired in some of the online reviews should suffice; I shall not add more. The two challenges: the viscosity is slightly stiffer than that of maple syrup, and it stains your skin a pale olive like a week-old bruise. The spray nozzle is a cheap flimsy contrivance as well and frequently squirms loose with the effort needed to get this fluid through the system. I like it! Just don't know where on my body I want to have a stain like this.
03rd April, 2018
Shows up massive like a troop of Mounties from the FOREST! But not harsh or obnoxious, an air of fire in the woods, that burns to nothing in three hours. Good blind gift for the Grizzly in your life.
09th May, 2017
This puts to shame all the other fragrances I've tried which claim to be natural and evocative.
Another reason why it is a revelation to me is that I'm viscerally tired and fed up with oriental notes. All the sandal, patchouli, cardamon and other saffrons, Moroccan this and Arabian that bore me to death. European and American woods are seriously underappreciated and underused. There is beauty and elegance in the more austere, dry aromatics of the north, and they deserve to be given an opportunity to shine.
Huge thumbs up to Slumberhouse.
01st December, 2016
Dr. Z. Show all reviews
United States

There are certain illnesses that are diagnosed because the patient is experiencing a peculiar smell. For instance, with certain brain tumors... The patient smells "burning rubber" or an acidic smell- like battery acid.

Smell disorders have many causes including illness such as upper respiratory infection, injury, polyps in the nasal cavities, sinus infections, hormonal disturbances, dental problems or in my case, inhaling certain chemicals such as the one(s) resonating in this fragrance.

I've tried. I really have.
Three times. On the last try I lasted exactly 00:12:38.

I get it:

This smells very unique. Piney with plenty of resin and fir/ woods/ burning incense...
Extremely well made, using high end ingredients.
It's dark. Very dark- I'm sure this was Nosferatu's signature scent.

But whatever trauma occurred in my life (that I've obviously suppressed) must have had something to do with Clove (can you say Eugenol?)
Maybe my mom washed my mouth out with clove oil instead of soap??
Maybe I have a brain tumor? - the MRI says no.
Whatever the case, I just can't do this frag.

But in my defense : it's quite physical... the "reaction".
When I smell this I almost gag- like sticking a tongue depressor down ones throat.

Quite reflexive... So perhaps I have a smell disorder because to my "defective" nose it smells like Pine Sap & Molasses with a healthy dose of Clove that caught fire in a forest somewhere in South Jersey.

It's sooo thick, which in my case, doesn't help.

Good stuff? Judging by the reviews- absolutely.

However, when I try to ascertain this fact on my own, I feel like like "Hooper" when he's faced with the grim task of examining the remains of that woman eaten by "Jaws"- Her remnants all fit into that small metal pan, setting on the exam table.

Watch his reaction right after he pulls back the tarp: helplessly he struggles to record what he sees.

That's me.

Except this was no boating accident... This was no propeller....

This was a Carcarion Carcarius named NORNE.


I've no choice :-(

02nd September, 2016

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