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Duetto (2011)
by Sospiro


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyXerjoff

About Duetto

Duetto is a shared / unisex perfume by Sospiro. The scent was launched in 2011

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Sospiro was a sister house of Xerjoff, but unlike Casamorati, wasn't allowed to retain it's own identity under the brand umbrella of Sergio Momo's consolidated Xerjoff after 2019, sharing the same fate as collections with unique bottles like Join the Club or Shooting Stars, being folding into the standard Xerjoff range with standard homologous Xerjoff bottles. The best sellers from the Sospiro got to live again as Xerjoff fragrances, like Sospiro Erba Pura (2013), but many did not. Sospiro Duetto (2011) is one such fragrance that was de-facto discontinued when the line was folded back into the luxury niche mothership of Xerjoff, but in some ways it might be for the best since it does what a lot of fragrances in its respective genre do, at relatively the same price point to boot. 2011 was a busy year for Western takes on oud, with contenders coming left and right from designers, luxury niche brands, and even some budget/drugstore houses since the late 2000's. This would continue into the mid 2010's, with woody masculine medicinal oud fragrances geared at men and rose/oud combos with virile animal musks or patchouli aimed at women, although all genders tend to wear all types of ouds released regardless of marketing, as oud by then had taken on a cult-like fascination with Western buyers that had caught the bug since Tom Ford via Yves Saint Laurent M7 (2002) made the "oud" note trendy. Amidst all this noise, Duetto didn't have much of a chance.

Duetto feels like a compromise between the skanky swinging phallus ouds typically reserved for the Arabian attar/mukhallat marketand and the sweeter patchouli/benzoin oud takes that most luxury brands like By Kilian would be known for in the fragrance hobby community. Thirty-Three by the indie perfumer Ex Idolo (2013) would take a similar path, but honestly if you're going to introduce any degree of skank at all, you might as well commit to it like Parfums Dusita would do with Oudh Infini (2014), which is by far the best display of an Arabian rose/oud in a Western perfume format I've smelled. If you know these rose/oud takes well, you already know how this one smells, but for those who don't, here's what I get: An opening of funky barnyard oud blast in the beginning mixed with a dark Turkish rose, thickened out by pink pepper and musky ylang-ylang. Eventually, that rose settles in and the funk is emulsified better with jasmine, carnation, and some vanilla, before the base settles in. This base is amber, which creams the funk some more, before drying on a convincing sandalwood note with oakmoss, vetiver, camphoraceous patchouli, and a touch of civet for a bit of fecal musk. You could almost call this a "poor man's Oudh Infini" but it's not even cheap so throw that out the window, but it is good, if a tiny bit more polite. Sillage, projection, and wear time are not worth measuring, consider them everlasting. Best use is up to you, as this is not something to be worn among strangers unless you're the boss and everyone has to bite their tongue around you. Do try to avoid high humidity with this scent too.

Sospiro Duetto like Dior Leather Oud (2010) before it was probably just too animalic for it's own good among the Western buyers it aimed for, remaining a cult favorite among oud heads in the online fragrance community, but not resonating with the target affluent clueless trust fund oligarch spawn the brand courted. I mean, these are people who post their "drip" on Instagram and get chauffeured in a Rolls Royce to a McDonald's drive through just to make the poor minimum wage 3-jobs-to-pay-rent guy filling their order feel even more like a victim of a failed economic system than he already is, so what in tarnations are they supposed to know about the subtleties of oud fragrance? Nothing at all I tell ya, and that's why Duetto didn't make the transition to the Xerjoff line like some of the other Sospiros. Is this good? Yeah, if you like cat piss and unwashed tube snake rolling around in roses, patchouli, and hay borrowed from a horse stable, plus with some vanilla blossoms growing outside the stable door catching your nose. Otherwise, this is not vile enough for the hardcore oud attar fiends, but not civilized enough for the kind of people that think Parfums de Marly is a benchmark of sophistication in this price range. Surviving stock of this does not see a ton of discount but every now and then you see a "sprayed twice" bottle being hocked by a blind-buyer who got burned, wanting to unload their bad decision at a loss to be rid of it, and that's when you should act on acquisition if interested. Another day, another oud. Thumbs up.
11th January, 2021
Duetto offers rose done Arabic style – like nectar intensified to the nth, syrupy for sure, but with a singlemindedness akin to belief, offering an experience that transcends the merely sticky to claw at saturated red joy. It’s reminiscent of the Montale style, except with a much higher quality of ingredients. So if that is sounding like catnip to you, do not hesitate to try it out.
It also evolves beautifully. Right from the start one feels this is about much more than that hyperconcentrated rose note and as Duetto settles, other notes begin to take their rightful place. Among them a burnished oud and sandalwood combo, at first perceived as a resinous high but slowly evolving into much mellower woody tones with a complement of judiciously matched spice – some pepper, a hint of clove, and lovely milk-infused saffron. Wisps of incense smoke drift by. This complex woody backing impresses with its sanded and refined quality; there’s nothing strident or jarring.
Your appreciation of Duetto will depend on whether you like this high octane style – if something like Black Aoud makes you reel with pleasure (it does me), then Duetto should be your next stop.
Unless I’ve missed something, it looks like the Sospiro offerings are being absorbed by the Xerjoff V line, but Duetto doesn’t appear there – possibly a discontinuation. Nonetheless, old Sospiro bottles are being discounted by some retailers who still have them; still pricy, but no longer in an outer space orbit.
07th January, 2020

The intrigue and mystery of a heroine.after Vivace, Wardasina and Afgano Puro(this one is not available in this site yet)Duetto is the best SOSPIRO PERFUMES in my mind.a deep,spicy sumptuous woods,superme momentum new chypre perfume by this niche designer. very sensual,very irresistible and very sexy with a mystical side brought by is a scent that says:"I have money and I am not afraid to spend it!the quality of the ingredients is Impressive. Deep, Rich,Floral,Artistic,Spicy,Strong, Voluptuous,Intoxicating,Sophisticated,Decadent,Dark and Aggressively Sexy.

DUETTO is a perfume that has many layers which adds to it is enjoyment in wearing.the first layer is sharp and spicy with pink pepper,coriander and hint of ylang ylang.the depth of the perfume that unfolds hour by hour.that heart notes has a unique harmony with rose,jasmine and clove.the dry down is all about woods and giving the perfume a virile doubt this is the best layer for me as reminds me a little of VIVACE dry down.totally the scent is classic and this EDP is woody&earthy and alluring& intriguing all at the same time.perfect for cold evening and definitely for self assured ladies in special occasions.


Longevity?Amazing on my skin.

04th April, 2015 (last edited: 10th April, 2015)
Man I've tried Bllack Oud by Montale, NY oud by Bond no. 9, and Fars by Xerjoff...not crazy about rose and least I thought I wasn't crazy about it, until I got my nose on Sospiro Duetto. This stuff is absolutely amazing. I must have it in my collection, I'm a man and I think it goes good on a guy or girl, its just so absolutely amazing, I can't say it enough, GET A SAMPLE OF THIS even if you don't like rose and oud, its such a masterpiece.
03rd February, 2015
My favorite perfume from the house of Sospiro! A wonderful rose with the perfect amount of oud - everything is in harmony and well balanced. A real must-have for every collection! The staying power is very good too!
03rd November, 2014

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