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Noble Leather (2013)
by Yves Saint Laurent


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseYves Saint Laurent
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > YSL Beaute

About Noble Leather

Noble Leather is a masculine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. The scent was launched in 2013

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United Kingdom
there is indeed a leather note in the opening blast, quite dark and somewhat smoky leather, but without the gasoline I get, for instance, in Knize Ten.

Very soon a smooth saffron is added, which takes over as the most prominent component. At this stage the leather has lost its edge, and softened considerably; it morphed into a suede-like impression that she all the smokiness of the earlier moments.

Later on a sweeter vanilla develops and grows in strength and intensity; at times I get a light undertone of caramel candies. A while later a character of prunes and blackberries is noticeable too. The leather is now revealing its core as a patchouli-based note; it continues to soften and weaken towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumnal scent is an interesting leather-creation, which is actually more of a saffron-vanilla composition after the first third or so, with the leather gradually being engulfed by these subsequent notes. The richer and sweeter phases trigger reminiscences of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. The second half is rather generic and overly synthetic though, which drags the whole rating down somewhat. Overall 2.75.5
22nd July, 2021
Ok...let me frame the thumbs up with "I'm a YSL fan and I dig a great leather forward sniff". With that handicap, Noble Gets the thumbs up in Caesars collesium.

Leather is up front along with saffron and patchouli side cars and the signature YSL note that I cant seem to pin down.

Again for me, though not Tuscan or Ombre 16, this one works.
03rd February, 2019
Fruity, leathery scent that is also accented by patchouli and aromatic saffron. This is not a full-on leathershop experience, as Helmut Lang Cuir would be; rather, Noble Leather is an elaborated, multifaceted scent which takes a basic leather and adds to it in an imaginative way.

Very nice, wearable fragrance from YSL!
30th October, 2018
YSL Noble Leather has a strong reputation in the online community, and after smelling it a couple of times and now wearing, it's easy to see what. It balances a serious leather with less serious elements.

It involves a healthy dose of leather but several sweet components complement the leather: vanilla, amber, and dried fruits. Also, patchouli and saffron add some character an an earthy/powdery blend that modifies the sweetness well. Noble Leather is not an all-out gourmand leather but one with nuance and subtlety: a solid achievement.

It has similar sweetness to the more-affordable Davidoff Leather Blend but involves a pinch of powderiness that pitches it ever so slightly toward Dior Homme Parfum. It leans mostly toward the sweeter, though.

Performance-wise, it's very strong. Not as strong as the strongest leathers I've smelled like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather but surely in the next stratum below that, really one that will do wonders in even the colder weather and requires very few sprays in warmer weather. It's easy to see why it's popular and fragheads see great value in it.

I quite like it, but for the price, I like Davidoff Leather Blend a lot more (circa $60 for 100ml vs YSL at $250 for 80ml). I assume Noble Leather is available for discounts, though, and I might consider a bottle further if cheaper, but not before I do a side-by-side test with Leather Blend.

8 out of 10
02nd April, 2018
I have to edit this post. I wore it the other day and got a bunch of complements, so I think it's a great perfume that lovers of classical perfumes would like (like no 5) but a little too much for my personal style. If I was wearing a scent for other peoples enjoyment it would be this one.

Maybe my skin breaks leather accords, because this smells broken.

A floral note, like jasmine with half it's scent missing
A powdery note, that baby powder amber.
Something warm and musky
The musk blooms and gets barnyardish
A salty note (which is actually impressive. Most things that say salty don't actually smell that way to me)

Often it smells like half of something. It also starts to smell like tanning, like maybe my skin is becoming the leather.

A kinder way to describe this would be layered and complex. It's not just a straight leather. It's leather with floral and musk.

Than it mellows out to a somewhat leathery amber scent in the drydown with occasional floral notes.

22nd October, 2016 (last edited: 28th December, 2016)
This is a nice saffron-leather, not worth the price they're asking, but still nice. This could almost be in the Lutens line, but the fruity aspect here is more candied and lacks Lutens' dry-plummyy-ness. Lasts forever, projects well, so technically all is present...but the spark isn't there.
13th March, 2015

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