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Russian Tea (2014)
by Masque


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJulien Rasquinet

About Russian Tea

Russian Tea is a shared / unisex perfume by Masque. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Julien Rasquinet

Russian Tea fragrance notes

Reviews of Russian Tea

Firstly I have to say this is high quality and deep no question as to why it's priced highly..secondly I question myself I want to smell like tea ? Do other people enjoy me smelling of tea ? ..there's more going on, a beautiful mint ..some deep leather's all very exciting but tea ?? I'm not sure to be honest if that's a great smell in perfumery.
12th September, 2020
Act I, Perfume III from Masque Milano is the enigmatic Russian Tea, mostly a mix of black tea, mint, raspberry, black pepper, florals, leather, incense, and birch. It opens with an abundance of mint, black pepper, and tea, the mint and pepper giving way to the tea, birch, florals, and incense, mostly, in the dry down. And while raspberry is listed as a top note, I feel like I get more of it in the dry down, myself.

The blast of mint and pepper in the opening is powerful, a spicy sting of a wake-up that requires a couple of hours to fade to the point of the tea being more singularly front-and-center with the raspberry, mixed florals, incense, leather, and birch. Itís not wholly smooth, a sort of wood-varnish-mixed-with-leather-and-incense base under the tea.

Itís an elegantly- and carefully-crafted fragrance and Iíve already discovered more nuances in this first full wearing on skin than in my initial smelling of it during the Masque Milano introductory event at Perfumology, where Alessandro Brun wisely pointed out (of this fragrance, in particular) that it needs to be tested on skin, not paper. Itís much more interesting on skin.

Its performance is very good, too, much like Montecristo, having a boastful and provocative opening and finding balance in a tamer but long-lasting dry down. Its pricing is in the middle of the line at $145 for a now-standard 35 bottle size, and while the presentation is lovely, the fragrances donít come cheap, though I think the job done here in Russian Tea (and Terralba and Montecristo) is great, and Iíd recommend that others try it if they havenít.

Overall, it wins high points for uniqueness and provocativeness, as, while Iím not a huge fan of tea fragrances, let alone spicier tea fragrances, specifically, this is so well done that it warrants attention.

8 out of 10
30th July, 2019
Nikolai ( Viggo Mortensen ) in ( Eastern Promises ) by David Cronenberg 2007
15th April, 2019
first thing that hits my nose is a minty raspberry...this is quickly followed with an undercurrent of strong black tea and an overall veil of smokiness...within a couple of minutes I get a really pleasant layer of serious gasoline or anything else - just pure leather...i find leather and tea to be a really nice combo that brings much pleasure to my nose...nice accent of birchwood...get a nice mix of those flavors but not really sensing anything flowery as listed in the notes...just a slight "green" plant, outdoorsy vibe...overall, a very nice wearable fragrance...
01st December, 2018
Love this stuff.. Smells like L'air du Desert Marocain, with an added minty/tea vibe.
12th June, 2018
It opens up with green mint enveloped by smoke with hints of something sweet, which could be the raspberry. Immediately starting to detect some spices and a dry bitter raw leather which I will pick up for a couple of hours. The leather feels too old fashioned to me and it gives me the same feeling as Habit Rouge does, of a much early era. I much prefer the current modern leathers (regardless of being the polish or animalic type). The black tea leaves appear also, timidly and with a nice leafy feeling at first, but they will get more pronounced and smoky-dry with time. The leather will not hang for very long, leaving a long dry down of smoky tea leaves with a minty aroma, the smoke being denser than in the beginning.
I find the Russian Tea more like putting my nose inside of a tea bag while being near a campfire, rather than drinking a cup of tea.
All said, this is not my cup of tea, but it could have been if the whole composition felt more modern. I believe it's for the ones who love the classic perfumes. Regarding the performance, it never jumps too much of the skin , but lasts a good 12 hours very close to the skin.
30th March, 2016

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