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Eight & Bob (2012)
by Eight & Bob


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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According to the back story, this was created in 1937 by Albert Fouquet, and liked by JFK and Bob. Read more here

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United States
I really wanted to love this, and did at first. After wearing and enjoying it, nearly exclusively, for the better part of 6 months, I put it away for Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. Coming back to it after about a year-and-a-half, it leaves me feeling empty. There should be more there. I tend toward the more natural smelling scents now, and this just feels synthetic or something. I feel bad giving a Neutral rating but just can't give it a thumbs up.
01st December, 2020
The opening of 8&B is a little disconcerting: alongside the usual fleeting opening notes is a strong spicy gingerbread accord. It gives the impression of an "all-at-once" affect, like those food fights in movies where the protagonists just slam anything that comes to hand into the nearest face. There is then a thankfully brief hint of jellybean. That wears off quickly, but then the inevitable dawns: most of the reviewers here are right. At this point in history, E&B really does smell like any amount of contemporary cheap-and-by-numbers efforts. If we try it again in twenty years, will this association have dimmed? Perhaps.

To its credit, the base notes come through prominently and clearly, and it lasts well. I just can't think of a comparison it doesn't suffer from. For the list prices I can see, this is certainly an also-ran.
29th August, 2020
I don't care for the top notes here. It is a kind of nauseating sweetness. I'm not a huge fan of ginger mixed with bergamot, let alone straight up bergamot. This is rather sour, too.

Once the top notes settle it begins to improve. The bergamot evaporates. I begin to smell a powdery, floral wood (or woods). It becomes super dry. It's an almost potpourri accord... I get an almost heliotropin note as this settles. The base notes move in soon after. An emphasis on vanilla and sandalwood appear. Still, very dry. I think the ending leans more feminine, for me. Overall, not bad. Not worthy of more, however.
08th May, 2019
Sweet, soft, ultra modern.

In my opinion, this is a very generic fragrance that isn’t entirely masculine. This is very similar to reflection man.
Very linear, with the bubblegum note at the front the entire time. I don’t get much citrus, just sweet chewy bubblegum. This earns a negative review mostly because the price point and asinine backstory are laughable for such a generic cheap smelling fragrance.
17th December, 2018
EDP Version

The similarities to Fahrenheit 32 are initially very close but eight and bob is far denser and has a more linear dry down. What I mainly get is lemon and vanilla with hints of nuts (slight synthetic feeling but not annoying or plasticky), not in the same way as say chanel edition blanche either, more a sort of strange banana smell. Sounds weird but I really like this and it performs amazingly on my skin. Where as Fahrenheit 32 is a bit more floral and wispy in its dry down this one maintains its top and Base notes from start to finish, probably one of the most linear fragrances I've come across. Eight and Bob lasts around 10 hours on my skin with at least 5 hours of projection. I'd say this could be worn anytime of year and anywhere, a nice release and fun to wear.
12th December, 2018
A fresh, clean, soapy and salty blend which seems pretty synthetic. To me, this feels like the type of those mall scents which are neither good or bad, just cheap.
19th September, 2018

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