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Triomphe (2009)
by Rancé 1795


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Triomphe

Triomphe is a masculine fragrance by Rancé 1795. The scent was launched in 2009

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Reviews of Triomphe

Soon at the opening it seems immediately to deal with an ideal combination of 7 de Loewe, Terre d'Hermes (I get indeed cedary woodiness, earthiness, spicy orange and pepper), Le Male (a barely peeping out soapy/balmy synthetic muskiness), Lancetti IL (wet dusty amber) and Body Kouros, such like Triomphe ideally (probably also pratically) being a wonderfully synthetic and modern "follower" of the previously quoted earlier market sharks. Actually, since the year of launch is just 2009, this Rance's juice (despite pleasant) ends finally missing the "crisma" of originality and any real spark of innovation. I ask to myself....where is the problem? I don't see the problem, the huge universe is various, a perfumer must not be morally forced to fill his mouth up with the pretentious word of "Arte", lately an empty overused word here on Basenotes (the point is: you pretend to be an artist, I declare to do commercial yet "runned" stuffs, assume to be better than me but is just a vacuous supposition). Let's go back to the juice. Liquid Iso E driven frankincense, pepper, a touch of "bitter licorice-like" effect, mandarine, dusty-talky amber and unmistakable cedarwood unfold by soon their "swarming" vibe in this phase. In a few time the piquancy gets the stage becoming dominant, bitter/mild (better citric/mild) and mossy (with hints of synthetic ambergris, calone and galaxolide). I feel a lot the influence from mandarine, pepper and violet leaves which provide a sort of "bitter/red berrish" intense (almost juicy/candied) feel, overall surrounded by piquancy and sweet balmy synthetic-soapy muskiness. Well, along the dry down powdery woods (moderately sugary-talky) and musky-balmy vanilla jump definitely over the stage and the aroma turns out typically gymnic, still peppery, salty-sweet, calonic and synthetically "testosteronical", just another market attacker (really close to Le Beau Male in this phase) which is something legal and understandable, something far more acceptable (and probably honest) than all this "rhetoric of conceptual art" that is lately submerging Basenotes with its cliché of mediocrity. Madium rating under my profane (and proudly unpretentious) nose.
26th May, 2015 (last edited: 17th January, 2017)
Another son of the Almighty Pencil Sharpener cult! First let me point out that in my opinion, the composition listed above and elsewhere on the net does not look correct - at least not entirely. What I smell is a bold, sharp and (synthetically) crisp cedar note supported by a light and sweet olibanum breeze, blended with something sugary and a clean, slightly waxy iris/violet (synthetic) accord on a soft and mellow base of cozy and balmy woods. All sweetened by a peculiar, and fairly nice sort of sugary feel with a hint of licorice or anise. Imagine a pencil in a vase of flowers next to a glass jar of licorice wood sticks, that's Triomphe. A bit plain and lacking in "substance", and also fairly close to cheaper scents like Carbone by Balmain with a floral-sweet twist, but nice enough.

15th August, 2014
Warm apple? I just don't get it. The first initial spray is a bit confusing.. smells like a nuttier and darker version of Le Male, with an added anise note. It quickly settles into a soft floral/spicy blend. The rose note is most dominant to me. With a little bit of citrus, but not getting the apple here.

Triomphe smells very "perfumy" throughout, not so much in the first few seconds, but through most of the opening, and middle. Smells like a common feminine floral paper sample from a magazine. As it dries, a smooth vanilla note sits in the background, along with some jasmine and other floral notes; but the rose is always up front. The base definitley highlights the note of sandalwood, but it's all quite dull really. It's hard to detect this one after the first hour. It starts off strong, and I'm thinking it's gonna last and project, but it's really a skin scent, although the sillage is quite good, somebody will notice you if you are walking by them.

It is just ok to me.. very generic. The rose note is nothing special. The overall composition leans more toward the feminine side, but a man could pull this off as well.

Make sure to let this one do its thing on your skin, because the first few minutes smell NOTHING like the way this one turns out. It's amazing how some fragrances can do that. Starts off sort of dark, but within 2 minutes, it's very floral and light.
09th June, 2014
EdP formulation.
Opens with citrus and spice. Settles into a dry, dusky pepper note. Conveys a classy aura: well-blended, close to the skin. The florals are muted rather than foreground. Definitely a masculine style. HInt of wood and dry musk in the dry-down. For me, the pepper is the dominant note and I appreciate its dry spicy quality.
08th June, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Triomphe opens with a distinct warmed apple note. The apple is joined shortly afterwards by a nicely done natural incense-like cedar note rising from the base with sandalwood support. Any trace of the heart notes listed on the scent pyramid showing up in the composition eludes my nose, save a trace amount of jasmine that stays well in the background acting as a slight softening agent to the incense-like cedar as the lingering apple from the top notes finally disappears. Projection is minimal and longevity is very good.

Despite its lengthier list of notes in its published composition, Triomphe really is all about the warmed apple and incense-like cedar tandem. It either is a very minimalist scent or the other published notes are so subtle that they are barely detectable with the minor exceptions mentioned in the paragraph above. The notes that are present are all nicely-done and the composition is a good one despite being bare-bones. That said, I can't completely erase a voice in the back of my head that keeps nagging that there just is something missing here. In the end Triomphe is a fairly good but not great composition recommended for trial but not really a buy, earning 3 stars out of 5.
13th September, 2012

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