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Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense (2012)
by Narciso Rodriguez


Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense information

Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseNarciso Rodriguez
Parent CompanyShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense is a masculine fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez. The scent was launched in 2012

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense fragrance notes

Reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense

There are 8 reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Him Eau de Parfum Intense .

Pure sexy in a bottle.
I love the original, love the EdP and love this Intense version as well.
It is all about the musk.
Presented in bold, beautiful array, no bashfulness in sight.
Might just be the perfect fragrance for the sexiest man's man with all the confidence the world can muster.
Just wow.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the musk fiend.
26th January, 2018
Narciso, Narciso Just wow...This house would be one of my top 3 favorite designer houses if they didn't just have 4 mens fragrances- 2 of which smell almost Identical. I've grown to LOVE everything I've smelled from Narciso with the lone exception being their newest release which I haven't smelled. I don't just like but ABSOLUTELY LOVE what this house puts its name behind.

For Him Intense is the more formal version of For him that smells very unisex to my nose. It may be the perfect suit and tie frag for the well dressed metrosexual. But personally I wear this with more relaxed clothing and it works perfectly for me for casual occasions and nights in the house with the significant other. Like the original its very versatile and can be worn all year (summer nights tho to be Lasts about 7 hours and the performance is adequate being a more formal scent. Just don't over spray. This scent wasn't meant to act like Joop.

If I could find one fault with this house's frags it would be that the notes are synthetic but when you smell this along with others from the house you find yourself thinking or saying "Synthetic...SCHMEMTHETIC". Niche brands have to abide by the IFRA also so synthetic notes aren't exclusive to designers anymore. The beauty in this and other scents from Narciso is the quality blending of these synthetic notes which makes them a worthy choice for any frag snob.

simply put...this scent is a beautiful classy close to the skin Fragrance. People will smell you but won't be overwhelmed by you.

8/10- would be perfect to me if it were slightly more potent...For an Eau de Parfum it's very tame. The original which smells nothing like this is far more impressive performance wise. Nonetheless this fragrance smells very good.
27th April, 2016
Quality fragrance that does simple extremely well. Basically it's Musk, pepper, and Iris. I get a hint of the original so I'm assuming that the note pyramid is a bit misleading. The pepper in this is very subtle and well done. This is very flowery in the opening and might cause some to dismiss it too early. Hang on for the ride because once this blends after about 30 minutes it becomes a musky little devil. Careful on the sprays. I go 2 on the chest and 1 possible on the neck if you want the extra sillage. Good stuff here guys!
16th April, 2015
Oh, what a joyous and elegant musky thing this is. The opening reads like a heavenly light jasmine mixed with a Kiehl’s quality musk to my nose before it begins to morph to reveal it’s true nature – violet leaves, but not the bruisers of perfumes like Grey Flannel, instead full of a sappy vibrancy and sweet. That lovely, perfectly pitched musk blends perfectly and a subdued woody powderiness sings backing vocals. It makes a straightforward idea its strength rather than aiming for anything complex and the main evolution is towards a greater pointedness in the violet rendition.
It’s warm, it embraces the wearer and encourages naughty thoughts, it’s not at all overbearing and is incredibly polished – what more could one ask for from a mainstream fragrance? Well, perhaps a more forceful projection, but apart from that it’s an uncomplicated pleasure.
15th March, 2015
I'm not sure why violets aren't listed in the note pyramid, because to me this is an extremely smooth and simple fragrance that showcases a grayish floral violet note blended and backed by a powerful white musk. The iris note is also very white, airy, and floral. It serves to accent the perimeter of this EDP and extend its radiance outward, lending the impression of clouds at some far away distance in the sky. I honestly don't pick up on much pink pepper here--if I look closely at the heart of the fragrance I can smell a touch of a sweet spiciness, but it's very subtle and not what immediately jumps out. This fragrance is more bitter than sweet, in my opinion, and more "perfumey" than earthy. By "perfumey" I mean that the white musk, and violet-iris tandem dominate on a level that is more in tune with flower petals and the airy space around them than anything coming from the roots or soil below. Furthermore, a bit of a synthetic nature is lent by the white musk, though that's not to say it's unpleasant or harsh. Overall a very clean, somewhat formal fragrance that seems almost flawless in its construction. The notes pair so well together and appear to execute exactly what they set out to do. I think this fragrance is unisex. Men obviously like it, and there's something in here that reminds me of the classic Rive Gauche, on a drier, airier level, but I wouldn't think twice if I smelled this on a woman either. The floral aspect and gender-neutral white musk are reminiscent of common components in many women's perfumes. In fact, on average, I think guys might shy away from this one due to these aspects, and understandably so.

To summarize, I think this is a very good Eau de Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez. It's brighter, cleaner, smoother, and more upbeat than the EDT (which isn't a knock against the EDT), and could work wonders on the right man wearing a white button up shirt and sports coat. Its performance is excellent. At the same time, you may find this too formal, too suave, or simply not like the very distinct combination of white musk, violets, and iris. As for me, I'm going to hang on to it for a while and see if I can make it work. While it's not my typical style of fragrance, it seems too good to give up on yet, and somewhere down the road, it just might stick.

Thumbs up and I recommend sampling this to see if it works for you.
07th December, 2014 (last edited: 30th December, 2014)
What a musk bomb indeed. I agree with the unisex notion but that's not a problem at all. It is quite a powerful scent but also mild in character, unobtrusive in its strength. Worn by the strong regardless of gender and by those in search of peculiar style which will express their presence further more. Quality of the fragrance is almost niche and the price is not that of the niche at all, so you also get a significant return of invest with gorgeous fragrance.
12th February, 2014

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