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Rouge Avignon (2013)
by Phaedon


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPierre Guillaume Diffusion

About Rouge Avignon

Rouge Avignon is a shared / unisex perfume by Phaedon. The scent was launched in 2013

Rouge Avignon fragrance notes

Reviews of Rouge Avignon

alexmate Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Fragrance in three words: Dusky Raspberry Rose.

There's something about this I find both obnoxious and seductive. I see the same qualities in TF's Ombré Leather (2018).

Rouge Avignon has a strong jammy sweet rose, comparisons to Turkish Delight are spot on. It reminds me a bit of Joop! Homme (1989) in terms of sweetness. Mixed in with the rose is a powdery raspberry. It is sweet, but not an ultrabright candy raspberry like you might find in the DKNY Be Delicious range.

I get some really nice dark cocoa, but it sort of gets lost as does the smokey vetiver. The bit I don't like is the way the (black) musk mixes with a powdery amber. I find the way it contrasts against the sweetness really jarring to the point of headache inducing. I'm not sure why as I really enjoy Joop, A*Men and Prada Amber Homme which can be offensively sweet at certain times so who knows.

Value: UK Price (January 2021) is £125 for 100ml EdP. This is affordable and puts it in the same price range as Tom Ford's Signature line.

The sillage is on the heavy side on my skin. Longevity was 8 hours+, which is excellent.

This fragrance isn't for me so scores a neutral 6.5 out of 10.

Source: 1ml sample from Bloom.
05th January, 2021
Rouge Avignon was a treat to behold and let go of.

When I blind bought this I assumed I would get a dark jammy, sweet, slightly smoky fragrance that would knock my socks off.

Well, it knocked my socks off but not in a good way. Rouge Avignon was toothache sweet, rosy, and chocolatery from the cacoa. Although there is raspberry listed in the note breakdown, I didn't detect any.
The amber that smelt like honey came out from hiding along with the musk that was very subtle and quiet. As the fragrance evolved, the vetiver emerges as did the ylang-ylang.

I'm not sure if I could bring myself to wear this as is was too feminine for my taste. The initial spray was a very sweetly rose that seemed to remain throughout, although other notes presented themselves. In terms of gender, simply feminine. (wear what you like, but for me...)

Not a fragrance that caused me to want to rush out and purchase. I wished there was some Agarwood or even some Sandalwood added to this to calm/tone the rose down slightly? Maybe adding Agarwood or Sandalwood would add depth and cast a darker edge to the composition.

In no way did this remind me of Tabac Rouge though they share a similar portion of name...

Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
Silage: 7.5/10
Performance: 7/10
Overall: 7/10
05th May, 2019
This is really nice. Very middle eastern. If I was to describe this juice to someone I would say "Turkish Delight wrapped in chocolate suede".

Longevity, projection and sillage are impressive.
09th December, 2017 (last edited: 24th September, 2018)
A sweet touch of spiced rose and raspberry jam at the top takes the opening ever so slightly into gourmandish territory but on skin Rouge Avignon settles quickly into a cozy fuzzy-musky fragrance built around a tenacious base of warm amber and creamy sandalwood.

Nothing groundbreaking by all accounts. But when a fragrance hugs you like a soft cashmere sweater in the autumn chill you know you have a winner on your hands.
27th February, 2017
Phaedon Rouge Avignon seems to be a bit polarizing, but I definitely like a lot overall. As a man that enjoys rose and sweet fragrances, I enjoy RA as a sweet rose fragrance that, while perhaps smelling a little bit like a designer cheapie, is fresh and delightful and seems to occupy a much more space than many of the rose fragrances that are harshened by oud or tobacco, and while some of those are done masterfully, it's hit-or-miss.

It's fairly unisex in my opinion--men that like rose might like this as I do might like this, but men and women in general might each find it interesting.

Performance is very good on those, slightly above average for an EDP. Still, the pricing ($160 for 100ml, which seems to be Phaedon's standard for EDP) is a little prohibitive, as I see myself having limited uses for this, so I'd pursue a smaller quantity if at all. Still, very nice and a lovely wear.

8 out of 10
06th January, 2017
This is a pleasant semi sweet musky floral scent with some woodsy notes as the backbone of the fragrance but it has a completely familiar vibe.

At the opening I can smell a strong woodsy note right in your face that has a synthetic vibe and smells kind of like oud (is that Hinoki Wood?!) while semi sweet rose and musk surrounding it.

As time passes scent gets a little better where sharp woodsy note settles down and it gets sweeter plus stronger rose and now I can smell a pleasant mellow raspberry beside this sweet floral musky and slightly woody scent.
Smells nice. I admit that. but there is nothing to get excited about.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin.
26th April, 2015

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