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03. Apr.1968 (2012)
by Rundholz Parfums


03. Apr.1968 information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRundholz Parfums
PerfumerArturetto Landi

About 03. Apr.1968

03. Apr.1968 is a shared / unisex perfume by Rundholz Parfums. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Arturetto Landi

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Reviews of 03. Apr.1968

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United Kingdom
This is mainly a frankincense-centred composition. True, there is an undertone of brightness that is incorporated into the mix, based on a subtle infusion of heliotropes, and a rather nonspecific fruitiness further down the track. Yet - this frankincense is a frankincense is a frankincense.

The frankincense is rich with a considerable touch of smokiness, but overall it is soft and not a burning frankincense. It lacks the the ceremonious feeling of Etro’s Messe de Minuit, is less harsh than Tom Ford’s Sahara Noir, and much less complex and textured than Amouage’s Interlude.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection and a magnificent twelve hours of longevity on my skin.

This distinctly wintery incense scent is basically a well-crafted minimalist composition without many bells or whistles, but as such it is doing its job very well. The performance in very impressive indeed. 3.25/5.
04th February, 2019
no no no, it's not for me. I appreciate the effort to create something different from the usual incense ... but this is too much.
my eyes water from the power of this perfume. but in a negative sense.
imagine initially the church incense that runs through the wine. here this is the beginning.
the heliotrope is annoying and disgusting.
the notes do not mix, they feel distinctly.
sour fruit, gummy candies, bonfires, litchi, red wine, Italian sweet sparkling wine, cough syrup, christmas, vomit, whiskey, these are just a few words that this scent evokes me. if I thought that the beaufort perfumes were not wearable, this is the perfection of the non-wearable perfume.
nausea, disgust, maybe this is contemporary art of perfume? one could object that even the perfumes made
 da filippo sorcinelli and the perfumes of beaufort are perhaps borderline fragrances and contemporary art? but at least they evoke something ... they have a story they want to evoke. this is a mess and that's it.
nausea and vomit. excellent performance.
vote 0/0

ps: if sahara noir is similar, tell me that I avoid buying it.
04th December, 2018
A simple but well done frankincense with adequate depth. I find this to be very good, linear frankincense with lashings of fruity heliotrope. As deadidol and Darvant have noted, it is similar to Sahara Noir. It is luscious, not smoky or woody as such, but is bright, warm and resinous. I prefer Sahara Noir which is woodier and smokier, but the frankincense note is very similar, and dominant in either composition. 03. Apr. 1968 is impressive, but not as compelling - though it smells more natural compared to Sahara Noir. I enjoy the quiet but radiant frankincense laden dry down much more than the initial phase.

Recommended for fans of incense, and a must try for fans of frankincense. Sillage is appreciable and duration is rather good. If anyone finds scents from CdG's Incense series to be too thin-bodied, this would most likely satisfy.

13th May, 2018
I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Rundholz 03.Apr.1968, which I guess shouldn’t surprise me since I also fell hard for al02 by biehl parfumkunstwerke, by the same perfumer, Arturetto Landi. This is obviously a perfumer who likes to balance out bitter resins with mulled wine and stewed fruits. I bet he is the kind of man who would never take his morning espresso without something dolce on the side, an amaretto or a ricciarello perhaps. My kind of man, in other words.

What Landi has done with 03.Apr.1968 is to take the minimalist structure of church incense and flesh it out with a gaudy array of rich, bitter, and tooth-rottingly sweet flavors. It smells like a fat wodge of Christmas cake doused in brandy and set to burn on a priest’s censer alongside a hulking lump of frankincense. Underneath these smoky, soiled-fruit aromas, there is an enticing whiff of heliotrope, a huge purple chunk of marzipan charred at the edges. Smoke fights with burned sugar, and we all win.

The fruit, in particular, is what makes this incense smell unholy, so unclean. It is supposedly lychee, but really it could be any fruit – apples, raisins, dates - because the fruit is so close to collapse that all you can smell are the high-pitched alcohol fumes of decay that belong exclusively to fruit. Joined with a phenomenally dry, dirty frankincense that flits queasily between clove and bay leaf, the fruit is anything but wholesome.

Luca Turin was the first to point out that the appeal of Amouage’s Lyric Woman lay in its “plangent, overripe note, the exhalation of forgotten fruit in a sealed room.” The rotting fruit note achieves a similar effect for 03.Apr.1968, at first coming off as a little stomach-churning, but then working to moisten and plump up the bitter, austere incense.

Many people have compared 03.Apr.1968 to the late, great Norma Kamali Incense, and yes, there is most certainly a kinship. The frankincense used here is similarly dry and almost stale, lacking all the fresh lemony/pine-like nuances usually associated with frankincense. Reacting with the fruit, booze, and sugar, the frankincense takes on the spicy bitterness I associate with copal resin, which along with smoky labdanum is what gives Norma Kamali its unique character.

But in truth, 03.Apr.1968 occupies the same general category of incense as Norma Kamali rather than smelling exactly like it. They are both fatty and overstuffed, the very opposite of the crisply tailored haikus of Comme des Garcons. They are both rather dirty and unwholesome – the type of thing to wear to a bacchanalia rather than to church. But nothing really smells like Norma Kamali Incense. And that’s as it should be. However, for my money, the puffy, burned sugar heliotrope touch makes 03.Apr.1968 makes for an easier wear.

Well, easier, but by no means easy. It’s a huge, potent fragrance that takes commitment to wear, and even then I would only attempt it when the barometer goes below 10 degrees Celsius. Only three notes are listed: frankincense, lychee, and heliotrope, but the overall effect is so rich and multi-dimensional that I wonder if that’s really the notes list or if the perfumer is so skilled that he was able to wrangle a wealth of detail out of these raw materials. Either way, 03.Apr.1968 has jumped straight to the top of the very short list of incense-dominant fragrances that I truly love.
06th November, 2016
03. April. 1968 is the iconic renowned fragrance of this german creative and moonshiny "borderline" brand with its well defined lifestyle. This misty "in chiaroscuro" olfactive creation mirrors the avant-garde/underground/radical RundHolz's creative and conceptual approach to minimalism, its global sense of dodgy/antagonist/intellectual ferment ("swarming down the city's outskirts and suburbia's werehouses), its geometric/artistic sense of (white/grey/black) space, its moody and somewhat saturnine way of seducing by their distinctive (but basically "measured-restrained") fashion. Overall nearby Rundholz (starting from its styled/designed fabrics ending to its uber elusive perfumes) is out of mainstream, surreal, visual, metropolitan and poetic. Honestly 03. April. 1968 is a real shock for me, a shock teleporting my senses straight in to a surreal dimension of silence, shades and metropolitan new punk/garage/jungle mystery. My english is too miser to be enough in order me to thoroughly express my intimate feelings as genuinely influenced by this fragrance. It seems (just apparently) the juice has a super minimal architecture (lychees in the top, heliotrope in the core and incense down the bottom) but actually my unexpected serendipity ends to be about a super shaded/nuanced and massive/resinous juice also rich of indie/"slumberhousesque" (baque/sova/jeke) rooty-herbal fecets, green/mineral patterns, gourmandish elements and spices (tons of pepper and cinnamon). I get on my skin a natural/synthetic (with a fair balancement of opposites) frankincense-black pepper dominant combo enriched by secret hesperides, sharp/earthy geranium, mild spices, dried fruits (kind of red berries/plums/grapefruits-conjuring, the luchee's effect supposedly), honey-tobacco, smokey/peaty whisky-Amaretto and heliotrope/myrrh. Super rich burnt/sugary juice. Heliotrope enhances a lingering almondy vibe while the fruitiness smells more than vaguely "Lutensesque" (Fille en Aiguilles jumps for instance on mind). In particular exotic lychee provide a red berrish/viney undertone featuring throughout the juice's development. I get a really "fumidus" spicy saccharin olibanum (more than vaguely a la Tom Ford Sahara Noir) which, despite being one of the smokiest frankincenses around (something a la Norma Kamali Incense) is anything but properly liturgical or gothic, being on the contrary an indiscernible fucky-beat, resinous, visual/chaotic experiment (able anyway to combine in one formula eastern mysticism with western/metropolitan sense of urban dark life surrounded by the megalopolis tentacles). Misty/sugary-spicy-roasted olibanum grows gradually up becoming tentacular along dry down, like a black mantle swifting away along the dark paths of the ultimate night. One of the darkest scents around, a semi-gourmand, resinous/incensey mélange ideally combining in a unique blend (just to give an idea) scents as Norma Kamali Incense, Lutens Fille en Aiguilles, HdP 1740 Marquis de Sade, Les Liquides Imaginaires Belo Rabello, Slumberhouse Jeke, Tom Ford Sahara Noir and the boozy-licoricey-woody-resinous-burnt sugary Noir d'Orient by Evody. A fragrance real and surreal all at once like the life in a Haruki Murakami's romance (1Q84 jumps straight on mind). Totally recommended if you are in to dark/sugary resins and your soul is used to fight the "spirits of gloominess".
13th January, 2016 (last edited: 26th March, 2017)
I really wanted to love this one--the three-note concept was so interesting. But. I don't get lychee. I don't get flowers of any kind. I get a strange industrial oil smell. There is most definitely nothing liturgical or traditional about this "incense." It smells purely chemical/artificial/oily to my nose, and is most reminiscent of something you'd use to lubricate a machine that operates at high temperatures.
11th November, 2015

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