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Bentley for Men Azure (2014)
by Bentley


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerMathilde Bijaoui
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance

About Bentley for Men Azure

Bentley for Men Azure is a masculine fragrance by Bentley. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui

Bentley for Men Azure fragrance notes

Reviews of Bentley for Men Azure

I was hoping for a great scent such as with Bentley for Men intense or Bentley Absolute. Those are great fragrances. But it was not to be. The scent of Bentley Azure is barely there, more like spraying water on my arm - very very light. Longevity was even worse. After 15 minutes it was gone. With such good reviews, I thought maybe the bottle I has was reformulated or I got a dud bottle.

Very disappointed in this flanker of the Bentley line
10th August, 2019
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
The Bentley Azure, sister car to Rolls' Corniche, is a coupe convertible of the greatest luxury. As both names suggest, this is a car to be driven along beautiful coastal roads, the blue of the sun-drenched sky mirroring the blue of the sea. So it is natural that when Bentley started building out its fragrance collection, that their fresh, oceanic offering would bear the name of this famous car. And oceanic it is-the Orcanox/Ambroxin sees to that, with fresh notes of pineapple and a violet leaf reminiscent of Aventus and Green Irish Tweed in the top notes, sage and lavender in the middle notes and Tonka joining the Orcanox in the finish.

Azure brings nothing new to the table but is beautifully done-as all of the Bentley fragrances tend to be-and a welcome addition to any line up of warm weather workhorses. Very good performance for a fresh aquatic scent with a passing resemblance to many of Creed's offerings-these same notes are almost house notes at Creed. You may not live within striking distance of the seaside (and may not have a luxury convertible to drive there even if you did) but Bentley Azure has a fresh yet luxurious air to it that brings a little shoreline elegance into each wearing, wherever you may be. The bottle is crazily close to Ferragamo's Subtil which is interesting since that is another perfect example of a fresh yet luxurious designer scent done right.
11th July, 2018 (last edited: 14th July, 2018)
For most people, you will love this at first sniff.
For perfume heads, you will bore quickly because you've seen this trick before.

It is all centered around abroxan (orcanox in this application) but nicely lifted in all areas using citrus and yummy fruity notes (pineapple). Then the base is well balanced with notes you love as well.

Overall a nice take on a fresh 'blue' masculine. I'd wear it but not fall in love with it.
21st February, 2018
This is a scent that, for the first time in a while, made me go that's nice. I can pick up the citrus for sure, as well as the violet on top, which is a nice mixture. The drydown i get more of the lavender atop the cashmere woods, and it's great.

Aside from very much enjoying the scent, the sillage and longevity is pretty impressive. It may be a bit much for the office or dinner, but its great for warm weather and outdoors. After about 3-4 hours I could still smell it myself, and I sprayed just 2 sprays on my neck and 1 on the shirt to test. After 8 hours I wss still getting bursts of citrusy, lavender and woodsy notes. I would definitely buy a full bottle
12th August, 2017
Very mediocre. Although not a listed note, I get a lot of cedar or maybe a rough sort of sandalwood. Tons of lavender in the mid.

The opening is common, a bluish/green type of fragrance. Similar to Cool Water. It's fresh and a bit aquatic.

I would probably give it a thumbs up, and possible even get a bottle if it had better performance, and a nicer dry down. To me, this dries down smelling way too powdery and musky.. smells cheap and synthetic. Almost a thumbs down for me, but not a total waste.

Longevity is pretty bad, 3 hours tops, and that's on a good day. If this lasted longer and didn't have such a poorly made dry down, it may be a higher neutral.. as it stands now, a low neutral for me, almost a thumbs down.
27th January, 2017
Reminds me of a stronger, more refined Cool Water or Chrome, but not saying this is a overly-strong scent. Projection seems just right, if not excellent for a "blue" fragrance. Definitely smelling Mont Blanc Legend in this as well, as DaMightyHero pointed out. Already received a compliment this morning so this seems to be a crowd-pleaser, at least outside of BN'ers anyways.
11th April, 2016

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