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Beloved Man (2013)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBernard Ellena

About Beloved Man

Beloved Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bernard Ellena

Reviews of Beloved Man

Amouage Beloved Man (2013) feels like an unlikely release from the luxury Omanese perfume house, but considering the existence of Reflection Man (2007), I can see it. Three perfumers have been linked to this, Alexandra Carlin, Emilie Copperman, and Bernard Ellena, that last one being none other than the younger brother of Jean-Claude Ellena. Together, this trio concocted a semi-oriental fougère with barbershop tones similar to late 80's and early 90's examples like Tiffany for Men (1989) and Guerlain Héritage (1992), which places Beloved Man in competition with niche fragrances near this price point like Creed Bois du Portugal (1987) or New-York by Nicholaï Parfumeur Createur (1989). Beloved Man has that little bit of "something" which pegs it as a Middle East adaptation of a Western style, so it is still a shade more "exotic" to the domesticated nose than all the rest, but is still a formidable if late entry into this style. Pierre Cardin pour Monsieur (1972) is the granddaddy of all these, while Beloved Man is a second cousin twice-removed raised in a different country. I like it but I admit it feels like it's a fragrance reverse-engineered from things I'd reach for first, but I can't fault the quality.

For those who don't exactly know what "this style" is, I'm referring to a rich and redolent fougère accord with oriental elements stapled on to move it away from being green or soapy towards a woody, powdery, musky direction favored by more-conservative (also read: older) men. Grapefruit and mandarin merge with elemi resin, cardamom, and pepper in the opening, reminding me of Lalique pour Homme (1997), but with a sour touch and slight dry pop of petitgrain. The heart is geranium, jasmine hedione, a dry lavender mixed with saffron, and powdery iris. Everything plays out as you might expect into the base of IFRA-thinned oakmoss, cedar, pine, vetiver, patchouli, musk, and a touch of castoreum for a leather-like effect. Beloved Man feels like a sun-bleached weather-worn cousin to Guerlain Héritage in the finish, like a rugged well-travelled gentleman explorer looking for Dr. Livingston, I presume. Wear time is long as per usual, but projection and sillage on Beloved Man is just good, not atomic like most Amouage scents. This is best in fall or winter for daytime office or night time formal use but can hang loose in any context if you're dressed in khakis and a polo like you're showing up for a job fair.

Part of why Beloved Man gets confused stares among male members of the online fragrance community is it was seemingly made for a demographic that doesn't need nor want of new interpretations of their classic favorites. Conservatism tempered with age has the tendency to close minds towards new things, especially if they seem destined to attempt replacing something already familiar or comfortable, so anyone old enough to have been a young man when something like Bois du Portugal first launched is not likely to go looking for something new in that style. All the same, hardcore fans of Héritage won't even wear newer batches of it let alone anything else, while younger Amouage fans used to Interlude Man (2012) and the like just think this smells "old", adding up to Beloved Man being dead on arrival for everyone but collectors. I suggest sampling this one if you're not familiar with anything I've mentioned, and if you are, then Beloved Man is a safe blind buy for a fan of classic masculine styles, but does feel a tad redundant unless it's your only bottle of fragrance in this well-worn style. Thumbs up.
25th July, 2020
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United Kingdom
Safe as a scent but maybe not a safe 'blind buy' as you could end up dropping big money on a fragrance you're only luke-warm to.
Opens with a clean white lemony incense and a hint of white pepper, almost like someone cleaned up the classic snuffed candle opening of CDG2man. This goes in the clean laundry detergent direction, but in the hands of amouage it is thankfully not too aroma-chemically'. Think a niche quality Lauder pleasures.

The wearer will be rewarded with a nice fresh out of the shower clean-ness. Accords / notes detected include: light pepper, clean incense, powdery Amber and buttery orris or santal. Always soapy in texture with possible waxy aldehydes.

Before dropping the cash on this it might be worth checking if various Prada Amber scents or Hermes Gentiene Blanche could do the same job in your collection.
Performance is appropriate to the theme of the scent
Overall neutral 64/100
09th February, 2020 (last edited: 08th April, 2020)
The thumbs up is as a result of my maturation on this forum showing my ability to appreciate something that is done very very well despite the fact I would not buy it. This is probably the best barber shop fragrance I have smelt. Deliciously refined and subtle which is unusual for Amouage quickly becoming slightly powdery and edgy, although back on form it projects and lasts well although bear in mind this is not beast mode, this is finesse. The edginess keeps it in the realm of day wear.
Sean Connery in polished brogues and a bowler hat springs to mind.
That said I have bought another decant maybe there is still room for further maturation.
If you want one for day and evening wear then Memoir Man is the way to go but this is beast mode. You can easily avoid the brutal mustiness described in another review by keeping it to ONE spray only. Two will get you noticed and three will clear the room.

Fragrance: 8/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
20th October, 2019
I love the scent I hate the performance
When I over apply and anyone notices it, he gets impressed
Once a perfume enthusiastic guy noticed it and complemented me on that and he was a polite enough that he didn’t ask me what was it and he made it his next challenge to discover it by himself.
30th May, 2019
I will start off by saying that Amouage are most probably my favorite house. But.....Beloved is not for me!! Maybe one of if not their worst offering. The quality isn't here. It smell of a cheap lemon cleaning product.

Come on Amouage.....You can do way better than this!!!
06th March, 2018
Well, not entirely dissppointed but Beloved Man is all that Jazz from Yves Saint Laurent ... It used to be one of my favourites back in mid 90's alonge with Heritage ... and life goes on, I suppose ...
02nd February, 2017

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