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Cedrat Boise (2011)
by Mancera


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Cedrat Boise

Cedrat Boise is a masculine fragrance by Mancera. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Cedrat Boise

This is certainly powerful for a cedrat-driven scent. I have to say, though, I'm not sure I remember L'Occitane's cedrat EDT being ever so different from CD in its overall composition. Consistent, strong sillage, if that's what you're after. In my view, it's the cedrat note that sets this composition apart from cheaper scents.

It is a little disturbing that it stays fresh for quite this long. I find it linear, unremarkable, but there's something endearing in just how much Mancera has put in for the punters.
08th September, 2020
This is an absolute powerhouse of a fragrance.

Every time I wear it I get noticed and I get comments even so much that one of my work colleagues immediately went out and bought a bottle of this after smelling it on me.

It's bold, smokey, a little fruity at the start, and on me carries quite a medicinal note. It is a little linear after the opening but given how solid a performer it is, I'd simply be nit picking to criticise it for that.

I would't know how close Cedrat Boise is to Aventus because I've never compared the two. Regardless I'd rather have a bottle of this monster performer any day.

Also just an additional note to point out how nice the bottle feels in the hand. Nice solid bottle with a cool feeling metallic cap, all delivered in a nice Montale/Mancera style carry pouch.

Lovely stuff.
10th June, 2020
Very pleasant woodsy lemon - very wearable and versatile but not as interesting as the note listing and hype seem to suggest - I donít get much of the florals or blackcurrant - I just get more lemony wood in the dry down. Itís still nice though and avoids smelling like a cleaning product (which most lemon scents donít.) The absence of the fruity florals leave it a bit wanting though to be bottle worthy.
03rd April, 2020
Creamy, buttery lemon.

Lasts all day, with 2-3 sprays.

And on my clothes in the mornin'.

Great juice, the wife loves it. The only gripe would be that it's fairly linear.
04th December, 2019
This has to be the most outrageously misrepresented fragrance I've ever come across.
All the reviews are constantly comparing this to Aventus. It has absolutely NOTHING in common with Aventus. I can understand when people lump other fragrances like Pineapple Vintage, Zara Vibrant Leather, Mont Blanc Explorer etc into the category of Aventus. Those fragrances definitely are in a similar class and share a similar DNA.
However, MCB is a much darker, richer, heavier fragrance that has more in common with Chanel Coromandel and Allure Edition Blanche, than any resemblance to Aventus.
Also, MCB is a leather fragrance. The leather is quite sharp from the start and settles down to a more suede and ambery, woody vanilla in the drydown.

I almost feel guilty for even mentioning Aventus in this review, because these two fragrances shouldn't be appearing in any sort of list together. But sadly, it's so commonly compared to Aventus that I feel that the myth needs to be thoroughly dispelled.
I also feel like this is some sort of test to allow us to more easily identify the hype gallery amongst the community. If you're saying this smells anything like Aventus, I think you need to spend a little more time trying other fragrances and less time reading reviews. I'm not sure what started this thing with drawing parallels to Aventus, but it needs to stop. Was its original formulation more similar? I have no idea, but the one I have is not even in the same category.

This all said. MCB is not a bad fragrance. Just don't expect it to be anything like what all the frag bros harp on about.
I do like Coromandel and Allure Edition Blanche. MCB sits more alongside them. It's not a bright, fresh, open fragrance. It's darker and richer.
22nd November, 2019
Opens with a tropical fruitiness which is a combination of smooth sweetened lemon and bergamot sharpened with a spritz of blackcurrant. I can see how this accord is reminiscent of pineapple, but for the Aventus lovers out there, it isnít obviously pineapple and there is no smokiness whatsoever. It then has white florals as a bridge to the smooth woody/musk base.

Too be honest... despite already getting compliments on it... itís not really my thing. I feel like I have betrayed the niche gods by dabbling in the dark designer arts.

Recommended for niche lovers looking for something more designer, generic leaning and socially acceptable, when Muscs Koublai Khan or Fumerie Turque isnít appropriate.
11th October, 2019

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