Furze (2012)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
PerfumerSimon Constantine
Parent CompanyLush

About Furze

Over the shoulders and summits of heathlands, a yellow sundress moves with the breeze. Never out of fashion, gorse flowers beam in all seasons; they festoon hedgerows, carpet roadsides and reclaim derelict land, loudly proclaiming their place in your journey with heady notes of coconut and buttery vanilla. Furze encapsulates this hazy warmth in oozing essential oils: sweet, honeyed neroli and lightly floral, woody mimosa. The prickly thorns of gorse are here, in green notes lying on the perimeter, but their presence is welcome. They are an enshrouding guard to allow buttery, blossoming moods to rise unsullied.

Furze fragrance notes

Reviews of Furze

How odd! I love it. It's both fresh and sweet. Flowery, aqueous and spicy. It's not cloying. You get a lot of coconut, but it's green. If there's anything like a green coconut flower fragrance, that's it. I smell sugar cane as well, and the mix of everything makes you think of mimosa. Projection and longevity are amazing.

Edit : There might be some almond as well, as it occurred to me it smells more like Playdoh than Demeter’s Playdoh. Still excellent.
05th May, 2017 (last edited: 07th February, 2018)
Ok so this is an interesting one!

Furze isn't a perfume I initially liked, and even now I don't feel all that easy with it. It's a very heady, strong mix of Mimosa (strong floral) mixed with Neroli (soapy smell), and raw Coconut (sweet & sour smell), followed by Vanilla (buttery creamy smell), and if that isn't enough to clash... I don't know what is!

That being said, I have started to get used to this one. As others have said, it has a distinct "suntan lotion" smell (from the coconut + vanilla). To me, this scent is like a mix between citrus and milk, or butter and soap. It's like it's almost rich and creamy but at the same time green, sharp and floral with bitter citrus.

Furze is inspired by the plant alternatively known as "Grouse" or "Broom", and the story goes that these plants (I have not smelled them myself) are essentially hillside bushes that have protective powers and value as ancient herbs etc. I also read that Simon Constantine wanted to create with this the English equivalent of the French "fougère" or "Fern" note (although this time inspired by an English shrub). It is said the flowers of this bush have a smell like that of sharp Coconut and Vanilla, and it would seem that is what he was going for here.

Either way the longevity and projection are amazing, this thing lasts on me over 20 hours and I can even smell it the next morning. I think all Lush scents come in Eau de Parfum if not pure Perfume concentration.

A bright, citric, creamy, buttery, milky, soapy floral. I can't really describe it any better than that. Try it!
12th July, 2014
Green Coconut & Vanilla.

This is an unusual greenish, fig-like coconut, eventually drying down to a soft vanilla. Projection is low, & it lasts around six hours before fading.

lt's a nice, kind of tropical beachy scent, but l can't help thinking this would be more suited to a body product than a perfume.

07th June, 2013
Creamy mimosa!

This is a gorgeous mimosa scent. Furze is a very creamy and faintly powdery mimosa sprinkled with sweet coconut. Yes I know mimosa is not listed here nor is it the highlighted note on Lush's website (I'm sure that will be corrected soon enough) but mimosa absolute is among the top ingredients of this gorgeous perfume! Furze is my new mimosa love outside of L'Occitane's. I am so happy! This is MUCH better than Caron's Farnesiana! Yes, I said it. And it has great longevity too. 
It is only available in 15 Lush stores in North America and I believe also on their website. If you love mimosa like I do, you owe it to yourself to try this beauty!

Pros: It's very existence
Cons: None

17th May, 2013

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