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Golden Boy (2010)
by Dueto Parfums


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseDueto Parfums
PerfumerSonia Constant

About Golden Boy

Golden Boy is a masculine fragrance by Dueto Parfums. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Sonia Constant

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Reviews of Golden Boy

Yup, this is a quinoline bomb, so it smells like Tuscan Leather, but Golden Boy replaces Tom Ford's signature cherry cough syrup topnote with lettuce-tinged vetiver. It's a great combination, and only gets better as the quinoline fades into birch tar.

No points for originality, but this smells much more expensive than it is, and the mix of vetiver and leather is pulled off well.
12th April, 2017
Nowhere close to hide...

First of all I'd like to make a remark about the "catchy" text in the fragrance's description.

"Its unique formula contains some of the most exotic spices on earth; saffron, leather, cedarwood, suede, musk and vanilla incenses lift you to heaven."

Well, unless my English fail me, then could someone please explain this to me? With the possible exception of saffron, which in any case is only one and not "some", which are the other "some of the most exotic spices on earth"?
Now, unless the sample I was given was wrongly labeled, I can't help but wonder if the way that leather smells has changed so dramatically since the '70s-'80s. I've read a lot of reviews, and 90% of them described Golden Boy as a fragrance where leather notes shine. But it gets even stranger, as a good deal of this 90% use the words "creamy leather", and this is something I just don't get, since I never thought that these two words could be put together to describe a fragrance. For me, leather can be either oily, pungent, or dominating, but it can't be creamy, cute, or yummy, unless you have a bowl of custard spilled over your leather jacket. Which is not a bad thing per se, but it's an accident by all means, thus not an expected or established way to describe something as odd as "creamy leather".
Now, if we're to talk leather, Trussardi Uomo, Jacomo de Jacomo and Knize Ten smell like leather to me. Golden Boy does not. To my nose, Golden Boy is Dirty English after taking a good bath to remove all the dirt, and thus be transformed from a lousy dirty bastard to a cuddling golden darling. Or like Burberry's Brit Rhythm, with it's tempo pumped up a couple of hundreds BPM. Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin could also be the case, given that it had left its leather coat back home in Berlin.
So, unless there's something very wrong going on with my sample, Golden Boy is a quite pleasant, although kinda generic, scent, but it's definitely not leather. Cause if it had come face to face with any of the real leather-clad bad boys (and girls) of past decades, chances are that it would be its own hide decorating their walls. And that would be the closest to real leather it would ever come...
30th November, 2015
My review is going to be boringly like everyone else's, because yes, this does smell just like a softer, politer version of Tuscan Leather. In many ways I actually prefer this as it's slightly more easy to live with and less overbearing. I get a violet leaf note in place of TL's raspberry, but apart from that they are basically the same. Similar longevity too
09th February, 2015
Dueto Parfums Golden Boy is a pleasant aromatic accord of leather, musk, creamy resins and floral notes in which the combination of violet and intense leather arouses a really subtle and sophisticated pungent spark. I catch also cedarwood or sandalwood in the recipe, probably patchouli is included too in the blend. I detect points in common with several Tiziana Terenzi's concontions (but in a less natural and majestic way) and Xerjoff Join The Club ( due to creamy resins in particular). The association of lavender, violet and leather settles down conjurations about scents a la Trussardi My Land (which is anyway plagued by a salty-marine undertone) and Canali Black Diamond (which is finally less leathery, more articulated and orangy). Partially the more velvety and complex Guerlain Arsene Lupin Dandy jumps on mind too for several of its hallmarks. The Golden Boy's dry down is really smooth, resinous, virile, barely vanillic, orangy, floral and leathery in a more than decent way. On the complex a more than appreciable fragrance which lacks anyway that X Factor to play as a giant.
13th December, 2014 (last edited: 14th December, 2014)
Golden Boy has that WD-40 vibe to me. Smells very similar to Cuir Ottoman. I can see where folks get the Fahrenheit smell. Linear winter fragrance that should be enjoyed by Fahrenheit and Cuir Ottoman fans. 6.5/10

16th August, 2014
Golden Boy is a nice, rubbery leather scent, soft and linear, almost abstract, sharp and clean, with a silky vanillin base, perhaps light floral notes too, bright minty-balsamic accents and a smooth woody base surrounding the leather accord, which actually smells more like brand new leather-look goods – on the polar opposite from stuff like Knize or most of 1970's leather fougères. Golden Boy is a "boy" in fact, it's young, "urban", refined, unpretentious, playful, a teenager in the leather family - the "family" of trendy and clean leather scents à la Tuscan Leather, "fake" and perfectly shaped. Golden Boy is quite close to that, just simpler, more "naif", less smoky, less "manly" and less dark. Not sure if it would be worth the price, as to be honest it's fun but quality wise, barely decent to me, but if you are into light, modern leather scents and you're on a tighter budget, it may be a nice compromise for you.

28th July, 2014

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