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JB (2010)
by Jack Black


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJack Black
PerfumerJerome Epinette

About JB

JB is a masculine fragrance by Jack Black. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette

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Jack Black is something of an entry-level store brand for Nordstrom in the US, but overall they are inhabiting a middle ground between apothecary/shaving brands like Art of Shaving and top designer fragrance lines for men. Previous selections were a part of various colored signature lines, most of which are discontinued outside of Jack Black Signature Blue Mark (2005), and the brand has since mostly moved on to cheaper body sprays (curiously housed in glass bottles for extra class to differentiate from Axe), but their JB (2010) eau de parfum seems to be their last foray into fine fragrance. Tons of comparions to Terre d'Hermès (2008) abound because there is so much connective tissue between it and JB, but if it is an attempt to shamelessly rip off the perennial best-selling Hermés masculine, JB is doing a bang-up job.

The opening of JB is pretty different from Terre d'Hermès to be fair, with eucalyptus and tangerine playing around with some black pepper, noticeably lacking any of the mineralic flinty accord so famously found in the Hermès scent. An elemi note with a very noticeable geranium emerges, recalling the later Creed Vetiver Geranium (2014) in the way it plays around with the opening fruit note. Things pipe down to a smooth patchouli and Iso E Super that swims around under the guise of "papyrus and blonde woods", which gives the greatest link to the Hermès scent people claim this copies, until the geranium returns to mellow this out with some late-stage coumarin, adding an almost fougère-like roundness Terre d'Hermès lacks. JB by Jack Black is quite good, and almost better than the Hermès if not for the dominating geranium turning this into an experience best explored by fans of the note. Wear time is over eight hours, and sillage is not a beast.

Like other Jack Black products, this seems most destined for the office, but can play dress up well enough for some classy dinner dates if necessary. Something like JB seems versatile enough to be a generalist, but you may prefer something more distinct for the extra-special occasions, and more dynamic for clubbing. This is one for the guys who already love the line but need something less ubiquitous in tone than the blue juice they offer, and for anyone looking into a lesser-known formal masculine in the wheelhouse of Houbigant Fougère Royale (1882) that isn't in the niche pricing realm but will punch into that class style-wise when worn around the right crowd. Of course, testing is a must because both eucalyptus and geranium are hit-or-miss notes with a lot of dudes, but I find it surprisingly solid enough for a recommendation. Jerome Epinette did a good job here, just don't tell comedian Jack Black that a Nordstrom store brand is stealing his thunder. Thumbs up.
11th September, 2019 (last edited: 26th September, 2019)
Another Jack Black fragrance that I am enjoying. Although not a listed note I smell petitgrain along with the elemi and geranium. A beautiful soft men's fragrance and I think it's FB worthy...VERY NICE!
27th December, 2018
A nice casual or weekend juice. It is pleasant. My neutral rating is due to the lack of longevity. Try before you buy.
23rd December, 2018
Cartier Roadster meets Terre d’Hermes, and I like it better than either.

The eucalyptus is fresh and green - not astringent - and my favorite part of JB. It lasts maybe 2 hours and you’re left with a dry down not unlike Terre d’Hermes.

It’s a tame fragrance, but lasts the work day. A nice office scent.

14th May, 2018
This scent kept grabbing my attention whenever I'd do my sampling rounds at the local Nordstrom. It's been displayed separately from all other fragrances, which is a remarkable way to draw curious people like me in. :^)

JB resonates with a pleasant aromatic pepper, eucalyptus and papyrus consstruction, accented very subtly by the other exotic (but hard to directly pinpoint) notes throughout the triangle. Sillage is just above skin scent, lest it is sprayed heavily all at once or in delayed layers (my personal preference).

Seems better suited for semi-formal occasions, given its elegant, intimate formulation. Not sure if the price is totally warranted, though it is an EdP. But IMO, I prefer JB compared to Jack Black's "Signature Blue Mark," which I have had a difficult time connecting with. YOU be the judge and give it an in-person sample.
17th March, 2018
An Awful Experience

This was a huge and disappointing blind buy that had me sending the bottle back to JB for a refund the day after I received and tried this fragrance. Especially since I've enjoyed JB's other fragrances, namely Black Mark. Upon spraying this on my skin I got an immediate burst of dry wood and mint. In fact the entire wear was way too dry with very few pleasant or interesting notes. It burned my nostrils when I smelled it even though it was not over applied. Late into the dry down I got a cloying stale perfumy sent that just hung around way too long. I know it's an EDP but even a tiny bit of this stuff was very unpleasant. I know I'm not alone being as others have called JB just plain awful.

Pros: None that I can find
Cons: Cons abound"

01st August, 2013

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