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Speakeasy (2012)
by Frapin


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerMarc-Antoine Corticchiato

About Speakeasy

Speakeasy is a shared / unisex perfume by Frapin. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Speakeasy fragrance notes

Reviews of Speakeasy

A nice alternative in the sweet tobacco genre, Frapin Speakeasy starts off with lime and orange, which, at first, I may not have pointed out myself, but I do sense both after smelling it for a bit. As it settles down, I get a little bit of the geranium but not much of the mint or other notes. And the base slightly reminds me of amber and musk but not much else beyond that. Certainly the sweetness is not cloying here---it's not vanilla, or honey, but rather a citrus that dries down to the amber and musk.

It's a pleasant blend overall, and likely to satisfy many. It's sweet, but not too sweet. It's bright, but not overwhelmingly citrus or floral, so it still has day/night and even some hot/cold versatility.

At $195 for 100ml (on Luckyscent), though, I'd still have to nearly love it in order to seriously consider buying it, and I'm afraid the citrus and tobacco combination far more pleasant for me in something light like Banana Repubic Black Walnut than a more serious attempt like this, though I did enjoy trying it.

7 out of 10
08th March, 2016
This is both fun and sophisticated, and you don't get both qualities in the same bottle very often. As a stone devotee of gourmands-with-a-twist (especially gourmand-Chypres), this hits my personal sweet spot. Its construction is solid: a bracing top of juniper and a lovely spearmint that cleanses but doesn't overwhelm, a honeyed, smoky, and slightly oaky heart like good whiskey dregs and a little pipe tobacco for good measure. There's some leather, but it's not a beast. It swings towards coca as it dries down. I'd like that opening blast to last a little longer, but I just put it on, and I might reconsider after a couple of hours. Sillage seems fairly low at this point. We'll see.

Edit on the longevity: this scent seems to have almost hit the rewind button, and started all over again. How lovely! And the musk is really warm, sexy and throaty now. The structure is still seamless. I could wear this. A lot. Definitely worth dropping money on a bottle.
22nd January, 2016
While the hordes flock to Humaniste or flee from Frapin’s two ugly ducklings—Paradise Perdu and 1697—the one scent that perfectly distills the competing desires of the line (to be popular like Humaniste AND innovative like Paradis Perdu and 1697) sits alone at the bar, unfairly neglected. Speakeasy is far too seldom spoken of, and that’s a shame because if the Frapin goal is to summon the sexiness of a bygone era when the rituals around boozing (leather armchairs, philosophical ruminations with a wise friend, smoke) were more important than the liquor itself, in Speakeasy Frapin has achieved, finally, its métier.

David Frossard, Frapin’s creative director, claims he intended to evoke in Speakeasy Bogart and Hemingway, a bygone era of the bar not as boozer but as philosophical retreat for men and women who viewed sensory pleasure and intellectual exploration not as mutually exclusive aims. Is it possible to attain all of this in a fragrance? If you’ve tried Speakeasy on your skin, you’ll know the answer. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a Frossard/Corticchiato classic, one of the best scents made for women and men in a very long time.
12th August, 2015
Just received my bottle and I love it! There in the beginning you get leather and booze followed by this cherry chapstick vibe; now the cherry chapstick vibe is not bad nor is it feminine, it brings out the leather in a weird kind of way;. This fragrance has the masculine almost smoky aroma with the fruitiness resting in the base. Great fragrance, with great longevity. Sillage and projection maybe a bit of a downer, however, still in the observation process.
24th April, 2015 (last edited: 11th May, 2015)
Smells of minty cocktails, faux leather and suede. The best part was probably the first 5 to 10 minutes when the perky waitress brought me the house special. Thereafter everything started to go hazy with whispered voices and snatches of conversation. Perhaps I should have sprayed this one on rather than sipped.
29th July, 2014
Speakeasy opens with a really pleasant accord of amber, earthy notes of patchouli and oak, edible fresh fruity notes, a chorus of flowers and Frapin's signature boozy vibe all around, almost sparkling and bubbling at very beginning, then still there but warmer and calmer, on a cozy discreet vanillin-woody base. One of the nicest openings among Frapin's line, and you can clearly recognize Corticchiato's style (big fan here) – that same Mediterranean feel with a dusty, coniferous mossy-chypre aftertaste, on a green base with nice, silky tobacco-hay-suede notes. Still, it kind of switches off all the lights pretty soon, "losing" all that clarity and soundness of the composition, becoming quickly a more undefined, generic, even a bit confused mossy-chypre delicate blend, with a liquid and subtle boozy feel. Not saying it's bad, just paler and in a way, more "washed down". A couple of hours, and even that is all gone. A promising opening and overall a nice scent, but still sometimes doesn't work for me.


21st May, 2014

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