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Join The Club : More Than Words (2012)
by Xerjoff


Join The Club : More Than Words information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Join The Club : More Than Words

Join The Club : More Than Words is a shared / unisex perfume by Xerjoff. The scent was launched in 2012

Reviews of Join The Club : More Than Words

2012 Rose Oud in the vein of Guerlain Songe and close to the Kajal Perfumes Paris Fiddah family. OK, however better service to this genre can be had with the Nicolai Incense Oud and certainly by the related Oud Sublime, which both, speak more, to an Aristocratic elegance.
17th December, 2019
Could a Montale perfumer be moonlighting for Xerjoff on this one? It’s a big, brash synthetic oud drenched in sour woody and syrupy rose-like floral notes pulled out of the bottom drawer. Underneath is a musky much of a muchness; I think an ambergris effect was being aimed at. More Than Words seems like an apt name – one does feel rendered a bit speechless by the gall. Subsides into a sweet ambery oud-type perfume of dull familiarity.
02nd December, 2019
The blend of oud and rose smells very good and the addition of the fruits spins it to another level. But it's not just that, as there are resins, spices and a slight incense note burning under the fruits. A couple of hours in and the oud is amplifying, it smell bitter which is contrasting well with the fruits. It's a bold perfume and the smell is addictive.
23rd May, 2019
Join the Club: More than Words notes: frankincense, labdanum, ambergris, fruity notes, woody notes, floral notes, oriental notes, agarwood

A fragrance dedicated to writers and poets, More than Words oddly does feel reflective and deep. I get the vision of an old-fashioned sit-down at a campus library somewhere, where a man or woman reads aloud their work to a group of eager, attentive listeners. Nothing fancy nor showy: Just a simple connection between speaker and audience.

Starts out with a strong citrus splash that instantly unveils a rich oud, reinforced craftily on its edges by pungent fruits, bright woods, and dark floral essences.
(Way later on the drydown and afterwards, all I smelled was a straight cedar-like, dry and slightly smoky oud; in my perception, it smelled like a slightly toned-down Sospiro Rosso Afgano.)

I'd classify this personally as a citrus-wood scent with a definite presence of agarwood (dry, aromatic, not perceivably barnyard nor antiseptic). In the end, this one has a Montale Aoud-like quality, fairly straight and to the point agarwood spruced up with pungence and even somewhat resinous as well (thanks to the olibanum).

I do enjoy this one, though it's not as moving to me as other Join the Club outings were. Overall, a simple, reflective EdP for men or women alike.

13th January, 2019
luxurious and opulent...another entry into the rose/oud scheme of things, but this one stands out to me...very Oriental...has the richness and exotic quality of an Amouage and that wonderful blending that brings the smell over in accords like a Terenzi...thick, dark intoxicating rose...a very decent oud note...projection is excellent...besides the oud , detect a nice woody backbone...a little touch of discreet wearing this...picked this one to add to my wardrobe over others in the rose/oud arena...
12th April, 2018
Definitely opens sweet- the "wow" comes on the dry down. This is simply a beautiful fragrance and a joy to wear. This is my first venture into a fragrance with a heavy rose note, and I think I started at the right place. Definitely a beast when it comes to projection- use sparingly if you choose to wear MTW in warmer weather.
01st May, 2017

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