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Spirited (2013)
by Perry Ellis


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePerry Ellis
Parent CompanyFalic Group

About Spirited

Spirited is a masculine fragrance by Perry Ellis. The scent was launched in 2013

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Perry Ellis Spirited Review:

This fragrance opens up with a red apple note, with a hint of ginger sitting behind it. The apple is strong and dominates the opening. It's also a bit sharp to my nose. Certainly not a terrible fruity note though. The red apple then begins to mix with the peppery and woody notes. It makes for a very masculine and fruity smell. This is a pleasant enough scent that will certainly get the job done. At the same time, don't expect it to exceed any of your expectations.

For my personal tastes, this fragrance really doesn't do all that much for me. I think there are far better cheapies out there. That being said, you could also do a lot worse. I would recommend this to someone who really loves red apple notes in fragrances.

Best Age Group- 20's
Best Season(s)- Spring/Summer
Occasions- Casual, Work
Projection/Sillage- Moderate
Longevity- 8 Hours
Smell- 5.5/10
Overall- 6/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy
22nd July, 2021
As mentioned by others Spirited starts out like a nicer version of Red Delicious for Men but quickly turns into a synthetic melange of familiarity found in so many frags geared to the younger crowd. Purchased blindly and it's ok as a bargain purchase but it's not something I want to wear often.
10th May, 2019
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United States
I didn't get a Red Delicious Men quality from this one, unlike the other two reviewers. Instead, it's got a vegetal quality one finds in Egoiste Platinum, but that doesn't last long. There's some fruitiness, woodiness, and musk. I didn't get much in the way of spice, nor is there ever much tonka (and it's not sweet). However, after an hour or so the wood totally dominates, and it's quite dry. Overall, I don't think you can expect it to be more natural-smelling at these prices. And I think it would be great for layering purposes. So, I can certainly see why an aficionado might think this one is boring, but it has its uses for some of us, and if you want a cheap but decent dry wood scent (that lasts and isn't overloaded with obvious aroma chemicals) you might be surprised at how well this one fits the bill!
30th November, 2018

The opening vaguely reminds me of DKs Red Delicious except that I actually enjoy the top notes in this one, where I thought DKs Red Delicious was horribly synthetic. The apple accord in Spirited is the dominant characteristic of the fragrance: a definite apple note not screechy tolerably synthetic and the ginger adds a lot to the apple accord. The opening has perhaps the most sillage of the levels, and it also exhibits decent longevity.

The heart notes are rather generic, but in a non-annoying way I cant differentiate the sage from the openings ginger and, as usual for me, I dont smell the pepper. Also, I dont really notice the sandalwood, but still, the middle accord is enjoyably mediocre.

The bases wood notes are quite synthetic, but in a non- annoying way. It grows sweeter as it goes along. It has fairly good lasting power, but its projection is below normal.

Spirited reminds me of many other Perry Ellis fragrances in that it is pleasant, uninspired, and competent. Its meant for the younger crowd and, is an ok fragrance for its price.
17th November, 2017
Pleased to be the first to review this completely mediocre fragrance. Let me start by saying I love the bottle, It's mostly red, sprayer works great. I got the 1.7 oz, and it's not a bulky awkward shaped bottle, it fits nicely in the hand and even better on the shelf. I paid about 11 bucks for my bottle on fragnet, it's a tester, brand new of course.

Onto the scent.. This one really opens up like DKNY Red Delicious for men, a little more bland though, a little less of a juicy apple note. After a couple seconds I get some ginger, but not much. After about 10 minutes, I'm left with a very mediocre sandalwood/pink pepper combo, the same one that's been done to death in 20 other Perry Ellis men's fragrances. Very generic dry down, as I would expect from this brand.

Usually Perry Ellis does pretty good top notes, that only last a few minutes, and boring dry downs. The quality of their stuff though is better than a lot of designers, but they seriously lack in longevity and projection, and Spirited is no exception. 4 hours tops with longevity. Which by the way, it becomes more sweet with the tonka bean later on (but very faint), projection is close to average, but slightly below.

Conclusion.. if you can get a bottle for 10-15 bucks, it's a deal. If not don't bother. This a good scent to grab when you want something that's not entirely generic, because it is a little bit different, but you don't want your fragrance to last too long. Let's be honest, we love great longevity, but a lot of us love short lasting fragrances too, to fit the occasion. I have a couple in the 4 hour category, and this is one of them.
28th October, 2015

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