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Eros (2013)
by Versace


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAurélien Guichard
PackagingDonatella Versace
Parent CompanyEuroitalia

About Eros

Eros is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Aurélien Guichard. The bottle was designed by Donatella Versace

Eros fragrance notes

Reviews of Eros

2 sprays and you will be transported back in time to your early teens, you know, the insecure glory days.

Hanging out at the donut shop, sporting tight trousers and applying half a can of Axe body spray with an itchy trigger finger. Good times.

0 stars.
16th September, 2020
A remarkable fruity and crisp apple with cooling mint at the beginning, and then the appearance of aromatic Tonkabean and the alluring sweetness of Vanilla.
One of the best creations of Aurelian Guichard.
17th May, 2020
A beast mode fragrance, minty with incredible performance!
27th March, 2020
Yeoubi Show all reviews
United States
This is the scent that got me into fragrances. I never bothered learning about them prior. My friend just smoked a joint and I picked him up to go to the gym. He had then just sprayed something on him. It smelled sweet and fresh at the same time, it was amazing to me. I asked him what it was: he told me, "Versace Eros". Showed me his 1.7 oz bottle. I immediately bought a bottle when I got home later that night. I knew nothing about how popular it was or when you were supposed to wear it, but I loved it and still do to this day. The mint and apple in the opening is beautiful to me and the slightly woody vanilla in the sweet dry-down is addictive. I don't really like overly sweet smells in general, but this kind of sweet if you don't over-spray is a really tolerable enjoyable amount.

Longevity of my batch from 2019 is great, I find that the consistency of both the old and new batches carry and maintain a great longevity, for me its always around 8-10 hours.
Projection is WELL-above average for a edt. Its great and definitely will project and get you compliments.

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10
Projection: 9/10
Versatility: 7.5/10 (I love the scent, but I don't think I would wear it as an everyday scent, you probably could though as depending on how much you spray)

Recommend? YES 100%
20th January, 2020
This scent thoroughly flummoxed me - through two edits, I started an annoyed neutral, went to an outright thumbs down and now I'm back to a thumbs up with some caveats.

The best way I can describe this fragrance is to compare it to a Roald Dahl book - it's a big friendly giant. There is nothing subtle or understated about it, especially in the base which is big, boorish and sweet in an endearing way.

For some reason, the first night I tried this the tonka, ambroxan and vanilla were utterly overwhelming and that formed a negative impression I've struggled to recover from. It was unseasonably hot, so that could have been the impetus for my initial ire. I also really struggle to pick out the cedar notes, which is seriously disappointing to me as I'm a huge cedar fan.

Having said that, at the right time and in the right setting, this is a lot of fun. Two sprays only for clubbing or date night, especially in colder weather.

It's a shame the opening doesn't linger a bit more, as I found it to be bright, lively and on the pleasantly sweet side - the dry down is heavy and heady, which normally isn't me at all, but I've come to appreciate this for what it is.

Given the fair price of admission, thumbs up.
26th October, 2019 (last edited: 23rd November, 2019)
Its got a sweet ambroxy vanilla mint thing going on. It is gaudy in bottle and scent. It really does smell quite good, and people like the smell of it in general. Good lasting power and powerful projection. Feels juvenile and unrefined.
09th October, 2019

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