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Gorse (2012)
by Laboratory Perfumes


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLaboratory Perfumes

About Gorse

Gorse is a shared / unisex perfume by Laboratory Perfumes. The scent was launched in 2012

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United Kingdom
I am not a fan of coconut in any form but using this note here works well; as in previous reviews definitely a note of the Caribbean, with a lovely citrus twist. Quite the cocktail fragrance.
22nd April, 2020
If you want to smell like a gorse plant, this is probably as close as you'll get. Gorse headspace is one flower that Roman Kaiser missed, but he wrote me that the important constituents are probably delta-decalactone and perhaps jasmin lactone. Those molecules (especially the former) account for the coconut type smell, which also seems to be the dominant note of this fragrance.

Laboratory perfumes, despite their name, claim their ingredients to be all natural and I guess that both the above odorants can be natural-derived from materials other than gorse, though they would be more expensive by that

I am personally not that keen on coconut type odours, hence my neutral rating, however it is nice to see a perfume with a some olfactory relation to its name, which is by no means always the case. The modest pricing (compared for example to Curacao Bay by Fath, a similar type of perfume) is another point in it favour.
06th October, 2019
This is the sort of scent i imagine wearing on a beach, minutes before diving into the water, probably while having a drink; and that's about it; it feels a bit too transparent and weak to wear anywhere else, as i dont imagine myself wanting to smell like a coconut at the office, nor anywhere else for that matter; not a bad scent, but not one that turns heads either; you just end up smelling, well, like a butttery coconut...
21st September, 2019
Wow. This stuff is incredible! I'm a big VIW fan and own a bottle but I had to give this a try, I'm extremely glad I did as it's VIW but in all aspects better.
It opens with a beautiful lemon freshness with subtle notes of lime that push through nicely with a coconut undertone sitting in the background.
As it settles in the coconut becomes more prevalent with the lime now sitting alongside the lemon with maybe a hint of leaf freshness although I'm not sure which.
During the dry down you get more of the scrumptious coconut (although that's really the Gorse plant which gives off a coconut scent)with the now subdued lime sitting behind it.
This is a Caribbean holiday in a bottle, a boozy Mojito on a beach.
Projection is excellent and better than my VIW and on me I get a soild 10 hours and my skin isn't the best usually for holding a scent.
Incredible juice. Just incredible.
20th June, 2019
Smells like VIW with lemon heads in the opening. The drydown has a little more florals but it’s pretty close to VIW throughout. I also get more lime in VIW which does help it lean a bit more masculine to me but again, Gorse is very close to VIW.

I get excellent performance as it projects and lasts all day.
26th August, 2018
This is a beautiful tropical fragrance that smells almost identical to Creed's Virgin Island Water. It mainly smells of coconut with lime and rum, and smells like that basically for the duration of the fragrance. The only difference between this and Virgin Island Water is a hint of the lemon note in Gorse (while Virgin Island Water is pure lime), so Gorse has an opening that smells kind of like 7Up with coconut rum (but the lime note is still dominant, and it smells very natural). Gorse is also slightly sweeter and a bit more gourmand than Virgin Island Water, and the texture of the juice itself resembles an eau de parfum more than an eau de toilette as it's advertised as (it's oily). As for longevity and projection, the sillage on this is moderate while longevity is actually better than Virgin Island Water at around 6 hours. Overall, it's probably the best tropical fragrance ever made in my opinion and is way better than Virgin Island Water (due to better performance with near-identical scent for far less price).

16th July, 2018

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