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Avalon is a masculine fragrance by Murdock.

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Murdock London is a fairly new barbershop establishment in the UK, running right up against century plus-old names like Penhaligon's and Geo F Trumper, making take-home barber products and fragrances just like them. In some ways, Murdock London filled a void left by Penhaligon's when owners Puig took that brand far upmarket to focus on niche fragrances, gradually removing barbering services from its locations until it permanently closed the only remaining store still offering the brand's original barbering services (the Canary Wharf store). On the contrary, Murdock London eventually spread from its original Shoreditch location to several stores around London, before eventually offering its products abroad just like Penhaligon's and Geo F Trumper. The fact that this old-school traditional barbershop line and its products are not over a century old nor as of this writing hold or have held any royal warrants is not lost on the owner and founder Brendan Murdock, who is actually from North Ireland anyway. The whole point of the brand isn't to try being something it's not, but rather keep a loved tradition alive and give it a modern slickness that I'm guessing is made to be appealing for affluent men into postmodernism (aka "hipsters" as we like to call them here in the US). I'd say the tactic is working, and although I tend to scoff at the hubris and irony of hipster culture (you smelled one beard oil brand, you've smelled them all), I can actually appreciate what Murdock London is doing, especially here with its flagship scent, Avalon (2010). People in love with wet shaving smells and high-end brands related to that hobby are likely already well-acquainted with this brand or fragrance, so I may be speaking to the choir for some of you. For everyone else who is in the dark on this one, you may be interested if "proper gentleman's colognes" that have you "smelling like a man" are your thing.

Now Avalon by Murdock London is special, unlike the other serviceable and high-quality but slightly unremarkable fragrances I've reviewed from the line, because it is the scent found in the shave creams, pre-shave oils, after-shave balms, and beard shampoos the brand sells. Because of this, if you are a sucker for smell-matching grooming products to your daily fragrance, or layering them up for boosted performance, Avalon is what you want from this line. Additionally, Avalon is a quintessential British cologne for men, like the old stuff Geo F Trumper used to make (and still makes) in the primarily citrus and musks/woods/herbs style, thus being only a hop, skip, and a jump away from a true eau de cologne like 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by Muelhens (1792). The difference being with Avalon, just like the Trumpers of old, is adding a bit more sustain to the effort so the scent lingers throughout the day on skin, lapel, handkerchief, or corsage. Funny nowadays, a lot of luxury brands like Bond No. 9, Tom Ford, Creed or even the ascended Penhaligon's make you pay big bucks for this effect, and while Murdock London isn't exactly cheap at $115 for 100ml, it's a bargain comparatively speaking. The opening is lemon, orange, neroli, petitgrain, and rosemary. Right away you're in classic cologne territory, but deep down into the heart there is a faint lavender and geranium treatment that adds the clever bit of oomph that pushes the scent forward, with a modern base of linalool, ambroxan, and evernyl holding to skin. In the end, you get an "endless" bloom of natural neroli and petitgrain over the slightest hint of dry English lavender and geranium, which is subtle and quite lovely. Wear time is eight hours and sillage past the opening is properly cologne-like and therefore light. Best use is after a shave or as a signature.

What separates Murdock London's Avalon from cheaper affairs that attempt the same "extended cologne" feel a la Mugler Cologne (2001), Just Free by Luciano Soprani (2004) or Ferrari Bright Neroli (2015) is the use of natural neroli (listed in the ingredients) alongside other oils, plus natural lavender and an avoidance of generic soapiness. Yeah, the geranium and the musk profile in the base are synthetic, but they serve to extend the citrus profile rather than take over for it, so their presence isn't unwelcome. Maybe this bit of natural use is what bumps the seemingly costly-for-a-cologne price of Murdock London Avalon over the $100 mark, in addition to it's "Made in England" nature a la Roja Dove, something that has always incurred a premium in foreign markets, just ask anyone who collected imports of Beatles albums back in the day. Still, knowing this is a finishing touch to a grooming routine using the other products you're much likely to replace far sooner (and which themselves cost far less), Avalon seems fairly priced under that context, but you'd have to be "all in" for Murdock London as a preferred grooming brand (or collect several brands like some wet shavers do), in order for that value to manifest. As a wearable fragrance under its own weight, Avalon feels no more or less valuable than others from the Murdock range, and you'd soon see it as just another overpriced take on an eau de cologne. But Avalon, as -the- smell of a proper Murdock London haircut and shave from one of their UK barbershops, gains that bit of extra magic when used in conjunction with their other products to earn its keep. Under that lens, Avalon is the smell of a 21st century revisionist traditional UK barbershop done right, and I'm here for it. Thumbs up
11th July, 2021
Hazzle77 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Nice, fresh opening of lemon and cut grass but fades very quickly - still a good example of an English cologne
25th February, 2021
Not a particularly innovative fragrance, but a lovely summer citrus for warm Spring and Summer days.
30th January, 2021
Acceptable, not particularly distinctive. Light, lemony, a bit creamy.
24th July, 2012

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