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Qi (2012)
by Ormonde Jayne


Qi information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseOrmonde Jayne
PerfumerGeza Schoen
PerfumerLinda Pilkington

About Qi

Part of the 'Four Corners' Collection.

Qi fragrance notes

Reviews of Qi

Qi is constructed to make no great statement thus offending no one. Lest you think I’m being bitchy, that sentence comes from the Ormonde Jayne official copy!

Normally, my shackles rise when I hear anyone describing a perfume as ‘inoffensive’ or, worse (shudder), ‘mass-pleasing’, because if that’s the end goal, then there’s no need to spend $425+ on a bottle of perfume when you can spend $5 on a bottle of that chocolatey, oudy Axe spray my husband is invariably wearing whenever I complement him on his lovely smell.

But honestly, Ormonde Jayne is onto something here. Osmanthus – for those not overly familiar with it – is a material that shares a rudely pungent quality with Hindi oud oil, black tea, and leather, all materials that have undergone some kind of process like soaking in water, tanning or smoking that lend them a distinctly fermented facet. I’m a fan of the fermented, but the uninitiated might find this particular floral note a challenge. The trick is to trim back the ruder, earthier facets of osmanthus absolute, and to capture only the fresh, pretty notes of the flower smelled straight from the plant.

And that’s exactly what Qi does. It is a super clean, bright take on osmanthus – a glowy little pop of apricot over soapy musks and fresh green tea (maté) that create enough of an illusion of leather to catch at the back of your throat. The osmanthus note is sustained for a remarkably long time, the fresh tea and soft leather notes soaked in an indelible peach or apricot ink. There’s also a whiff of clean rubber tubing – a pleasant inevitability whenever tea and osmanthus share the same space.

Despite the complex array of notes, though, Qi smells charmingly simple and ‘honest’. I can see this elegant glass of green tea, aromatized gently with a slice of apricot, appealing to many people. Ormonde Jayne is a rare house that knows what to do with osmanthus, and for me, Qi is its shining example. I prefer it to the also excellent Passionate Love, which is constructed along similar lines as Qi, but duskier, with a mineralic vetiver-and-Iso-E-Super drydown I’m less fond of.
20th May, 2020
A perky but light little number...deceivingly light at first until you realize it really projects rather well...perfect for a nice summer evening...a flowery aromatic tea...little traces of lemony flavoring...pleasant, polite , fresh and very enjoyable to my nose...
16th April, 2020
My wallet dispairs a little every time I discover a new Ormonde Jayne fragrance, because more often than not I end up loving them. I never would have given this the time of day, as it sounds a bit too polite and light for my tastes, but my interest was piqued when I visited the OJ store to sniff their candles (which are fantastic, by the way).

I ended up getting a sample because I could not get this delicate beauty out of my head; a breezy tea and citrus affair with, to my nose, plenty of apricotty osmanthus. It's achieves a fine balance between floral, fresh, and bitter and is airy without being unsubstantial at all. It lasts and projects impressively for such a delicate fragrance; I get addictive, mood lifting wafts of it all day. I find Ormonde Jayne one of the most consistently impressive houses out there and will be saving up to add this to my collection. I bet it will be spectacular in spring.
07th January, 2020
I'm a sucker for tea-based fragrances and this had me well, suckered. The QI simply flows from the zesty neroli top, to the balmy heart of floral-infused mate before segueing to a warmly resinous base. If I were to nitpick it would be that the transition from top to base progresses a little too quickly. Like a thrilling joyride on a roller coaster, the fun is over before you knew it. Which in this case may not be all that bad as I find the drydown thoroughly enjoyable.
28th June, 2014

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