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Private Label (2011)
by Jovoy


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerCecile Zarokian

About Private Label

Private Label is a shared / unisex perfume by Jovoy. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Cecile Zarokian

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Niche GGA

Hoo hoo boy. I like this one. Its a leather patchouli wood. Its got vetiver, dry and stark. The labdanum gives this a bit of a booze aspect. In the heart, I don't see the note, but I feel some tobacco, or something interacting to give me that impression. Birch gives her a little smoke. Its good. Good strength, nice bottle. I'm impressed. My first Jovoy I've tried, and its a winner. Thumbs up.
07th September, 2020
One of the best nishe frags .high quality .very manly.
Its deep rich a little dark masculine fragrance.
Kinda boozy quality on dark vetiver over smoky leather, patchouli gives spicy herbal feel to it .so glad find one here in my collection.
13th December, 2019
For the first hour this stuff is stunning. An absolute beast. Lots of vetiver, patchouli and even though it isn't listed there is an incense note of some kind?? It's deep, dark and resinous. After the first hour it does tame. It is no longer the wild beast. But still projecting off the skin for several hours before becoming a strong skin scent.

Jovoy are a grown up fragrance house that makes opulent fragrances for the refined frag head. Here we have another success that just radiates off my skin.

On a separate note, I will add that Jovoy have some of the best presentation in the game. They are also super generous with samples.
01st October, 2019 (last edited: 05th July, 2020)
Being number 15 in a series of 16 reviews on critically acclaimed and noteworthy scents.

Private Label opens with an accord of what comes across as blackcurrant, incense and/or resin, and very dry woods, which might be a result of the vetiver or "papyrus". At this stage, it is nothing special and even somewhat medicinal. Once the heart notes are revealed, though, things pick up discernibly. There is a much better balance of the sweet and dry, with patchouli and leather coming to the fore and begging comparisons with the great Hermes leathers.

Unfortunately, the final act once ahain becomes medicinal and somewhat "meh". The overwhelming impression at this stage is of the somewhat dry sourness that a leather patchouli can reduce to. For those that like comparisons with their reviews, the fragrances that come to mind are Arso, Bottega Veneta, and Je Suis Un Homme. In fact, I'd rather go with any of those rather than Private Label, which suggests that, if this is niche, it's liable to stay niche. A fragrance for tryers rather than buyers.
09th January, 2017
As a rule, leather smells good, but some leather has a chemical smell as if something harsh was used instead of traditional processing, and that's the kind of leather smell I get from Jovoy Private Label, off-gassing chemical leather, and this is mixed with woody notes similar to what I smell marketed as oud in 2016. In the base, the best of the composition comes out, a light, woody soapiness.
16th October, 2016
I bought a bottle on the strength of a sample.

The sample had a cleaner smell, more woody. The bottle may have been stored differently - it's definitely more boozy liquorice note that I didn't initially like as much, but which dies down after a while into something still sweet but more woody and dry.

The first thing that struck me about this scent is how strong and distinctive it is.

I fairly doused myself with it this morning (about 6 or more sprays) because nothing I wear projects and usually dies within an hour or two. This is an exception. I was reaching across the room with this thing. So maybe not so much next time.

It is a lovely fragrance, very masculine to me. Very dry and yet sweet at the same time.

One comment was that it smelled like cedar balls placed in a cupboard. I hope it was that rather than naptha mothballs, though I could kind of get what he was saying if it was the latter.

Sandalwood was another comment.

I wouldn't blind buy this but for me it's highly recommended.

13th October, 2015 (last edited: 16th October, 2015)

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