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Tommy Bahama for Him (2013)
by Tommy Bahama


Tommy Bahama for Him information

Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTommy Bahama
PerfumerIlias Ermenidis
Parent CompanyGemini Cosmetics

About Tommy Bahama for Him

Tommy Bahama for Him is a masculine fragrance by Tommy Bahama. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis

Tommy Bahama for Him fragrance notes

Reviews of Tommy Bahama for Him

Tommy Bahama for Men is an instant classic, an aquatic summer scent that will stay in my wardrobe and get purchased regularly whenever I see it without a second thought. This stuff is simple, projects beautifully and lasts all day, and I can't tell you how many beautiful ladies close their eyes and compliment me when I wear this. Women love this scent.

The initial notes give off pear, apple, musk and a hint of amber and lavender. A very aquatic, oceanfront smell that is both youthful while being mature, sporty without the citrus and summery without the sweetness. Its perfect. It is nearly identical to Nautica's 'Voyage', before its weaker reformulation. This is the original, full strength, eight hours plus classic Nautica 'Voyage' with great projection and moderate sillage.

As it calms down, the apple, lavender and musk notes settle in, and it projects and lingers everywhere you go. Tommy Bahama fragrances usually don't last very long or project very well at all, but this stuff is breathtaking. Simple, but very effective and easy for anyone to love.

The base of musk, amber and hints of pear, apple and woods carry on for a good 7-10+ hours of longevity with eight to ten sprays (chest, shoulders, neck and wrists). I smell it on my pillow, clothes and jackets for several days and women love to smell it on their sheets, skin and clothes after date night.

I'm so glad I finally decided to try this masterpiece out, it is an essential classic in my book and an absolute must have spring and summer scent for any serious fragrance collector. If you love Nautica 'Voyage', you will love this. Highly recommended.
06th August, 2019
This scent stays absolutely true to the Tommy Bahama name. I can only imagine it being worn outside on a hot day on the beach while engaging in relaxing activities that involve drinking copious amounts of tropical adult beverages. For that, it's absolutely perfect. Anywhere else and it would be oddly out of place.

This is similar to Nautica Voyage but, whereas Voyage is an austere oceanic fragrance with little play to it, Tommy Bahama for Him adds a strong, sweet fruit note that reminds you you're having a good time drinking a margarita by the ocean, not hoisting a mainsail out on the ocean.
20th June, 2019
I gave this a few solid wearings to be sure, to be fair--but ultimately I didn't like it. It does open with a watermelon-ish, tangerine-ish candy vibe that goes from Jolly Ranchers to SweetTarts fairly quickly. Reminds me of that time in the '90s when I briefly owned Joop! (I'm sure it doesn't smell exactly the same, but it's the same overall impression--why would a guy want to smell like this?) There are some odd notes, something a bit rubbery for lack of a better term, lurking under the surface. When it does even out, it has mostly faded down to almost imperceptible--and it's not that strong to begin with, like most of the Tommy Bahama line. For me, that's not a problem with St. Kitts because the original scent is perfect, and I do not need to blast everyone in the room with what I'm wearing. Maritime Deep Blue is stronger, but these are still basically EdC/skin scent level. Tommy Bahama for him isn't that great to start with and the sweet spot is gone before you know it.

I debated on giving away the rest of the bottle, but I think I will keep it around. I wouldn't rebuy, and will use sparingly--I see it having limited use for summer outings, and yes, the overall vibe is fairly fun (and somewhat different/unique, though I don't particularly care about uniqueness--I'd rather have something useful), but TB for Men is not well accomplished enough to be compelling. Stronger, longer-lasting, more even-keeled, and I might have had a different judgment. This is based on getting a $20 bottle at a discounter, as well--at full price, very much not worth it.
31st January, 2019
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
This fragrance to my nose is a mix of the melon in Kenneth Cole Reaction, the airy(and somewhat synthetic)aquatic vibe of Nautica Voyage and the sweet citrus/floral of Lacoste L-12 White.

Yes, I get all these elements mixed into one delicious, tropical fruit melange that is slightly thicker and heavier than the typical entry into this genre. It's also very long lasting. Great job T.B.

23rd September, 2015
I find it to be very refreshing...the scent lingers for a long while and seems to have a lot of admirers...
23rd July, 2015
Opening reminds me of Polo Black or Double Black. A sickly sweet fruit combination but with melon rather than mango and TB adds a tropical spice. There's something to this that is likeable, but it wouldn't be anything I'd wear beyond a summer vacation or picnic dinner. It does have the TB Caribbean vibe, but the fruit is way too sweet to my liking and it's not very versatile IMO.
07th April, 2015 (last edited: 08th April, 2015)

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