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Black Oud (2011)
by LM Parfums


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLM Parfums

About Black Oud

Black Oud is a shared / unisex perfume by LM Parfums. The scent was launched in 2011

Black Oud fragrance notes

Reviews of Black Oud

Spectral and saturnine this furiously dark and melancholic "metropolitan" concoction is another potion for nocturnal "suburbian" wanderers, bloodthirsty werewolves, beastly metal rockers with gothic pervertions and hooded wizards with Black Magic's skills. Definitely one of the Batman's pretty favorite fragrances and a drier (more calibrated) sort of Nasomatto Black Afgano-"remake" (actually something in the middle way between Black Afgano and Les Liquides Imaginaires Fortis). Well, whoever has tried on skin Black Afgano could easily declair that LM Parfums Black Oud is definitely an almost identical, just slightly "polished-cleaner" (which does not mean more simplistic) twin. Really hard to note any difference "at distance" unless you are in the clan of perverted perfumistas as me being here to delight my (and may be yours) "profane olfactory Inquisition". In this case I can tell you that I note a slightly lighter (less dense, less syrupy/rubbery and coffee-deprived) texture, a more intricate spiciness and a vaguely mossier (more aromatically spicy-musky) undertone. Black Afgano smells (to me) smokier, more incensey-rubbery and earthier while Black Oud smells mossier, spicier and muskier. Civet, cumin and nutmeg (in their messy juxtapositions) enhance a woody, intensely visceral, melancholic, salty-mild "litany" which finally waves delicate in the darkness. I don't know about hashish (is or isn't in here present?) but I get as well a rubbery presence (cistus, galbanum), a spicy frankincense, a dark mossy amber while I don't catch an equally rich Nasomatto's smokey "resinousity". Woods are drier and more "liquid" though the animalic presence provides in here as well a quite warmer viscerality and the final dryness (never sliding towards any Montale Dark Aoud's woody starkness) is mitigated by a well calibrated creamy final soapiness (vanilla). Frankly the spongy/soft vetiver's presence (notable in Black Afgano) is in here veiled by musks and further elements. There is another subtle difference, the woodiness (sandalwood in particular) is in here less "gassy" and finally more soapy/creamy, surely more wearable and confortable. Overall assumed, I perceive a more balanced and wearable kind of scent, with a secret musky intimate soul and a soapy/balmy spirit. Try It before purchasing (especially if you are not familiar with rave parties and exorcisms), a blind buy could slam you down in a dark alley of appalling unmentionable things.
08th January, 2018 (last edited: 09th January, 2018)
About as run of the mill as they come a spicy, dry and stale oud done in a manner that would suggest that the perfumer was in a hurry to get to the next job. May please floral haters as this is mainly a woods, incense and spice job, but the materials used just sink into a brown muddle. Pretty curious that, as many of the notes (particularly the nutmeg, cumin and frankincense) are easily identifiable, yet the overall feel remains listless. Theres none of the lift off here that one expects from a well-executed oud perfume, instead I felt like I had been coated in a layer of perfumed dust. Doesnt even have the benefit of exaggeration which sometimes can tip a poor oud into so bad its good territory; this one sits pretty quietly but persistently (passive-aggressive or what!) on the skin.
Some hours in the blend does improve and lets some air in, but a perfume would need to then really blow my socks off to justify such delayed gratification this doesnt.
03rd October, 2014
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United States
Wonderfully smooth and powerful scent

I'm not very good at describing the notes (Killerscent's description of it is quite accurate), so can only share my overall experience with it. Upon first having it on my arm for the day, I found when I put my arm directly to my noise it smelled like tar, and not at all pleasant. I was not aware of a "tar" note in the scent, so decided to move on to other scents. I came back to it however, and found that from a distance, it was really nice and was changing. Now, I love it, it isn't too powerful, very "smooth" as someone else mentioned, and it is really just what I was looking for, a sensual date scent. The box that it comes in is a nice
Having read reviews that criticized the longevity, I became concerned with my recent purchase. Did I too make a bad decision?! Mind you this is my first parfum extract, so have nothing to compare it to in terms of longevity and projection. I put the fragrance on at about 9 in the morning, and it's 840 right now and my roommate can still smell it on me while having a normal conversation, from several feet away. She is very sensitive to smells, and she feels this is nice. It's not clogging up the whole room, but when I walk by she can definitely smell it. Also, when she moves in close she does like it. My own experience has been that I stopped smelling it hours ago, but now I'm starting to get hints of it as I'm moving around the house and paying more attention to it.
Like I said, I intended to get a nice scent to go on a date with, and I think this is it. I don't need something that projects across a room, just something for my girl to enjoy next to me. At 12 hours, this seems like it will do the trick. I don't know how long it will last total, but as of now it still smells fantastic. And the price is 225 for a 3.4oz bottle. Compare that to By Kilian's Rose Oud (something else I was considering... and still am) refill at 185 for 1.7oz, to me it's not overpriced if you like the scent. I am a novice to the whole thing, but I am very happy with Black Oud.

Pros: Good longevity, ok sillage, great packaging
Cons: price, not a powerhouse if that's what you are looking for"

27th August, 2013
Simple comfort to wear animalic oud scent
31st December, 2012
It starts quite alcoholic and spiced , with a soft frankincense .Then it develops to a sweet-rosey oud .Finally it dries down towards a kind of animalic sandalwood .
This reminds me of L'Air du Desert Marocain with a touch of oud .This is not dark nor black .
Longevity is regular , taking into account that this is an extract of parfum .
Over-priced for what it is , 200 eur .
05th June, 2012

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