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Hermèssence Épice Marine (2013)
by Hermès


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJean-Claude Ellena

About Hermèssence Épice Marine

Jean-Claude Ellena:

A fragrance from a meeting between a man who lives by taste and one who lives by his nose. I wanted to invite you to discover smells of spices, rum, waxed wooden floors and smoked woods. A sort of escape inspired by the invigorating, stimulating smell of the Brittany coast. A pirate Hermessence.

Hermèssence Épice Marine fragrance notes

Reviews of Hermèssence Épice Marine

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United Kingdom
A light spiciness greets me in the opening, which has sone cumin in it and is fairly pleasant.

A light woodsy undertone develops soon, but the bright overall chapter remains, as it does until the end. A lightly ozonic touch is present, with a touch of saltiness. With time a slight booziness indicates a rum impression; a rather dull and shy rum this is indeed. There is certainly not good pot still rum in this.

I get soft sillage, good projection and five hours in longevity on my skin, which is very close to my skin for the last couple of hours.

An interesting summery concept that appears like an attempt to blend the coast of Normandy with the Caribbean, but the overly simplistic execution as well as the generic natures lets it down, which is compounded by the fact the the performance leave a lot to be desired. 2.75/5.
31st July, 2020
Sunset by Felix Vallotton

white = cumin

blue room p.p
30th September, 2019
Starts off with marine and bergamot notes as well as a large dose of cumin. Very interesting fragrance and unique. Resembles a pirate ship with spices inside it. However, the aquatic scents don't last long and it immediately becomes intense cumin for the rest of its duration. Sillage and longevity are both weak. Good for uniqueness but way too pricey for a cumin fragrance.

04th March, 2018
Epice Marine has the blueprint of Declaration written all over it, not to mention that they are by the same perfumer. This could easily pass as a Declaration flanker, albeit cut from slightly finer cloth. The 'epice' part of it is an approximation of the spices in Declaration - cumin and cardamom. The woody aspects of Declaration are toned down, and Ellena shows his imagination by fusing a slug of 'marine' notes, nothing 'aquatic' but ever so salty-briny that lend a strange freshness. The smoked woods aspect comes alive late in the development when the freshness and the spicy aspects have subsided. This is around the four hour mark, when it is also subdued and the presence starts to disappear.

I find Epice Marine to be one of the more interesting Hermessence compositions. Declaration is a personal favourite, and while Epice Marine doesn't charm, it still keeps me interested. Also, it's hard for me to pick Epice Marine when one can get hold of Declaration and its flankers at one-eighth the price. Epice Marine presents a case of perfumery with a curious juxtaposition of notes, but something that is surprisingly concordant and engaging. I am having a hard time imagining for whom this perfume would be an ideal fit. It keeps one guessing, which is always a positive sign.

16th September, 2017
It's impossible to review this without mentioning Cartier's Declaration. The spices are the same, the woody ambers are the same (probably), Epice Marine is basically Declaration given the Hermessence treatment, ie - polished, a bit richer in the right places (cardamom), and overall understated and elegant. What this does add that Declaration doesn't is the marine note. It's not your atypical aquatic note, but more of a briny, saltiness. Very elegant and desirable to even the most aquatic-hating connoisseur.

Would I like a bottle? Yes, very much. Will I buy one when I can get 100ml of Declaration for $50? No. Maybe if I come to buy a 4x15ml set from the Hermessence collection, I'll throw it in with some of my favourites.
26th September, 2016
Smells like a fart mixed with dirty sea water carried by the slightest breeze. Projection is to the skin and longevity is about 2 hours on my skin.
21st February, 2016

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