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Adam Levine for Men
by Adam Levine


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HouseAdam Levine
PerfumerYann Vasnier

About Adam Levine for Men

Adam Levine for Men is a masculine fragrance by Adam Levine. The fragrance was created by perfumer Yann Vasnier

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Reviews of Adam Levine for Men

This was a blind buy which I am surprised, happy and irritated with all at the same time. Adam Levine cologne is a super cheap fragrance, but smells actually really good and has very respectable performance, especially for a fresh and fruity fragrance at this price.

The initial blast is strong, grapefruit matched to citrus and watery accords, lemongrass and subtle woods. The largest most prominent note is the grapefruit, which you will either love or hate. There is no in between.

This projects extremely well for the first few hours and fares best in high heat I think. It is very synthetic and somewhat loud at first, but very effective. The middle notes comes in about an hour or so later. Some slight cedarwood and amber, but the main note of lemongrass and grapefruit is still very prominent.

The base is where I get somewhat irritated. There is a slight body odor, sweaty after the gym kind of musky note that comes out after four hours or so that makes you check your underarms to see if its you. BUT, that is the lemongrass note which goes sour after it dries down and just comes off that way. It takes a couple wears before you realize itís the fragrance note.

That is what irritates me and drive me crazy about this. BUT, gorgeous ladies at the pool, bars and The beach said they love it and that its masculine and sexy. Whatever works I guess. This scent gets quite a bit of compliments.

With a liberal application of a ten sprays (neck, chest, wrists and shoulders), I am getting about 7-10+ hours out of this, which is very surprising. Several days on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is actually quite good and people will definitely smell you.

Even in scorching humid heat I get about four to six hours of solid performance. The heat just activates this and it projects great. Very sporty and fruity. Great for the pool, lake or beach days in the summer sun outdoors.

All in all, the price for this and the beautiful bottle and packaging is more than enough reason to add this to your collection. Even if you only use it for days when you'll be at the pool or beach in the summer heat. A great buy at a price you can easily afford that gets compliments.
23rd May, 2017 (last edited: 16th May, 2018)
Tested from a sample. Very citrusy and fruity. Hard to discern the individual notes, but I thought I got tangerine at first. Fruitiness is about all I got before reading the ingredients, which is a shame as I'd have liked to smell the listed violet, sage and ginger. Once I read ginger was there, I got it, but I guess that's a cheat. It kind of reminds me of the sort of generic, fruity shower gel you sometimes get in hotels and it also fades almost as quickly. Within less than an hour it was a skin scent and in three hours, completely gone.
I certainly don't sense the body-odour thing that others have mentioned. Not for me, but if you want a light, quickly fading, fruity scent it might be worth a try. Or you could just buy a fruity shower gel....
May 2016
24th May, 2016
A very fierce orange. Citrus is the only thing I get from this and that's fine by me; it's refreshing and enjoyable. For a $15 fragrance in a pretty nice looking bottle, this was a good purchase.
26th December, 2015
I agree with Bigbz's review. It's sad reading some of these reviews. Do you guys actually try these on, or do you just slander them because they're cheap celeb frags?

Adam Levine is not bad, but it isn't too special either. Cat piss or BO.. Nothing like that. Synthetic? Yes.. but so are most fragrances in this price range. There are tons of great celebrity fragrances though. Adam Levine for Men starts out with a citrus/tropical vibe, but quickly dries into a candy lime smell, with a musky undertone. Synthetic smelling as can be, it strongly reminds me of Royall Lyme, a candied lime and musk combination.

I paid 10 bucks for a 1.7 oz bottle. Let's face it, 10 bucks for a fragrance nowadays is a bargain. I'll probably use it quick though, but I won't wear it on days when I want to impress people. Because there's nothing impressive about this one.
07th December, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A citrus opening followed by a drydown of a light amber; then base is a nonspecific wood mix.

My main impression is that of a generic and purely synthetic blend that unfortunately is very dull and unexciting on my skin. The performance on me is plainly abysmal: poor sillage, very limited projection and two (sic!) hours of longevity. A shame; I hoped I would like it. 1.25/5
18th October, 2015
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
I've actually been wearing this one a lot lately when I get home in the evening after work. Trying to get a "feel" for it before wearing it out in public, since it does seem to have such love/hate tendencies. And that's why I haven't brought myself to actually step out in work/church/ect. with it on.;)

Personally, I get none of the B.O. or "cat pee" vibe that others speak of. Sure, there is a strong/dominant grapefruit note in here, that after the fruitiness starts to wear off...comes off sharply tart and a bit sour like you would expect this note to be.

Once and only once....did I smell this in the drydown on my arm and I got kind of a "skin" vibe. Certainly not B.O. by any stretch of the imagination...but something that did remind me of how skin smells.(mildly salty if that makes any sense?!lol) But the big test was with my 26yr old girlfriend....I knew if there was ANY funk in this concoction, she'd pick it up immediately and completely hate it. So I braced myself for what I expected to be a disgusted "yuck face", but she said she absolutely LOVED IT! And that was the drydown!!! The opening she said was nice...but went ga-ga over the drydown. Weird, as I was expecting the opposite and that the fruity opening would win her over instead.

So I don't buy these claims of B.O./cat pee, unless this frag does a serious Jekyll/Hyde thing depending on skin chemistry? So in a nutshell...yes, I think it's a good/slightly unique offering.(well, for a designer-celeb release anyway) I find the drydown pretty long lasting as well. This IMHO, is at least worth a try for the $10-15 that a 100mil can now be found for. like sweet fruity openings and a long lasting slightly sour/bitter grapefruit drydown. Which I find very refreshing and a pleasure to sniff.

Just enough to warrant a thumbs up vs. a neutral from me!:)
09th August, 2015

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