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Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentration is a masculine fragrance by Worth.

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Reviews of Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentration

Worth pour Homme Haute Concentration (1980) is a higher-powered variant of Worth pour Homme (1980) released simultaneously with it, and also composed by Odette Breil-Radius. I touched more upon the history of The House of Worth and the lead-up to the release of Worth pour Homme in my review for it, plus the aftermath of the house itself entering "zombie mode" as a standalone perfume label when the original couture establishment shuttered, so if you want all that fluff I suggest moseying over to that review. Here, I'll just touch upon what Worth pour Homme is and how this Haute Concentration variant differs. The context is easy to discern, since Worth as a perfumer needed something more competitive in the ever-changing men's market, and chose to ride the coattails of Paco Rabanne pour Homme (1973) as so many did into the late 70's and early 80's. Worth pour Homme is a soapy clean oakmoss fougère just like the Paco Rabanne, but separates itself by having less sweetness, more aromatics, and a dollop of leather, feeling more conservative as a result and fitting right in with the British gentleman vibe of a house with UK origins. The Haute Concentration variant is the equivalent of a modern-day "Intense", "Extrême", or "Eau de Parfum" in that it isn't just a stronger Worth pour Homme, but also has some points of difference, although those points of difference are more subtle than modern-day equivalents which sometimes present entirely different fragrances as EdP or intense varieties of something else.

Worth pour Homme Haute Concentration opens up a little different than the original-strength Worth pour Homme, with even less similarities to Paco Rabanne pour Homme. The soap factor of the dihydromyrcenol is considerably curbed back, and the citruses are equally muted in favor of more burly assortments of rosemary, petitgrain, and dry lavender, all of which transition more quickly to the rich heart. Here, you'll find geranium sharing space with muguet but the higher eugenol dosage shifting what was a carnation note to instead feel more like clove. The pine is given added heft with notes of balsam fir, although the castoreum leather is still very slight, made even slighter thanks to a bigger dose of oakmoss that comes to dominate the dry down. Flanked with amber, tonka, and other woody notes like the original Worth pour Homme, the extra-mossy base of the Haute Concentration takes the scent into a darker, more brusque, and suitably manly direction, but doesn't destroy the stately poise of the original composition by tossing in virile animalics, meaning this still wears very politely on skin. Projection is not considerably greater but the advantage here is the tenacity of oakmoss, obviously meant to last longer and cut through the smoke of clubs in the time period before smoking indoors was banned, making Haute Concentration the Worth pour Homme of choice in colder weather or when other smells in the room threaten to encroach upon your ability to enjoy your own fragrance.

Otherwise, Worth pour Homme and Worth pour Homme Haute Concentration are situationally the same, and are to be used whenever a drier, classier, more resolutely-masculine aromatic fougère is in order. As with Worth pour Homme, there are two major production variants of the Haute Concentration which you can read more about in detail with my review of the standard Worth pour Homme, but the differences between what is effectively pre and post Shaneel Enterprises Ltd product is less-pronounced in the Haute Concentration. Mainly, this is because Shaneel Enterprises Ltd didn't really do much but run out pre-existing bottle stock of Worth pour Homme Haute Concentration by filling them with a slight reformulation that tones down the leather even more (probably eliminating castoreum for a synthetic substitute). This slight change bumps up the soapiness a tad, and these bottles can be distinguished from their older cousins because they are missing the blue surround that was used to cover a built-in sprayer, plus they state "made in England" and have a cheap brass cap covering the now-naked spray head. Both versions of Worth pour Homme Haute Concentration are very deep and mossy compared to the original Worth pour Homme, but the Shaneel Enterprises Ltd bottles are a bit cleaner in smell. Whichever version you choose, it's well worth it if you like classic fougères, especially for fans of aromatic "clean and groomed" smells with a nice masculine heft that is getting harder to find. Thumbs up.
29th September, 2020
Worth pour Homme haute concentration is one of my favorite colognes of all time. To be clear, though, I wear the haute concentration that comes in the red and blue paisley box - it smells much richer than the original eau de toilette in the green box, which I also like. FYI, they still sell Worth Pour Homme but they changed the packaging and changed the formula. It now smells like a dryer, cheaper version of Paco.
This started when they were selling the haute concentration with no box - if you see it advertised as unboxed or with the new blue box, be advised that you will not be getting the original Worth pour Homme fragrance, you will get something far inferior. The reason is that Parfums Worth is no longer made in France and the current British company that owns the brand has completely changed the formula - very disappointing!

Worth Pour Homme haute concentration is a truly classic 80's power scent! It's refreshing, masculine, classy and distinctive, without being overpowering like some 80's scents. This can be worn on any occasion - casual, dress, romance, formal. This scent is timeless and always makes a favorable impression on the ladies. Worth Pour Homme haute concentration is truly magnificent!
20th January, 2018
Stardate 20170210:

First the versions.
There are 2 -
1st Version - Paisely box blue cap dark juice
2nd Version - No box , golden cap, light juice

1st Version is a higher conc of original Worth PH in Green bottle (not the one that is out there in transparent bottle)
Original Worth PH is a masterpiece so if you can't find it get the Haute one with paisely box. Still available on eBay for $50 or so and is very similar to the masterpiece.

2nd Version is nothing like original Worth or 1st version of Haute.
It is a different scent (perhaps like the reformulated Worth PH - which I have not tried)
But it is good. Will remind you of PRPH vintage juice and this is on eBay for $10 /50ml. So just get it
10th February, 2017 (last edited: 11th April, 2017)
Delicious, soapy fragrance with a classic, old-school feel. The listed notes of lavender and moss seem to fit. It reminds me of vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme.
13th October, 2016
This is an amazing scent! I was fortunate to acquire a vintage bottle. It comes in the red and blue paisley box. The bottle is a square column with scalloped ridges.
The notes of this are similar to Worth PH -- the only real addition is more conifer (fir in the base). But the style of Haute Concentration is definitely of another time. The mosses (not listed) give a real old-school heft, and they give the dry-down that languid, romantic aura which cannot be replicated with synthetic moss substitutes. The depth and clarity of the notes here make the regular (or reformulated) Worth PH seem shallow in comparison.
I submit that this *IS* a stronger, more substantial version of Worth PH.
01st September, 2014 (last edited: 08th October, 2014)
I do not understand this fragrance at all. I was expecting a stronger version of Worth pour Homme, which I like a lot, but instead I got this weaker fragrance that is quite different.
They might share some notes, but the feeling is completely different, actually this scent reminds me Paco Rabanne pour Homme, but it is not as good and neither has the sillage nor the longevity of PRpH.
So, what is the point? It's not a "Higher concentration" of WpH as its name suggests, and is a weak copy of Paco Rabbane. If you have PRpH, you not need this at all, or if you are looking for a stronger version of Worth pH, this is clearly not the answer.
It gets a thumbs down from me because I think it is pointless, but since I like the fragrance after all, I'll promote it to a weak neutral.
28th February, 2014

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