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HiM (2012)
by Hanae Mori


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHanae Mori
Parent CompanyCosmetique et Parfum International

About HiM

HiM is a masculine fragrance by Hanae Mori. The scent was launched in 2012

HiM fragrance notes

Reviews of HiM

A crossbreed between Gucci Pour Homme II and Spicebomb. HiM may feel a bit lower-budget than either, but is also more striking, amping up the DNA to create a mass-appealing blast that's sure to get you noticed (especially if you get the well-performing EDP).

Not the most sophisticated cheapie, but a commendable one, nevertheless.
08th September, 2019
I am a simple man with simple needs. This EdP smells great, makes me feel powerful and gets me compliments, I recommend.
06th May, 2019
Xaterian Stormrage said it best, this smells like spicy chai tea with a sweet aroma from an apple pie. I think it smells best on a hot summer day.

08th April, 2018
A true autumn luxury. This is for the EdP formulation, as a forward to the review.

Opening scents are a creamy violet cinnamon, a richly layered combination-in fact, it's downright sensuous. A slight gourmand scent, but without any clear food images: perhaps a spicy chai tea, or a rich apple pie? Evocative of October evenings here in Wisconsin: notes of cedar bring to mind falling leaves and changing colors. As it dries down, it develops a smokey olfactory texture. I get bits of amber and tonka in the drydown as well-all scents work well in conjunction.

The projection is light to moderate: no more than an arm's length. Longevity is average for an EdP, it projects for 4-5 hours and then becomes a skin scent for another 2-3. Nothing to be disappointed about.

Of all the low-priced fragrances (at the time of writing, bought a 3.4 oz bottle for approximately $25 USD) in my scent wardrobe, this is the perhaps the best. Worthy of triple the current pricetag.

Don't let any naysayers detract you from this joyfully complex, wonderfully seasonal scent. Buy this EdP right away.


01st March, 2018
HiM has a lot going on in the opening with the citrus, cinnamon and sweet tonka. When I sampled this, that's what made me go buy a bottle, the opening. It really stood out as pleasant and unique among the other scents. The drydown is woody and amber-sweet but there are some other things happening that make it interesting. It's definitely a scent with many things to experience and smell throughout it's evolution.

Smells like a date night scent with the cardamom, tonka and amber, kinda warm and cuddly.

It projects really well and seems to last all workday.

13th January, 2018
A great woodsy/cinnamon male scent. Wife loves it. Should probably get the EDP (i have the EDT) as i wish it lasted longer.
01st December, 2017

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