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1681 (2010)
by Carthusia


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Year of Launch2010
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About 1681

1681 is a masculine fragrance by Carthusia. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of 1681

This smells like a fresher and lighter version of Dior Homme. The ingredients are top notch and it smells great but too opulent and perfumery for me to wear casually. A good scent for dressing up and going out.
11th August, 2017
Frosty, chalky, carrot-tinged iris evenly paired with dusty rosewood, supported by lettuce-smelling vetiver and what I'm guessing is a spiced 60's musk, with a pinch of ionone violets. The result is a bit weird. The chalky and dusty qualities played against sour vegetable elements is quite odd.

Somehow, 1681 smells bemused, as if it were perfectly content in its little bottle and is now vaguely annoyed that I've come along demanding to sniff it. I'm always impressed when a perfume is able to convey a complex emotion, so I HAVE to vote thumbs up, but with the caveat that I haven't really enjoyed wearing 1681, as its off-putting dusty coldness just hasn't won me over, and intentionally doesn't seem to be trying to.
23rd April, 2017
I have searched in vain for the significance of the name given this scent, but can find no event in the history of the Order of Carthusian Monks (founded in 1084) to account for it.

The initial blast is of a very balanced, very strong, and very rounded combination of iris, cedarwood and incense. There are also hints of a very fine tobacco impression, brought on by the skillful balance of vanilla and amber. The 16 notes are certainly a wise blend of herbs, dark florals, woods and amber, decidedly masculine, as is its intention.

It is most impressive to my nose. A subtle and quietly masculine scent.
16th August, 2016
1681st broken promise

As a fan of iris I find the waxy opening iris note irresistible. Unfortunately it is gone too soon leaving behind a faint miasma of airy woodsy/citrusy incense with soft mildly creamy undertones. As much as I'd like to rate [b]1681[/b] higher I found it underwhelming. The promising start fails to deliver on that very promise and lasts as long as my hitherto raised expectations. It's like watching a titillating striptease act only to run out of money after 5 minutes. To its credit [b]1681[/b] boasts a projection level ideally suited... for a ninja on a mission.

Pros: 1681 nanometers in reach
Cons: 1681 seconds to boredom"

03rd September, 2013
Byzantine treasure in a vial. Popping the cork yields a strong, immediate effect of incense and precious resins: frankincense, myrrh, and oudh are underscored by woody notes, predominantly cedar but also sandalwood. This is first and foremost an incense scent, but rather than evoking the altar it skews toward the outdoorsy end of the aromatic-resin spectrum. It smells sharp and pungent, like woods and herbs on a campfire, in high country, under a starry sky. There's an airiness and spaciousness about the scent-world it creates that feels intoxicating and enlarging. The initial phase is powerful and complex--the first few minutes of wearing Carthusia 1681 are like being immersed in a sublime and resinous cloud. Alas, this effect dissipates fairly quickly. What's left is a quiet, less individuated incense/woods accord. I could wish the complexity of the initial phase lasted longer, but it's still a gorgeous experience. If you're an incense enthusiast, it might be a necessity.
30th March, 2013
1681 was quite a good surprise for me even if I'm not particularly fond of Carthusia's fragrances. An iris driven opening pleasantly leaning towards the waxy side (lipstick) and enriched by herbs (rosemary), lavender and musk. The frankincense note is remarkably present throughout adding some depth expecially in the middle phase. Woody patterns and hints of neroli/bergamot enhance the classic aspect of this "modern" masculine composition.

Overall 1861 is quite an unique fragrance that's at the same time very wearable yet anything but silly. Distinctive and discreet, classic and modern, "serious". If you happen to visit italy don't miss the chance to check Carthusia's fragrances as they sell way much cheaper than overseas. Very nice.
30th November, 2012

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